Trends of the 2000s that are disappearing and we are glad about it

27 Apr 2023

Do you remember yourself in the early 2000s and what made you crazy in those years? Even if you, like us, don't really want to remember those days, we're still glad that some of these 2000s trends are gone!

1. Song Lyrics as Statuses

Although social media oversharing is still a problem, the early 2010s seemed to be the heyday for telling your whole "friends" list what you were feeling. Posting some hazy music lyrics as your status was one of the most used methods.

These intense status updates frequently contained overly dramatic song lyrics. The practice of posting song lyrics alongside wholly unrelated photographs was another well-liked variation of this trend. Thankfully, these tacky lyrical status updates disappeared, just like hourly Facebook status updates.

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2. Onesies

Onesies have long been a favorite among infants, but it wasn't until the 2010s that the habit started to catch on with adults. Up to this point, mechanics and other technicians usually wore boilersuits or jumpsuits.

Onesies began to appear on TV shows a few years before 2010, and Macklemore even made a reference to them in his song "Thrift Shop." To the dismay of the fashion industry, these clothes quickly went beyond being just amusing or novelty fashion and became into respectable streetwear.

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3. Nail polish that crackles

Most people would consider a chip or crack in their manicure to be disastrous. Somehow, in the 2010s, we accepted this less-than-ideal appearance with "crackle nail polish." A unique formula in crackle nail polish causes the nail color to split as it dries, giving the nails a cracked appearance.

Color was frequently added by admirers of the broken appearance so that the bottom layer would peek out between the gaps. Most individuals look back on their previous broken manicures with distaste, despite the fact that some people adored the effect and still do.

Nail polish that crackles.jpg?format=webp@TheGirlWithMoxie/

4. Blinds glasses

The 2010s appeared to be the decade in which fashion occasionally took precedence over functionality, particularly in the case of shutter blinds. In fact, these striking sunglasses initially appeared in the 1950s, when they were known as “Venetian Blinders.”

When rappers and fashion designers started wearing the unusual spectacles, they saw a surge in popularity. The futuristic eyewear was worn by Kanye West in the "Stronger" music video clip. The glasses quickly gained popularity among music festival goers and nightclub patrons.

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5. Poor Ombré

The popularity of the ombré hair color process was one of the most widely used hair trends in the 2010s. Ombré is a technique where colors are subtly transitioned from one to the next. The "it" hair color trend for ladies worldwide in the 2010s was ombré.

Sadly, a lot of ladies tried to mimic the two-toned look by simply putting the ends of their hair in bleach. Bold ombré quickly went out of vogue and was replaced by trends in hair color that are more subdued or natural.

Poor Ombré.jpg?format=webp@poeiradasestrelas/

6. Big lips

Kylie Jenner, a new member of the Kardashian family, was born in the decade of 2010. The reality star not only kept the tabloids busy, but she also gained notoriety for her enigmatically large lips. While Jenner remained silent about her fluctuating lip size, her fans tried to imitate her look by using questionable methods.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, as it was referred as on social media, entailed creating a strong vacuum with suction in order to cause swelling. Unfortunately, users frequently had pain, bruises, and lacerations, which did not look good.

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7. Man Buns

The decade of 2010 saw the introduction of numerous new hairstyles and humorous names for them. Which one was most typical? "Man bun." 

While the casual hairdo was originally worn by warriors in ancient China, it rose to fame courtesy to stars like Orlando Bloom and Brooklyn hipsters. Even though it has changed into a topknot with shaved sides, the "man bun" has remained a popular hairstyle.

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8. Weddings in the Gangnam Style

If 2012 had a theme song, it would have been Psy's smash single "Gangnam Style." That year, the contagious dancing moves and catchy beat swept the globe. The song didn't become a global hit with billions of views until its music video was uploaded.

Soon, everyone was attempting to mimic Psy's dance skills, from world leaders to celebrities. Despite the fact that the song is still cherished, most people concur that utilizing it for your first dance at your wedding is quite embarrassing.

Gangnam Style Weddings (1).jpg?format=webp@Gangnam Style Wedding/scarletwitch/

9. Transparent shoes

This style of footwear became popular after Kim Kardashian was photographed sporting a pair of clear plastic stiletto pumps. Soon, plastic-soled shoes with see-through straps started to appear in every shoe store.

While some ladies thought these shoes were stylish, information about how harmful this fashion fad might be to foot health soon surfaced. Podiatrists and other medical professionals cautioned that the plastic in the shoes might provide the ideal damp habitat for the spread of bacteria and fungus. Sweat caused the wearers of these unusual shoes to slip as well.

