The best fashion looks of Carrie Bradshaw, which made her a style icon

28 Apr 2023

The heroine of the cult TV series about relationships Carrie Bradshaw, has become the ultimate fashion icon and continues to be one to this day. Her images charm and inspire many women around the world. She is the embodiment of a strong, independent, intelligent, and at the same time tender woman who knows her worth and knows how to comfort herself with a pair of exquisite shoes and a dress that impresses at first sight.

1. Flower’s touch 

This incredibly sophisticated asymmetrical white dress with gold lines suits Carrie very well and sets her apart from the crowd. The main highlight is the large flower on the shoulder, which makes the image unforgettable. 

The asymmetrical design of the dress gives it a modern and avant-garde feel, which perfectly complements Carrie's edgy personality. The large flower on the shoulder adds a pop of color and femininity.

Depositphotos_268236996_XL (1).jpg?format=webp

2. Perfect match

The stylish cream suit with a black tie is already the epitome of taste. However, when it comes to Carrie Bradshaw, she won't settle for a classic look and will add a personal touch to it. A pink-striped shirt is the perfect choice to complement this outfit. The cream suit gives off an air of sophistication and elegance, while the black tie adds a touch of formality and seriousness. The fit of the suit is impeccable, accentuating Carrie's figure in all the right places. Carrie's ability to mix and match different pieces of clothing is one of her signature traits, and this outfit is no exception.

Depositphotos_268171646_XL (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

3. Style like a true work of art

Carrie was never afraid to experiment, and this outfit is a testament to that. It is one of her boldest looks, featuring everything from leather accessories to a corset. Despite the abundance of accessories, the outfit still manages to look harmonious and incredibly stylish. The leather accessories give the outfit an edgy and rebellious feel, while the corset accentuates Carrie's curves and adds a touch of sensuality. 

The combination of different textures and materials, such as leather, tulle, and lace, adds depth and complexity to the outfit, making it a true work of art.

Depositphotos_268233244_L (2).jpg?format=webp

4. Perfect dress for an imperfect day 

Carrie opted for an unconventional cloud-like gown by Vivienne Westwood for her wedding, which unfortunately never came to fruition. The dress beautifully accentuated the bride's slender waist.

A turquoise-blue ornament was affixed to Carrie's hair near the pure white veil, but what few people know is that it wasn't just any feathers, but a rare and genuine bird plumage. This was a nod to the Victorian era when it was believed that feathers from exotic birds and insects brought good fortune. Unfortunately, Carrie did not have a stroke of luck on her big day.

Depositphotos_268209790_XL (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

5. Elegant look 

Carrie always knew how to make a simple dress look elegant and stand out in a crowd. She paired a short pink dress with a black wide belt with spikes, which accentuated her waist. And she wore an exquisite pearl necklace around her neck. Thanks to these accessories, the look was elevated to a new level. Take inspiration from the iconic TV series character and confidently experiment with your own style.

Style your look.jpg?format=webp@And Just Like That... ALL 70 Carrie Bradshaw's Looks  - The Movie'/Wellington Oliveira/

6. French look 

For a certain period of time, Carrie Bradshaw lived in Paris, where her style became even more feminine and elegant. Even when the well-known columnist about relationships went for a casual stroll in the city, she thought through every detail of her outfit, let alone her evening looks. The dress with a black-and-white flower on the chest, which Carrie paired with an evening jacket covered in sequins, enchanted almost every passerby who crossed her path. Our heroine completed this look with a pearl headband. It was really breathtaking!

French look .jpg?format=webp@Carrie Bradshaw's 60 Most Memorable Outfits/Womentalk/

7. Gentle outfit for a photoshoot

After Carrie Bradshaw's column gained popularity, she was invited to participate in various photoshoots and shows. Her outfits were meticulously planned and unique. One example was a delicate and distinctive silk dress paired with a black waist belt, which elegantly showcased her skillful writing on relationships and sex. To complement her outfit, she added long black gloves and her signature pearl necklaces, which she expertly integrated into her attire. 

