Sensational 50 facts from the life of Marilyn Monroe that you did not know

25 Apr 2023

The future star was born on June 1, 1926 in the Californian city of Los Angeles. The biography of Marilyn Monroe did not begin very happily: the girl spent her childhood in an orphanage. Her father did not live with her mother, and she herself gave the child to an orphanage, as she had no desire to raise her. Over the following years, she repeatedly lived in different foster families, but no one left her with them for a long time.

Marilyn Monroe's work biography began away from the screen. At the age of 17, Norma Jean Baker got her first job at the Padioplane aircraft factory. This decision became a ticket to a new life for the girl, because it was here that she began her career as a model. After an hour of diligent work at the factory, Norma was offered to dream for a series of propaganda posters - they were supposed to raise the morale of American soldiers who were far from their families. This marked the beginning of her glamorous and at the same time tragic life.

Utilizing explosives

Marilyn worked in an explosives plant during the war, and oddly enough, it was these photographs of her that first launched her career.

An army photographer named David Conover was dispatched to her base to take photos of women engaged in combat work. When he came across a girl putting on propellers, he was photographing the most gorgeous workers as he walked down the assembly line. Conover sent Marilyn right to Hollywood because he loved her "plain Jane" appearance so much.

Utilizing Explosives (1).jpg?format=webp@Eyewitness - Marilyn Monroe: Why? VERY RARE! 1962 television special/Marilyn Monroe History/

Trying to reach the stars

One of her first modeling engagements was for Douglas Airlines, back when she was still Norma Jeane. When she was in front of the camera, her curly hair, innocent grin, and inquiring gaze made her appear completely at ease.

She also participated in magazine photo shoots, but her real modeling career really took off when she was chosen by photographer Raphael Wolff to be in a shampoo commercial and had her hair bleached and straightened.

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Never-ending disappointment

Gladys, Marilyn's mother, tried to live a regular life. In an effort to rebuild her life, Gladys collected the little money she had and purchased a home exclusively for the two of them.

Sadly, Gladys felt overburdened as she tried to support and care for both herself and her daughter since tiny Marilyn was simply too much for her to handle. Gladys already had a lot on her plate. She unfortunately experienced a mental breakdown a few months later and had to be hospitalised.

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Single mother

Gladys Baker, a single mother, was a complex individual. By the time Marilyn was born, Gladys was all by herself, and despite the stigma attached to single moms in society, she was determined to raise Marilyn.

Marilyn continued to live without her mother for almost seven years, but she remained with the Bolenders, who adored her and desired to adopt her. Gladys was horrified by this since after her first husband and she got divorced, he moved their two children out of state, and she had already lost two children.

Single Mother (1).jpg?format=webp@The only publicly seen footage to date of Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Pearl Baker./Marilyn Monroe Video Archives/


Being a brunette by birth, Marilyn did not appear anything like the renowned woman she is now. The producer made a recommendation he felt strongly about when she signed her first modeling contract: Marilyn should color her hair blonde.

Marilyn wasn't completely persuaded and wasn't sure she was ready to give up her naturally colored hair, but the producer persuaded her by saying it would look much more seductive than her present brown hair. Marilyn only needed to hear that.

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Putting on the knife?

Naturally, the world was clamoring to learn every last detail about Marilyn Monroe's private life, and this desire only heightened following her tragic passing. Even yet, Marilyn was able to keep certain private information private.

Marilyn had a chin implant and a nose job to alter the shape of her face, so she was no stranger to plastic surgery. Given that plastic surgery wasn't nearly as refined in the 1950s as it is today, Marilyn was actually brave to go under the knife.

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The Einstein incident

In her movies, Marilyn always depicted a brainless blonde bombshell—a reputation she detested—but in real life, she was the exact opposite.

Although there is no evidence that she took the official IQ test, it is reported that she had an IQ of 160 or higher. However, that score qualifies as brilliant! There were also allegations that Monroe had a relationship with Einstein, though it is difficult to determine if these reports were true or not.

The Einstein Incident.jpg?format=webp@Albert Einstein Meets Marilyn Monroe/Deep Homage/

They never had a chance

James Dougherty, a retired Los Angeles police detective, cemented his place in Hollywood lore when, in the early 1940s, he wed Norma Jean Baker, a lovely young woman.