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10. Fake shirts

Designer spoof t-shirts were initially created by organizations to protest the exorbitant prices of various luxury goods. They had no idea how quickly the parody shirt craze would catch on and become the "it" thing to wear.

Seriously, by 2014, these parody t-shirts were available in a wide range of colors, styles, and dimensions. 

Fake shirts.jpg?format=webp@Burberry shirt real vs fake review. How to spot fake Burberry Brit shirts/Voice of People Today/

11. #YOLO

Although the acronym first appeared in the '90s, it wasn't until 2011 that the phrase started to become popular. Drake introduced us to this acronym and unleashed a monster that would dominate the decade and even make it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Although the hashtag #YOLO (you only live once) may have a positive message, hearing it uttered aloud may not sit well with you. So let's maintain the sentiment but find a different method to say it.

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12. Low-rise harem pants

When they first saw this novel form of pants, many individuals embraced the fad. People attracted to drop-crotch harem pants because, finally, there is true room to breathe after years of donning skinny jeans. Although we can see how this habit became popular, it is undoubtedly one of many things that needs to stop.

They occasionally have odd designs, and when worn by numerous people, it doesn't look entirely right either. So why not let them choose another style?

Low-rise harem pants.jpg?format=webp@SephtisBlue/

13. Jeggings

With slim jeans came a new fashion movement called jeggings. Women's jeggings are form-fitting, flexible pants. Typically, they are designed to look like a pair of denim jeans. So that's the ideal two-in-one trend, to put it another way!

However, because they tend to flaunt everything you might not want to be revealed, these jeans aren't the best choice for many body types. Because they cling to every curve regardless of the fabric they are made of! So let's ditch the jeggings and try something fresh!

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14. Fur

Wearing fur has undoubtedly generated some controversy throughout the years. It's very difficult to disregard ethics and turn a blind eye when there are groups like PETA. Thankfully, this fashion trend is progressively fading away.

The sale of things using animal fur has been outlawed by retailers and companies like Macy's and even the entire state of California. 

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15. One cross-shaped earring

For those who may not be aware, the late George Michael, a British singer-songwriter and record producer best known as a member of the band Wham!, originally started the single-cross earring fad in the 1980s.

And while it was undoubtedly a cool phenomenon at the time, it lacked the same allure when it returned in 2015. So, can we just let it go and go on?

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16. Hair in Pastel Colors

One of the trends that has been around for a while is this one as well. In waves, it comes and passes. For instance, it enjoyed tremendous popularity in the 1930s and has recently experienced a resurgence.

The pastel hair phase has gotten very popular, and when something becomes overly popular, it's time to put it on hold for a while. This pattern must be abandoned if we don't want it to return.

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17. Small sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses have become popular, one of the many '90s fashions that have returned in recent years. Celebrities were seen flaunting these tiny, useless sunglasses left and right.

But these little glasses are a bad trend, and they are undoubtedly not suitable for everyone. Avoid this style if your face is wider or rounder. Do you agree with us that trends should apply to everyone?

pexels-julia-vilner-14166670 (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

18. Boat shoes

Boat shoes, which are often made of leather, have non-marking rubber bottoms with a siping design that enhances traction when standing on a wet deck. In the 1980s and the early 1990s, the shoes were a big fashion trend. They then returned in the mid-2000s.

We'll be the first to admit that boat shoes aren't necessarily horrible; rather, they acquire a poor rap because of the kinds of people that wear them.

Depositphotos_87948660_L (1).jpg?format=webp

19. Wooden Handbags

Trends in accessories are always evolving. 2019 saw the popularity of structural hardwood handbags as a major trend. These bags may seem nice, but their usefulness is questionable. Additionally, they frequently weigh more than average.

Additionally, carrying a bag that is so little actually negates the point of the accessory. Why pick something that is so difficult to use, too? One of those fashion trends that is just a touch too tacky and ought to be quickly forgotten.

19. Wooden Handbags.jpg?format=webp@Funny_Ad_1822/

20. Slime

Stores selling education and creative goods noticed an odd liquid glue shortage in the 2010s. The offender? Our penchant for creating slime. With the help of "slime" social media influencers, the gooey, viscous liquid became a worldwide sensation.

These slimy social media users posted instructions and recipes for making slime at home. Inexperienced chemists would scour neighborhood shops for essential supplies like glue, glitter, and paints. While the majority of slime fans produce their goo on their own, a surprisingly lucrative slime goods industry also developed.