Gentle outfit for a photoshoot.jpg?format=webp@And Just Like That... ALL 70 Carrie Bradshaw's Looks  - The Movie'/Wellington Oliveira/

8. Picture of Carrie Bradshaw's tender power

The color of innocence suits the author of a column about relationship quite well. Her clothing choice accentuates Carrie's lightness and refinement, which suits her perfectly. In addition to white dress, Carrie also accessorized with a simple but elegant clutch and a statement necklace. Her hair was styled in loose waves, adding to her effortless yet sophisticated look.

Depositphotos_268165578_L (1).jpg?format=webp

9. Wedding mood 

Carrie tried on several incredible wedding dresses looks for a photoshoot, and she looked stunning in each one of them. One particular dress, a white off-shoulder gown with a full, fluffy skirt, made her the star of the shoot. Everything was perfect, from her elegantly styled hair to the understated accessories. Carrie was a vision of perfection. The off-shoulder design added a touch of romance and femininity, while the full skirt added volume and movement to the dress. Carrie completed the look with delicate jewelry, a subtle makeup palette, and a radiant smile.

Wedding mood .jpg?format=webp@SATC - Vogue Photo-Shoot/shomy1990m/

10. Elegant Carrie 

Carrie's suit impresses with its simplicity and beauty in the details. It consists of a black jacket and a skirt, which creates the appearance of a much larger ensemble. The main feature of the suit is the asymmetric neckline of the jacket, which beautifully accentuates the neck. The camellia pinned to the left side of the jacket adds femininity and romance to the look. The suit is suitable for any business meeting as it looks both restrained and stylish. Any woman wearing this suit will look expensive and elegant, providing her with confidence at any important event.

Elegant Carrie .jpg?format=webp@Carrie Bradshaw drunk at Vogue/Samanth Boggs/

11. The main fashion signature of Carrie

In the opening credits of the series, one of the striking visuals featuring Carrie is her donning a shirt and a short tulle skirt. Although Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress, admitted she wouldn't have personally worn the outfit, she acknowledged it was a perfect fit for her character. As a matter of fact, Carrie Bradshaw frequently sported this attire and relished wearing tulle skirts of varying lengths throughout the show, as it complemented her style impeccably.

The main fashion signature of Carrie.jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

12. Unusual combinations 

In the continuation of the series, Carrie Bradshaw stays true to her style and continues to experiment with fashion. She remains loyal to her tulle skirt, which she boldly wears after the death of her beloved husband. This particular outfit is interesting because it combines a delicate tulle skirt with a vintage, brightly-colored sweater, and it became one of the top ten iconic looks of the series. Viewers were captivated by this combination.

12. Unusual combinations.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw Costume Designers HONEST Opinion|BreakdownBreakdown|Cosmopolitan/ Cosmopolitan/

13. Carrie prefers white

The white-tiered evening gown highlights Carrie's elegance and girlishness. Everything is perfectly on point: the hairstyle, accessories, and shoes. The designers know precisely how to accentuate Carrie's best features and inspire her fans to replicate this outfit. This dress can be worn on a date or straight to the altar. Overall, this dress perfectly encapsulates Carrie's style and personality. It is elegant, feminine, and playful all at once, and it's no wonder that it has become one of her most iconic looks.

Carrie prefers white  (1).jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

14. Vest plus skirt in the style of Carrie Bradshaw

Everything is perfect in this outfit - the choice of colors, details, and even the hairstyle. The mustard vest, emphasized by a thick belt, accentuates Carrie's slender waist. And the pleated skirt adds a touch of romance to the look.

14.Vest Plus Skirt in the Style of Carrie Bradshaw.jpg?format=webp@sjpppppp/

15. Silk choice

The famous author of the most candid blog in New York adored silk, so she often chose clothes made of this fabric. One of her popular outfits was a silk tank top and a midi skirt, paired with a white insulated jacket. Carrie's choice of a headband adds a playful touch to her overall look, while the delicate necklace adds a touch of glamour. It's no wonder that this outfit has become a favorite among her fans, who look up to her as a fashion icon.

Silk choice .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/ 

16. Outfit for Mr. Big 

Carrie Bradshaw was always meticulous in selecting her attire. However, when it came to her dates with Mr. Big, or even stepping out during their cohabitation, she opted for the most impeccable looks. Consider this stunning black fitted dress with playful violet lace on the chest. The tie she chose in lieu of a necklace adds a special charm to the ensemble. With nothing superfluous and everything very fitting, this outfit embodies the motto that suits our heroine very well.