Few people are aware of how greatly he affected Marilyn's life despite being the first of her three husbands and having married her when she was just 16 years old. James admitted that he had never met Marilyn Monroe and didn't claim to still know anything about her after their brief marriage ended. I was close to and knew Norma Jean.

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Facial hair

Marilyn, who was renowned for being incredibly attractive, looked for many ways to keep her excellent looks and was ready to attempt many unsettling, unusual methods to do so.

Marilyn once admitted that she would apply heavy hormone cream on her face several times per day, revealing one of her secrets. She claimed that the cream gave her a striking brilliance that was visible in all of her shots since it created a kind of peach-fuzz to sprout on her face.

Facial Hair.jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe - Applying Make Up -/MM Goddess/

Changes to her career

In 1955, The Seven Year Itch sparked the most debate, especially the scene in which Marilyn Monroe and co-star Tom Ewell leave a theater and Marilyn's skirt is lifted by the breeze from the subway moving below.

Marilyn says, "Isn't it delicious?" rather than immediately covering her legs, as any sensible woman of the day would have done. According to rumors, second spouse and baseball great Joe DiMaggio grew furious with the filmmaker and complained that he had filmed this specific scenario much too frequently.

Changes To Her Career.jpg?format=webp@Say_Im_gonna_be_dead/

Not easy to work with

For Marilyn, it went beyond getting a part because of her attractiveness. Perhaps it was the burden of filling her own large shoes or trying to maintain a character she was internally grappling with.

Despite having admitted to possessing a sizable book collection, it appears that the blonde bombshell had a lot of trouble remembering her lines. The actress was well known for frequently mumbling, jumbling sentences, and requesting retakes when in front of the camera because the pressure was just too great.

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Hiding the real her

Marilyn had developed into a very self-conscious person as a result of her growing awareness of how her physical looks had opened up a number of options for her in Hollywood.

She believed that by keeping some aspects of her personality a secret, such as the fact that she enjoyed reading and had even worn spectacles, she might prolong her success for a longer length of time. She kept her spectacles hidden and hardly ever appeared in public while donning them.

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Never before seen

Something's Got To Give was the final movie that was made before her tragic passing. Marilyn was having a hard time showing up to work and was feigning illness at the time because her life was so up and down.

She made up for her lack of professionalism with frivolity; in one scene, Marilyn was supposed to swim in a pool while wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit, but she decided against it. Unfortunately, Marilyn passed away before the movie could be finished shooting, therefore it was never broadcast.

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Severe phobia of germs

Marilyn was able to get away with her quirky behavior because she was continually moving from one set to the next.

After repeatedly running to the restroom during the day, whispers about the beauty icon, however, began to spread like wildfire. These accusations were only put to rest later when the actress herself admitted to frequently feeling filthy. She apparently cleansed her face 15 times a day as a result. Marilyn generally found it difficult to get over the sense that she was always tainted.

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Limiting physical conditions

Although Marilyn regularly attended a number of vocal coaches to assist her with her issue, her speech impediment was still quite apparent.

Marilyn struggled to control her anxiety and speak clearly when speaking to the media because she was known to stutter more when under pressure. No one could dispute how challenging and limiting this issue was for an actress of her renown and stature, so the media appeared to turn a blind eye to help her feel more at ease.

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@MARILYN MONROE - KOREA 1954/fifteesrebel/

Political fan

It might appear that politics and Hollywood are the furthest things from one another, but Marilyn enjoyed fusing the two worlds together.

Although Marilyn Monroe's relationship with President John F. Kennedy is still widely known, few people are aware of her actual interest in politics and her admiration for one of the country's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. She was frequently seen carrying the Biography of Abraham Lincoln, which was her favorite book.

Big Time Political Fan.jpg?format=webp@Walterherbst/

Would go to any lengths for cash

Marilyn had done horribly when she first tried to be recognized, despite being found very young and noticed for her distinctive facial characteristics and alluring form.

In fact, her first modeling gig paid so little that it seems laughable in comparison to the huge salaries that today's movie stars and fashion celebrities receive. Marilyn, who is only just starting out in the modeling business, was paid little about $5 for her very first modeling job.