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21. Heelys

In addition to the hoverboard, the decade of the 2010s saw the invention of shoes with wheels. These sneaker/skate hybrids quickly gained popularity among both kids and adults. Heelys was one of the most well-known brands to release the sneakers.

While the roller shoes were successful for a number of years, there was pushback against them after a study revealed that the shoes may inflict damage. Due to the informal character of the sneaker, users frequently neglected to wear safety equipment, such as knee pads or helmets, which increased the risk of subsequent accidents.

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22. “Heavy make-up”

The popularity of wearing a lot of makeup increased, and this was one of the decade's most notable beauty trends. To create these multi-tonal ensembles, eye makeup palettes became a necessity, and it seemed impossible to have too much eyeshadow.

Women added layers of eyeliner to the classic "going out" cosmetic style of dark smokey eyes. False eyelashes have become so popular that drugstores now carry dozens of different types. 

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23. Socks and Crocs

The Crocs and socks fad is one of those fashions that will always be ridiculed or despised. Given that Crocs are quite comfortable, we can see why some people could enjoy the trend.

Even though we believe this is ideal for use at home, it might not be the finest for going out. So, why don't we leave those Crocs and socks at home?

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24. Leotards

In 2016, it was impossible to open a magazine without spotting a celebrity wearing a body leotard, also referred to as a bodysuit. However, the trend became popular because to the soft fabric and attractive fit.

Although we really believe in the fashion, bodysuits must be paired with some form of bottom, such as pants, shorts, or a skirt. In other words, a bodysuit shouldn't be worn like a one-piece bathing suit. Just put on a pair of jeans for the love of fashion!

pexels-konstantin-mishchenko-6100519 (1).jpg?format=webp

25. Shoe Socks

Stretch knit is used in this hybrid shoe to create a sneaker-like shape. They had a significant impact in 2016, and ever since then, people have been drawn to them. But are they actually so extraordinary?

Despite continuing to be popular, some people believe this trend should fade away. But perhaps we would be fine with wearing this kind of shoe during sporting endeavors.

25. Shoe Socks.jpg?format=webp@domthemain/

26. Mustaches

The mustache became a new design trend that started to spread over the world in the early 2010s. Graphics of handlebar mustaches appeared on everything from mugs to shoes, seemingly overnight. Stores featured shirts with amusing sayings such "I mustache you a question" and mustaches.

Some others thought that the fascination with facial hair was a component of "Movember," a larger campaign to increase awareness of issues relating to men's health. The mustache theme is still prevalent even though this trend may have been more popular in the 2010s.

Depositphotos_139941554_L (1).jpg?format=webp

27. Butterfly Tops

In the 2010s, this shirt came back into style. However, there were numerous varieties during the time. The top was occasionally really fashioned after a butterfly.

Others had billowy sleeves and were cut at the ribs. In either case, we must abandon all trends and stop looking back. We are not actually benefiting from these tops.

27. Butterfly Tops.jpg?format=webp@Japhia_/

28. Matte Lips

While some beauty items or application techniques are regarded as classics, others make the user feel ashamed that they have ever left the house wearing that makeup. Matte lips quickly gained enormous traction in the cosmetics industry and on social media.

Matte and liquid lipsticks acquired appeal in large part due to filtered photographs of beauty influencers and famous people like Kylie Jenner. Some consumers praised the lip colors' durability, but others claimed that the matte consistency left their lips feeling and looking chapped.

pexels-rodolfo-clix-922511 (1).jpg?format=webp

29. The Rainbow Loom

Cheong Choon Ng, an engineer, developed the Rainbow Loom after becoming inspired by the rubber band bracelets his daughters were making. Ng designed a pegboard that could be used as a loom for people to make bracelets or other objects by tying little rubber bands into knots.

As the toy gained popularity, kids started trading Rainbow Loom bracelets as "friendship bracelets." Even famous people like Miley Cyrus and David Beckham were photographed sporting the vibrantly colored wristbands as word of the art spread.

Depositphotos_53977417_L (1).jpg?format=webp

30. Fidget Spinners

The way we talked about mental health changed in the 2010s. Sadly, with this newfound willingness to talk about mental health issues came an abundance of goods that promised to treat everything from anxiety to ADHD. Parents and consumers were promised a pocket-sized remedy by fidget spinners.

Even though there was no scientific proof that these tiny devices helped with neurological diseases, they appeared like a delightful way to pass the time. As the fidget spinner craze got out of hand, several schools made the decision to outlaw this very distracting item.

pexels-stas-knop-1330638 (1).jpg?format=webp

31. Chatroulette

It's never a smart idea to converse with strangers, especially online. For some reason, we disregarded everything our parents had taught us about "stranger danger" in the 2010s and dove headfirst into the Chatroulette universe.