Outfit for Mr. Big .jpg?format=webp@CARRIE BRADSHAW LIFE IN LOOKS - Fashion Channel Chronicle/Fashion Channel/

17. Green tulle skirt

Carrie's love for tutu skirts extended beyond the white skirt featured in the opening montage. The skirt made a significant comeback in the Paris episode of Sex and the City, marking the conclusion of the series. Fans still vividly remember the finale dress, where Carrie reunited with Mr. Big.

17.Green Tulle Skirt.jpg?format=webp@The Best Of... | Carrie Bradshaw's Outfits on Sex and The City/The Wardrobe Files/

18. Dress with charm

This simple look of a tight gray short dress has become one of the most recognizable among all of Carrie's outfits. It is plain, unencumbered with decorations, and very youthful. In this dress, Carrie simply shines and looks light and sunny. Her playful curls complement the outfit perfectly. This outfit perfectly captures Carrie's spirit of freedom and youthfulness, as well as her fashion sense. The simplicity of the dress is balanced out by its perfect fit, which hugs her curves in all the right places. The short length adds a touch of sexiness, while the gray color keeps it classy and chic.

Dress with charm .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/ 

19. Love for lace

Carrie always delicately incorporated lace into her outfits. In particular, this black and beige dress gracefully hugs the figure of the style icon. The lace beautifully intertwines with Carrie's persona, highlighting her sophistication. The red details used as ribbons at the waist and elbows add a certain intrigue and mystique to this ensemble.

19.Love for Lace.jpg?format=webp

20. Casual with a twist

Carrie Bradshaw always manages to play with her outfits, even the simplest ones. She wears regular jeans and a lightweight striped tank top, elevating the look with a yellow bag and stylish sunglasses. Carrie successfully transformed everyday casual attire into a fashionable ensemble that any fashionista would want to replicate.

20.Casual with a Twist.jpg?format=webp@sarah jessica parker style/Dora Intze/

21. Love at first cowboy hat 

You never know how you'll look when you meet your love. But Carrie Bradshaw never had to worry about this, as her outfits were always perfectly chosen and elegant. When she first met the love of her life, she looked very hot. The cowboy hat she wore added a special charm and quickly became a trend. As always, Carrie was at the top of her game.

Love at first cowboy hat .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

22. Outfit for Vogue

Carrie never failed to look impeccable in all of her appearances in the highly regarded fashion magazine Vogue. She never made any fashion blunders or wore any unsuitable outfits, always exuding sophistication and elegance. On a subsequent visit to the magazine's office, she wore a memorable business outfit consisting of a dark blouse with a neckline and a fishnet skirt. Her style was a perfect blend of classic and trendy, with a touch of her own personal flair. Whether she was dressed up in designer gowns or dressed down in casual chic, Carrie always managed to turn heads with her impeccable sense of fashion.

Outfit for Vogue.jpg?format=webp@SATC - Vogue Photo-Shoot/shomy1990m/

23. In fuchsia color

Carrie descends the stairs of her house in a luxurious fuchsia-colored gown, as if hurrying once again to meet her Mr. Big. Everything about this ensemble is flawless and it's hard to disagree. The long train and voluminous skirt transform Carrie into a true princess, and when she lifts the hem of her gown, we see her incredibly mismatched yellow and pink high-heeled shoes. Every detail here is significant - her hair is styled to reveal her shoulders and neckline, while the voluminous sleeves add to the grandeur of the outfit.

In fuchsia color.jpg?format=webp@Sarah Jessica Parker Goes Full Carrie Bradshaw In Giant Fuchsia Dress/Access Hollywood/

24. Red highlight

Carrie is dressed in an elegant evening wedding gown. The long, fitted dress is adorned with pearls. Instead of a veil, a red flower is pinned to her hair, adding confidence and mystery to her look. The red lipstick on her lips is a perfect match and completes the ensemble. The dress fits her, accentuating every curve of her body. The pearls shimmer in the light, adding an extra touch of glamour to her already stunning appearance. And that red flower in her hair - it's not just a decoration. It's a statement, a bold choice that sets her apart from the traditional bride. It's as if she's saying, "I'm not afraid to be different, to stand out and be noticed.