Would Go to Any Lengths For Cash.jpg?format=webp@Its_Me_Jose/

A need for children

Marilyn yearned to build a secure house for herself after having a turbulent childhood. She genuinely loved kids and yearned to start a family of her own.

Sadly, Marilyn miscarried twice during her lifetime. Frieda Hull, a close friend of Marilyn Monroe, has now come out to admit that she secretly photographed Marilyn while she was pregnant in color. A letter stating that "it was never made apparent if it was by way of a miscarriage or even an abortion" was sold with the images as part of Frieda's estate in 2016, which was regrettable.

A Need For Children (1).jpg?format=webp@What the World Never Knew about Marilyn Monroe's Pregnancy/Galia/

Unknown inventor

Her curvy physique is one of Marilyn's most recognizable attributes, yet few people are aware of her incredible ability for repurposing everyday objects into body-enhancing ones.

She stitched marbles into her bras to give them a perkier appearance. When she didn't have any marbles on hand, she occasionally stitched together a few buttons to achieve the same result. Later improvements led to the creation of what is now known as a push-up bra.

Unknown Inventor (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Documentary | Unseen Story of America's Famous Icon Figure/HISTORACY/

Inconsolable after losing her first mentor

In the 1950s, just as Marilyn's career was beginning to take off, her mentor and agent Johnny Hyde, vice president of the William Morris Agency, passed away abruptly from a heart attack.

Given that he had just gotten Marilyn a seven-year contract a few days before he passed away, his death was particularly unfortunate. Since the one man she had learnt to trust had abandoned her, the budding star felt as though her bright future was about to crumble.

Inconsolable After Losing Her First Mentor.jpg?format=webp@scoobycoup/

Professional depression

The only human being I have ever known that I could love not only as a man to whom I am practically out of my mind about, but also as the one person [...] that I trust as much as myself, is Arthur. I am so worried about safeguarding him.

It is clear why Marilyn broke down when Miller dumped her for a photographic archivist named Inge Morath after penning these remarks in her personal diary.

Professional Depression (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Documentary | Unseen Story of America's Famous Icon Figure/HISTORACY/

Gaining awareness of her inner self

Marilyn Monroe, who is rarely seen as a fitness hero, undoubtedly possesses a wealth of skills. "I'm looking for myself.

Marilyn once remarked, "Sometimes that's not easy, but I lift weights every day," in a 1952 interview with LIFE magazine. She also displayed various asanas in a 1948 collection of black-and-white images. She was allegedly a student of the Swedish-Russian Bollywood movie diva Indra Devi.

Gaining Awareness of Her Inner Self (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe's Secret Diet and Exercise Routine Uncovered/Laura Jane Atelier/

Stunning moment

On the eve of JFK's birthday, everyone was watching at Marilyn Monroe as she sang Happy birthday Mr. President in a sultry, racy voice.

In November 2016, the Jean Louis dress that Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK went up for auction as a sparkling reminder of her sad final days. More than five decades later, her 60-second performance is still making ripples. She wore a flesh-colored gown that night; it was encrusted with 2,500 glistening rhinestones and sold for a record-breaking $1.26 million.

Stunning Moment.jpg?format=webp@LilBo_W33p/

They said she was rude

Although Marilyn was often made fun of, those who had the privilege of working with her were shocked to learn that her degree of commitment to her job was higher than that of many others.

Marilyn was so dedicated to her work that she frequently refused to break character during production breaks and avoided mixing with colleagues actors whom she viewed as not taking their job properly, despite being referred to as tardy towards the end of her career and life.

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Inside demons

It is well known that Marilyn's mother was clinically depressed and had other other mental problems, all of which had a significant negative impact on Marilyn. Few people are aware that mental instability ran across Marilyn's entire family.

Marilyn herself frequently discussed her inner demons, saying she feared the time when suicide thoughts and a depressed mood would also overtake her. After all, in addition to her, her mother, her uncle, and her great-grandmother, they all committed suicide.

Inside Demons (1).jpg?format=webp@What It Was Really Like The Day Marilyn Monroe Died/Grunge/

Unknown body hack

Every young woman in Marilyn's era yearned for her gorgeous body and determined attitude, and it is simple to see why.

When Marilyn Monroe revealed that she was actually double-jointed in the knees, which required her to lock her knees in order to walk correctly, she made more waves than the highest-paid actress and turned more heads than the most prominent model. She developed the recognizable hip swoon as a result of her knees locking.