Users of this video chat service were able to start text or video chat chats with total strangers. Naturally, not every one of these strangers made for interesting discussion. Users of the website frequently came into contact with graphic and indecent content or photographs.

Chatroulette (1).jpg?format=webp@I STILL LOVE THIS SITE..... the chatroulette experience/DominicDeAngelis/

32. Sharp shoulders on clothes

The 2010s saw a resurgence of shoulder pads in addition to leggings. But rather than reviving the traditional massive squared shoulder pad look, fashion designers opted to give it a contemporary spin.

But thankfully, this fad didn't persist as long as the shoulder pads of the 1980s. One of those fads that we would like to think has seen its day in the sun and won't ever again be featured in fashion magazines.


33. Metallic body art

In fashion and society, tattoos have long held a polarizing position. Numerous new techniques are being invented, just like with any other type of art. Metallic tattoos, for instance, peaked in popularity during the 2010s.

A decent tattoo shouldn't take attention away from anything else, even though they can be rather attractive. So let's continue using the more conventional techniques for a little time, shall we?

Depositphotos_79781250_L (1).jpg?format=webp

34. Bucket Hats

How many trends start when someone raids their grandparents' wardrobe and finds something they believe is hip? This sounds like the ideal beginning of the bucket hat fad, which was so popular in the previous ten years.

But given that they were quite fashionable in the 1980s as well, these hats appear to be on a loop. So maybe we can anticipate their departure, but not for long…

Depositphotos_389955782_L (1).jpg?format=webp

35. Rainbow Food

In the early and mid-2000s, rainbow meals rose to popularity and took over many of our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. Although some people might think that occasions like Pride Month are perfect occasions for these colorful delicacies, there doesn't seem to be any other occasion for them.

These foods taste exactly the same as their conventional equivalents. The majority of people don't really care if the meal they're eating is beautiful; it's just an aesthetic consideration.

Depositphotos_185066430_L (1).jpg?format=webp

36. Shoes and Socks

Fashion frequently draws inspiration from the past, bringing back antique styles. Consider pointy heels with ruffled ankle socks as an example. What's the premise of this trend? To stand out.

But this appearance just doesn't go with a lot of the current trendy styles, unless you're sporting a look from the 1950s. It could be wise to proceed forward in light of this.

Depositphotos_68111919_L (1).jpg?format=webp

37. Silly Bandz

The initial purpose of these bracelets was to promote the reuse of rubber bands. Robert Croak, a businessman best known for selling the now-infamous LiveStrong rubber bracelets, recognized a chance for more plastic jewelry with these intriguing bands.
These bouncy bracelets quickly rose to the top of the trendy accessory list. Eventually, reports that the layers of rubber bands were preventing children from moving around (together with teacher concerns) caused their popularity to decline.

Depositphotos_56046851_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

38. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja was first introduced to us in 2010, and many of us have since developed an addiction to it. Along with that craze, the fruit-slicing ninja started to appear in various types of entertainment and at one point even had a movie in pre-production.

But with so many games available, perhaps it's time to let this ninja return to his original task of slicing fruit and move on to something else.

Depositphotos_651632080_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

39. “Harlem Shake”

A new age of "viral" music sensations began in the 2010s. Songs like PSY's "Gangnam Style" amassed millions of views quickly, inspiring others to record their own versions of the songs or parodies of them, which they then published as independent videos.

Although Baauer's "Harlem Shake" wasn't immediately well-known, a YouTube video of a crowd dancing to the music quickly contributed to its success. Thousands of people copied the original video as a result of how well-liked this one was.

Harlem Shake (1).jpg?format=webp@The Real Harlem Shake (Original) | Harlem Shake Dance | Original Harlem Shake | Do The Harlem Shake/Schlepp Films/

40. VSCO Girl

As soon as the "VSCO Girl" craze began in 2019, the internet went absolutely insane. People began to Google the term because they were curious as to what it signified. What they discovered is that the phrase was initially used to designate a user of the VSCO (pronounced "vis-co") photo-editing program.

It appears that the software employs preset filters and settings to give images a wonderful, antique vibe. A VSCO Girl must therefore be exactly that—cool and retro. While we absolutely agree with the attitude expressed here, this is not the first generation to adopt a "vintage" appearance.