Red highlight .jpg?format=webp@SATC - Vogue Photo-Shoot/shomy1990m/

25. At this excellent moment 

Carrie made an excellent choice with her trendy dress combination for her first post-engagement breakup encounter with her ex-partner. She looked flawless, which is not something every woman can achieve during a significant moment in her life. The white dress she wore was delicate, sophisticated, and alluring. Seeing their ex-partner in such a stunning dress combination is hard for anyone to resist.

At this excellent moment .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

26. Bold combinations of different styles

I think almost every fan of the Sex and the City series remembers this iconic look. The show's star successfully combined sporty clothing, a sweatshirt, with a romantic voluminous skirt in a delicate lilac color. With this outfit, Carrie practically pioneered the trend of unusual clothing combinations, which greatly appealed to enthusiasts of unique fashion styles.

26.Bold Combinations of Different Styles.jpg?format=webp@Photos from Sex and the City Fashion Evolution: Carrie Bradshaw - E! Online/DEER Girl/

27. Fur fashion

During the winter episodes of the series, Carrie occasionally sported fur coats. One of her most memorable ones was a raccoon fur coat, which even appeared in the Sex and the City movie when she met Miranda for dinner to confess that leaving Steve was a mistake. This outerwear quickly became very popular among fashion enthusiasts. It pairs effortlessly with both boots and shoes.

27.Fur Fashion.jpg?format=webp
@Sarah Jessica Parker: Bad '80s Fashion to Style Icon/Allure/

28. Romantic dress

One of the most romantic looks of the beloved character from this serial was the watercolor dress. The highlight of the dress is the embellishments that both attract attention and make the look light and delicate. The watercolor print of the dress created a dreamy and ethereal vibe, fitting perfectly with the romantic tone of the show. The flowing fabric and intricate detailing added to the dress's overall charm and elegance. The dress captured the essence of Carrie's character, who was known for her love of fashion and ability to pull off daring looks effortlessly. This watercolor dress remains an iconic fashion moment in the history of serial, and a testament to Carrie's timeless style.

Romantic dress.jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

29. Elegant entrance

The marble evening dress is very much in Carrie's style. It is both sensual and elegant at the same time. With its covered top that accentuates the feminine curves and open arms, it creates a striking contrast. The marble pattern on the dress adds sophistication and looks exceptionally stylish. Its elegant cut and sophistication make any entrance unforgettable, giving the wearer an aura of refinement and radiance.

29.Elegant Entrance (1).jpg?format=webp@Sarah Jessica Parker: Bad '80s Fashion to Style Icon/Allure/

30. Vintage touch

Paris inspired Carrie to create new looks. In the photo, this is one of the most vibrant outfits. An interesting detail is the large flower on her chest, adding a touch of elegance and charm to the ensemble. The bold choice of colors and the way she effortlessly carries the outfit reflect Carrie's unique sense of style, making her a fashion icon admired by many. The Parisian influence is evident in the chic and sophisticated combination, showcasing Carrie's ability to blend classic elegance with modern flair.

30.Vintage touch (1).jpg?format=webp@Sarah Jessica Parker on the Iconic Fashion From 'Sex And The City' | People/People/

31. A bold and vibrant look

Red paired with bright pink is a very interesting and bold choice for those who feel confident in a crowd and are not afraid to stand out. Carrie looks incredibly romantic in her red blouse and pink pants. The white shoes wonderfully balance this ensemble, adding a touch of freshness without overshadowing the overall outfit.

31.A Bold and Vibrant Look (1).jpg?format=webp@Celebrity Inspired Looks | Sarah Jessica Parker | Fashion Tip Friday/DH Style - Fashion Stylist/

32. Iconic vintage dress

While Dior dresses have consistently enjoyed great popularity, their status as a true legend is cemented when they are donned by the amazing Carrie Bradshaw. The newspaper print dress was worn twice by the author of the series column, and the audience was absolutely captivated by this outfit. Now, it is considered vintage, which makes it even more valuable. The unique newspaper print adds an element of intrigue and boldness to the dress, while the fit-and-flare silhouette creates a timeless and flattering look. Carrie's confident and fearless personality shines through in this dress, making it an iconic piece of fashion history.