Unknown body hack (1).jpg?format=webp@What It Was Really Like The Day Marilyn Monroe Died/Grunge/

Used and naked

For a series of images, Marilyn posed bare-chested. "I figured I'd be safer [with a friend] than with some rich old guy who would catch me in a weak moment when I'm hungry and can't afford a square meal," she said.

Despite his assurances to the contrary, everyone was able to identify me. Later, the same friend acknowledged to paying Marilyn only $50 while earning $500 from the sale of the rights to a calendar manufacturer. 8 million copies of the calendar were sold when it was first released.

Used and Naked (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/


When it comes to mastering methods like cosmetics, hand postures, and body posture, experimenting with Marilyn was fantastic. But one of the first celebrities to contour her face using makeup was Marilyn Monroe.

Her makeup artist decided it would be best to switch things up and try applying makeup in a different way because her face characteristics formed a beautiful canvas as they were. As a result, he would contour her nose with blush to make it appear smaller rather than the customary cat-eye and red lips.

Experimenting (1) (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

Genuine but fake

In Marilyn's age, natural beauty was valued highly, but this talent had a knack for adding external elements to her face and attire to create a flawless overall appearance.

Marilyn had begun putting semi-lashes to her eyes since she had decided she wanted her eyelashes to be voluminous but yet natural. She wanted to appear dreamier while maintaining her very easy makeup regimen. She ultimately utilized a technique that is still employed by cosmetic artists today: half artificial eyelashes applied to the outer corner of the eyes.

Genuine But Fake (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold History of Marilyn Monroe's Favorite Beauty Products 💕💋💋💄/Laura Jane Atelier/

Blamed for the death of her brother

Gladys made the decision to relocate Marilyn into the home she was sharing with the Atkinson family, an English film industry couple.

News of Gladys' grandfather's suicide and the tragic death of her son Robert arrived soon after the two of them moved in together. These two incidents were enough to send her over the brink, and she suddenly started ranting at Marilyn and accusing her of being the one who should have died in place of them.

blamed for the death of her brother (1).jpg?format=webp@The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

Nearly ended her career

She was a rising celebrity, but everything threatened to fall apart when it was revealed that not only had she posed naked, but also that her mother—whom she had been claiming was dead for years—was actually alive and residing in an institution.

Her career was on the verge of ending as a result of these revelations, but Marilyn chose to be honest after taking a big breath. She insisted that the reason she took the naughty images was because she was poor and needed the cash. To protect Gladys, not herself, she intended to keep her mother's location a secret.

Nearly Ended Her Career.jpg?format=webp@SunnyDay20212/

Secret journal

Marilyn and her then-husband, playwright Arthur Miller, traveled to London in 1956 to shoot The Prince And The Showgirl.

Marilyn, who found Arthur's hidden notebook detailing in great detail how he felt betrayed by his new wife, however, found this to be a terrible moment. After Miller created the character of Roslyn for her in The Misfits, their marriage ended. She found his Roslyn character to be far too intimate, and by the time it was through, they had parted ways.

Secret Journal (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Documentary | Unseen Story of America's Famous Icon Figure/HISTORACY/

Having her greatest love betrayed

Marilyn was still made to collaborate with Miller on The Misfits even after their marriage fell up. Miller unfortunately began a new romance while the movie was being made, which he foolishly flaunted about the set.

Marilyn wrote in her diary, "Starting tomorrow I shall take care of myself for that's all I really have and as I see it now have ever had [...] I still feel hopeless," in an attempt to deal with the misery it gave her. I believe I dislike this place because there is no longer any love in it.

Having Her Greatest Love Betrayed.jpg?format=webp@Dhorlin/

She was aware

In her life, Marilyn experienced multiple miscarriages. They started to appear frequently when she wed Arthur Miller. Marilyn persevered through a number of unsuccessful procedures in an effort to become a mother.

Her last operation was in 1959, and the doctor told her it had failed at the time. Before he could even break the news, she said, "I already know." For poor Marilyn, who already felt like a failure, that was the final straw.

She was aware (1).jpg?format=webp@The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

She's going crazy

Clark Gable, Marilyn's coworker, passed away just a few days after The Misfits was filmed. His widow fell into a pit of self-pity and hatred after blaming Marilyn for his passing.