VSCO Girl (1).jpg?format=webp@What is a VSCO Girl?/Shared News/

41. Selfie Sticks

Although the first selfie was actually taken in 1839, the 2010s saw a surge in popularity for this type of photo. The selfie stick's rise to prominence throughout this decade would forever alter the practice of self-portraiture.

This stick quickly evolved into a travel necessity on par with a passport. Getting lost in a sea of selfie sticks was usual when visiting any type of tourist destination. By the decade's close, numerous locations—even some theme parks—began to outlaw the sticks.

pexels-vanja-cerovac-728842 (1).jpg?format=webp

42. Hipster style

Like any fad, hipster glasses got their start when someone tried to give an otherwise contemporary look a retro twist. Hipsters resulted from this.

Retro glasses, whether they have prescription lenses or just fake ones, are one of the hipster looks. And while it may look charming on select people the majority of us would prefer to see this trend completely disappear.

Depositphotos_46360181_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

43. Hoverboards

The closest thing to the hoverboards frequently seen in sci-fi movies was made available to the public in the 2010s. These futuristic modes of mobility are frequently referred to as hoverboards, but since they don't truly hover over the ground, they are actually self-balancing boards.

After celebrities like Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa were spotted riding the boards in places all over the world, the boards quickly gained enormous popularity. Unfortunately, a number of news reports about the boards' batteries overheating and exploding put an abrupt end to their success.

pexels-gustavo-fring-4894763 (1).jpg?format=webp

44. Off the shoulder top

Over the past year, these tops with the cut-out shoulders have become more popular. Why? Because they facilitate vaccination. However, this does not justify reviving the trend. Therefore, let's leave it in the 2010s, where it belongs.

For a significant portion of the 2010s, wearing this type of shirt with short denim was fashionable. But now that its time has passed, it's time to move on. There are so many options available!

Depositphotos_18812063_L (1).jpg?format=webp

45. FarmVille

Internet games also become more and more popular as internet platforms like Facebook did. Users can advance through the levels of FarmVille, a game in which players maintain an online "farm," by using "Farm Coins" or “Farm Cash.”

These "Farm" currency might be acquired with real money in addition to being earned through playing the game and carrying out specific activities or behaviors. It was usual for Facebook users to receive a ton of FarmVille requests and messages because the game pushed users to recruit other players in order to grow the player's farm.

FarmVille (1).jpg?format=webp
@Home Farm | FarmVille 1/FarmVille/

46. Modified Leggings

Leggings became widely worn by women in the 2000s, which had a big impact on the fashion industry. Stretchy clothing was suddenly accepted as a flattering and practical option for ladies.

However, the decade of the 2010s also saw a rise in popularity of loudly printed leggings. These leggings, which frequently featured loud designs or florals, quickly appeared in magazines and shopping centers. The majority of people shudder when they recall how they previously left the home wearing these leggings, despite the best efforts of fashion publications to teach ladies on how to style them.

Modified Leggings.jpg?format=webp@runnergabby/ 

48. Adding Each Image to an Album

Uploading an absurd number of images to our profile's photo album was one of the most prevalent and embarrassing things that most of us were guilty of. Users of Facebook would post dozens, if not hundreds, of grainy, dark pictures from events like concerts or nights out.

Even just hanging out with friends or going out to eat would produce a photo album full of frequently unsatisfactory photos. Today, pictures posted on the website are typically picked with care, much to our Facebook friends' joy.

Depositphotos_153099722_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

49. Dog face filter

 In 2016, Snapchat's "dog face filter" contributed to the emergence of numerous dog-human hybrids on social media. The popularity of their other facial filters, such as the flower crown filter or rainbow vomit filter, was followed by the canine-themed filter.

Due to a social media user who was able to get close enough for the filter to function, even President Barack Obama briefly had the puppy look. Snapchat produced a unique filter just for real dogs, even if the popularity of the dog filter appears to have declined. Who said that only humans should enjoy themselves?

49. Dog face filter.jpg?format=webp@Dog Face Filter (Snapchat Horror Trailer) | Ariana Grande/Treehouse Of Horror/

50. Overuse of highlighter

Makeup methods that were previously only used by professional makeup artists become popular with the general public due to the popularity of beauty "influencers." Applying a reflective pigment to specific regions of the face in order to emphasize or enhance them is one method known as highlighting.

Highlighters quickly spread to everyone's makeup bag as a standard item. Even while brightening the face is a well-known and appreciated makeup technique, several of the decade's most widely used highlighters only made us look sweaty or unattractive.

Depositphotos_263572978_L (1).jpg?format=webp