32. Iconic vintage dress.jpg?format=webp@NightGo_slow/

33. Elegance in layers

Not everyone knows how to layer clothing properly to achieve an elegant look, but it's effortless for the star of the column. She effortlessly paired a gray dress with an oversized checkered coat and draped a wide fuchsia shawl over her shoulders. This ensemble is a feast for the eyes, inviting you to admire every detail.

33.Elegance in Layers.jpg?format=webp@impeccabletim/

34. Fashionable fur look

Carrie's reputation for bold and daring fashion choices extends to her ability to effortlessly style a fur coat. She always manages to find a way to make the fur coat look fashionable and trendy, whether it's by pairing it with snakeskin ankle boots, a floral dress, or a burgundy clutch with black fall gloves. Her ability to make a fur coat look fashionable is a testament to her creative fashion sense and her willingness to take risks. She has a talent for pairing unexpected pieces together, which makes her outfits stand out and makes her a trendsetter in the fashion world.

Fashionable fur look.jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

35. To say goodbye in the Couture way

In the peach Valentino Couture dress in And Just Like That… Carrie Bradshaw said goodbye to viewers at the end of season 1, which was a continuation of serial. The bright dress with pink evening gloves and a large bow on the back immediately captured the hearts of millions of fans. The dress looked royal and enchanted at first sight. However, the cost of this interesting outfit increased significantly after fans became interested in the iconic clothing.

To say goodbye in the Couture way.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw: Costume Designers HONEST Opinion | Breakdown Breakdown |Cosmopolitan/ Cosmopolitan/

36. Closer to body 

It was a sensation in the fashion industry when Carrie first allowed herself to wear a dress combination. It was unusual and bold, but also very tempting and alluring. Fans of this serial quickly picked up on this idea and gradually began to allow themselves to be bolder and wear clothing that was closer to the body. We cannot but agree that it looks really impressive.

Closer to body .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

37. Old dress in a new style

It's great to see that in the continuation of the series, Carrie not only showed off new outfits, but also her interpretation of previous iconic looks, and she did it very well. For example, this blue sheath dress is very similar to the iconic short dark fitted dress from the previous season. The sole distinction is that the latest iteration features a longer hemline while retaining Carrie's favored asymmetrical neckline. This look captures the hearts of fans just as much as the previous one did.

Old dress in a new style.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw: Costume Designers HONEST Opinion | Breakdown Breakdown |Cosmopolitan/Cosmopolitan/

38. Floral accent

Carrie always had a great taste and a sense of style. She had a knack for transforming seemingly ordinary items into an original look that left a lasting impression and left you wanting to emulate it. For example, a simple white shirt with purple pants turned into an original look thanks to the flower Carrie attached to the strap. The look immediately played with new colors and sparked a lot of positive feedback.

38. Floral accent.jpg?format=webp@Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Down 10 Memorable 'Sex And The City' Looks | PEN | People/People/

39. Updated classic

Age is not a hindrance to dressing not fashionably, and Carrie knows this very well. For a walk, she chose a printed dress over a blue shirt. The colors blended perfectly, and she accentuated the look with high-heeled shoes that matched the color scheme of her outfit. It's a great example of how to mix classic pieces with modern elements to create a stylish and timeless look. The print on the dress adds a playful touch to the outfit, while the blue shirt and high heels give it a sophisticated.

Updated classic.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw: Costume Designers HONEST Opinion | Breakdown Breakdown |Cosmopolitan/Cosmopolitan/

40. Funeral style

Carrie was determined, even Mr. Big would be saddened if she suddenly betrayed her style and wore something unfashionable to his funeral. Above all, what he adored about her was her unique qualities, exquisite taste, and fearless writing about love. So, at his funeral, she looked impeccable: a dark full skirt, a form-fitting long-sleeved top, and a stylish hat on her gathered hair. I think her beloved would have appreciated this fashion choice.