Marilyn went into a hospital to recover in an effort to get off that emotional rollercoaster, but she unintentionally entered a ward for mentally disturbed individuals. She phoned Joe DiMaggio since he was the only person who could sign for her release. When Joe threatened to destroy the hospital "brick by brick" if they wouldn't, the hospital agreed to release her.

She's going crazy.jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Hospital Photos/BriannaGlamour/

Suicide seemed logical

Marilyn Monroe is just as interesting in death as she was in life. Suicide was one of the theories put forth as to why she ended her life so suddenly.

The coroner's preliminary conclusion was that Miss Monroe likely committed suicide by taking depressants, according to the report. She has attempted suicide more than once when she was unhappy or depressed. She had both of these times been saved. With the exception of the rescue, in our perspective, the identical scenario was replicated on August 4.

Suicide Seemed Logical.jpg?format=webp@MatthewDiDonato/

The cover-up in cloaks

Skeptics of the suicide scenario contended that traces of drugs should have been discovered in Marilyn's stomach during the autopsy, which they weren't.

The stories given by those who discovered her were contradictory, so it appeared more plausible that there had been a cover-up. According to the official version, Marilyn's housekeeper awoke at 3.30 a.m. to find the door locked and Marilyn's light on. She contacted a psychiatrist, who quickly arrived and immediately called the police. However, the housekeeper said in later interviews that she found the body “about midnight.”

The Cover-Up in Cloaks.jpg?format=webp@Stotallytob3r/

Something smelled fishy

Fanatics of the Something Smelled Fishy Cover-Up also asserted that a 1982 LA District Attorney inquiry revealed an ambulance was sent to the residence while Marilyn was still alive.

A significantly different explanation than the one previously offered was supplied by the driver of the ambulance that transported Marilyn to the hospital: Marilyn "died away at the hospital." In addition, Jack Clemmons, the first police officer on the site, thought the death scene had been staged. The linen in the room was clean, and the housekeeper was even doing laundry.

Mysterious murder (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

Mysterious murder

Marilyn was frequently linked to Bobby Kennedy since the two were thought to be having a relationship. Bernard Spindel, a wiretapper, publicly admitted that he had bugged Marilyn's home.

The night before Marilyn died, Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn were arguing, and Spindel claimed to have heard a huge bang during that time. Spindel was certain the noise indicated Marilyn had been fatally struck by a powerful blow. The DA seized the cassettes in 1966, and they were “routinely destroyed.”

Mysterious murder1 (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

She receives mockery for defending herself

Marilyn experienced a number of protracted disagreements with her production firm about the films she worked on because she was determined to escape her sexpot stereotype.

Marilyn came to her senses and realized that she was the only one with her own best interests in mind since she believed that despite her repeated threats, she was not being taken seriously. Marilyn even went so far as to start her own business, Marilyn Monroe Productions, which the media promptly mocked.

She receives mockery for defending herself (1).jpg?format=webp@What It Was Really Like The Day Marilyn Monroe Died/Grunge/

I was fired for lying

The film executive had to take action because the budget for Something's Got To Give was getting tight.

Because of this, Studio heads created stories about Marilyn, charging that she was fabricating her illness while being aware of her sinusitis and need for tons of rest. They were able to sue Marilyn for $750,000 in damages after laying the groundwork, but they ultimately tried to resume filming just before her tragic passing at Dean Martin's request.

I Was Fired For Lying (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Documentary | Unseen Story of America's Famous Icon Figure/HISTORACY/

Written by her

Few people are aware that Marilyn was a secret poet, largely because of the numerous clinicians who encouraged her to record her worst ideas in writing: "I believe I am extremely alone, my mind races. I see myself in the mirror right now, brow furrowed, eyes dulled, cheeks flushed with capillaries that like rivers on maps, and hair lying in snake-like coils. If I lean in close, I'll see what I don't want to know: stress, grief, and disappointment. In addition to my lifeless eyes, the lips makes me the saddest.

Written by Her (1).jpg?format=webp@The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Marilyn Monroe/ Grunge/

Superior to her time

Although reality stars sprung from the Kardashian family are frequently identified with the contouring queen, Marilyn Monroe was the first to master the technique of utilizing a variety of colours to better tone her face.

Monroe used five different colours of lipstick and gloss to give the appearance of bigger lips. Lighter reds were brushed in the center of the lips, while darker reds were applied to the outer corners. This produced a 3D shadow effect that made the lips appear plumper.

Superior to Her Time (1).jpg?format=webp@My Favorite Marilyn Monroe Movie Moments/Tammy H/

Who exactly was she?

Because Monroe was so conscious of her identity, her acquaintances often remarked on how different she behaved when she wasn't acting “in character.”

When he discovered her staring at herself in a mirror and inquired as to what she was doing, she responded, “Looking at her”, according to author Truman Capote. Eli Wallach, who was Monroe's Misfits co-star, recalled the time they spent strolling through New York City together, saying, “Everyone was just being themselves, and then all of a sudden her walk, attitude, and appearance would change, and in moments everyone would be ogling her and asking for autographs.”

Who Exactly Was She (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Marilyn Monroe/Grunge/

Bad side

Few people are aware that the rock musician Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe inspired the stage name Marilyn Manson. Manson's response, when asked why he chose those two names in particular, was that he wanted to portray a contrast between good and evil.

Strangely enough, Manson said in his memoirs that nobody ever considers that the Monroe half might be just as sinister as the Manson half. Charles Manson has a bright, clever side, just like Marilyn Monroe had a bad side, he stated.

Bad Side (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe - Photos (Bert Stern)/MonroeNumber1Fan/

More slender than most

Marilyn Monroe was rumored to be a size 16, but Sara Buys, a fashion journalist for The Times of London, who had the chance to put on some of Monroe's apparel, completely discounted that story.

Quite the contrary, Buys wrote. Despite having an ample bosom and a bottom that would look at home gyrating in a J-Lo video, she was unquestionably voluptuous. However, for the majority of the early portion of her career, she was a size 8, and even in her plumper stages, she was no more than a 10.

More Slender than Most (2) (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe - Photos (Rare & Unseen)/MonroeNumber1Fan/

Still lucrative after death

Following Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Charles M. Schulz, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bob Marley on a very distinguished list of the highest-paid deceased celebrities of 2013, Forbes magazine listed Marilyn Monroe as the sixth-highest earner.

In October of the same year, she was also made the new face of Chanel No. 5, which ought to have happened much sooner given that she had previously volunteered as an advertiser for the brand's perfume. One of her most well-known quotations was when she responded, "My Chanel No.5", to the inquiry, “What do you wear to bed?”

Still Lucrative After Death.jpg?format=webp@MissNightTerrors/

National security threat

Because they believed Marilyn to be a communist sympathizer, the FBI looked into her. In the years leading up to her passing, they created a 34-page report on the actress's search for communist connections.

The focus of Monroe's file is on her travels and associations as it looks for indications of Marxist viewpoints. The FBI never discovered any evidence that Monroe was a member of the Communist Party, which has long captivated investigators, biographers, and those who don't think her death at her Los Angeles-area home was a suicide.

National Security Threat.jpg?format=webp@dailymail/ 28 December 2012

Up till the very end

Marilyn Monroe is the ideal example of an insecure lady donning a false sense of assurance. Marilyn "didn't feel she was a qualified actor, [but] how could she have felt any different?," said Emmeline Snively, the agent who had signed a young Norma Jeane Dougherty. Before taking her first acting class, she had already signed her first contract. At that point, my heart ached for her. This town may be the most lonely in the entire globe, and if you're at the top of the heap, it will be even more lonely for you.

More Slender than Most (1).jpg?format=webp@D15 Marilyn Monroe vs Hollywood/Mr. Streit/

Nobody actually knew her

In her home, Marilyn maintained a sizable collection with more than 400 books. Monroe loved to read and once boasted that she could comprehend a book's whole plot after only perusing the first ten pages.

Given that she rose to fame by portraying comic book "dumb blonde" characters, this fact is startling. The potency of the phrase "Marilyn Monroe reading," according to feminist biographer Oline Eaton, "lies in its application to Monroe and in our presumption that she wouldn't know how," she wrote on her blog.

Nobody actually knew Her (1).jpg?format=webp@Marilyn Monroe Tribute - Without You/Christopher/