Funeral style.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw: Costume Designers HONEST Opinion | Breakdown Breakdown |Cosmopolitan/Cosmopolitan/

41. No chance for a gloomy mood 

On that particular evening, Carrie was overcome with sadness as she observed that everyone around her was coupled up, leaving her as the only one without a partner. Nevertheless, she concealed it well with her impeccable choice of clothing. By pairing a delicate, loose-fitting pink strapless dress with high heels and a clutch bag, she refreshed her appearance and managed to mask her somber mood to some extent. A glamorous hairstyle and evening makeup made her look radiant and unmatched. And the sadness that Carrie felt was channeled into thoughts for a new article, professionally.

No chance for a gloomy mood .jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

42. Leather top paired with jeans and a touch of accessories

A leather crop top with wide straps paired with jeans looks youthful, light, and stylish. The accessories are well-chosen: a brown handbag with a short strap and golden chains that add a finishing touch to the outfit. In this look, Carrie appears carefree and open to new impressions and experiences.

42.Leather Top Paired with Jeans and a Touch of Accessories.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

43. Bra outfit

Carrie, always attuned to the latest fashion trends, had no qualms about wearing outfits that showcased her lingerie. Over the show's six-season run, she often allowed her delicate pieces to peek out from under a top or dress. Agreed, she managed to do it with sophistication and taste.

43.Bra Outfit.jpg?format=webp@butterisafoodgroup89/

44. Sleeping dress

The gorgeous gray Versace dress in which Carrie Bradshaw planned to dance and have fun all night long. However, all she managed to do was to sleep in this beautiful outfit with an evening hairstyle and makeup. After this, she is unlikely to forget this dress, the first time because she was impressed by the it, but another time it is associated with memories that she didn't expect.

Sleeping dress.jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/

45. Carrie's unique style

Even on a walk near her home, Carrie Bradshaw dresses elegantly and unusually. She looked lovely in a floral headscarf, pink rubber sleeves, and a dress with a cage print. This image instantly captured the attention of both fashionable critics and dedicated fans of Carrie alike. Carrie's unique style was inspiring a new generation of fashionistas. She was praised for her bold choices and ability to create stylish and comfortable looks.

Carrie's unique style.jpg?format=webp@Dressing Carrie Bradshaw: Costume Designers HONEST Opinion | Breakdown Breakdown |Cosmopolitan/ Cosmopolitan/

46. Carrie's signature style

Carrie wouldn't be Carrie without adding a unique touch to her outfits. One of her favorites is a large brooch on the jacket matching the color of her short culottes. The emerald shade beautifully complemented the beige blazer and creamy blouse. This color palette made the outfit sophisticated and feminine.

46.Carrie's Signature Style.jpg?format=webp@Sanaii122/

47. Carrie's unique spin on lingerie style

Nude dresses in lingerie style have long been popular and continue to grace the pages of fashion magazines. However, Carrie managed to make these dresses even more intriguing. She paired hers with a short black blazer adorned with golden flowers, and adorned her head with a hat featuring a touch of red feathers. Agreeably, this look deserves your attention.

47.Carrie's Unique Spin on Lingerie Style.jpg?format=webp@kittyglitther/

48. Snake’s print

For one of her evening outings, Carrie wore a fitted dress with a snake print that emphasized her slender figure and drew the attention of onlookers. The outfit highlighted her bold taste and confidence. This look was a true masterpiece of style, where a sense of fashion and sophistication intertwined into an unparalleled ensemble.

48.Snake’s print.jpg?format=webp@MysteriousBeat5847/

49. Timeless fashion

Throughout the years, Carrie Bradshaw has continuously honed her sense of fashion. The oversized creamy blouse combined with a high-waisted patterned skirt sends a message to the world that as time passes, a woman flourishes and can fearlessly explore her style. This ensemble is suitable for both young women and those in their prime. Carrie stands as a remarkable embodiment of elegance regardless of age.

49.Timeless Fashion.jpg?format=webp@DemiFiendRSA/

50. The perfect outfit for going out

If you don't know how to properly combine multiple different prints at once, take a look at this outfit worn by Carrie. A checkered blazer, floral dress, and original brightly colored socks all look appropriate and harmonious. The interesting decision was to wear gold shoes with a large brooch. Judging from the photo, Carrie is thrilled with her choice and considers this outfit perfect for going out.

The perfect outfit for going out.jpg?format=webp@Why Carrie Bradshaw Is Still A Fashion Icon Today/TheThings Celebrity/