Celebrities who have a bad relationship with their family

21 Apr 2023

When we look at celebrities, with all their wealth and fame, we tend to idolize them as something more than ordinary people who have no problem with being ordinary. It does not. 

Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray Cyrus had a strained relationship. Ray Cyrus reportedly remarked to GQ, Damn show killed my whole family, but he insisted he would take his family back and merely desired that everyone be secure and content.

Billy expressed his concern for his daughter's safety and wished he could go back in time and undo everything. Billy even defended Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miley's ex-boyfriend, at one time after he was suspected of infidelity.

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Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas confesses that some of his son Cameron's problems are a direct result of his poor parenting. That may have made Michael's pain from seeing his son enter a federal jail even worse. In 2010, Cameron received a five-year term after entering a guilty plea to possession.

Michael made the decision to be upbeat about his son's circumstances. But he thought it was unfair that his son had to spend so much time alone.

Michael Douglas (1).jpg?format=webp@The Douglas Dynasty: Fame. Addiction. Finding Home. l Part 2/ABC News/YouTube.com 

Demi Moore 

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's divorce was a very public issue when they split up back in 2013. After that, she began to behave in an erratic manner, which was too much for her daughter, Rumor Willis.

After a while, Rumor Willis took a step back from her own mother as she took some time to work through her personal problems. Fortunately, they were able to make up, and since then, their relationship seems to have improved.

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Jon Voight 

She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and has achieved remarkable success in the movie business. Angelina Jolie is at the peak of her game with current films like Maleficent and classics like the Tomb Raider trilogy. Her family life isn't as prosperous as her profession in showbiz, though.

When Angelina was a young child, her famous father Jon Voight abandoned his family. Their relationship hasn't been ideal since then. Later, she stopped using his name [Voight] in her sentences. 

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Tom Cruise

Due to his ties to the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise is not permitted to be close to Suri, the daughter he had with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Over a decade has passed since the two were last seen together.

Cruise is not allowed to date Suri because she is not a Scientologist. Because Isabella and Connor are both Scientologists, the Mission: Impossible actor nevertheless maintains a close relationship with his older kids from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

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Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise wed Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001, not long after his first marriage to Mimi Rogers came to an end. While dating Kidman, the couple adopted two kids and raised them in accordance with Scientology principles. Given how well-known both of their parents were, Isabella and Connor were destined for a comfortable existence. Keeping a celebrity family together is a difficult task, though. Everything broke down once Nicole Kidman divorced Tom and left the church in 2001. As a result of choosing to remain with their father, their kids stopped addressing Kidman as their mother. Whatever issues gave rise to their divorce, the family bonds were undoubtedly damaged.

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Bradd Pitt

Before they got into an argument in 2016 while flying to Los Angeles on a private plane, Brad Pitt and Maddox enjoyed a healthy relationship. After Maddox intervened to defend his mother, Pitt is alleged to have become physically aggressive. The relationship hadn't improved when Maddox eventually relocated to South Korea for college, although he did say he was open to a reconciliation. Although the specifics of their alleged encounter are unknown, Pitt and Maddox are thought to have run into each other in January while Maddox was in town for the holidays.

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Martin Sheen

Like his father before him, Charlie Sheen has established a successful acting career thanks to his part in the popular comedy series Two and a Half Men. But as a child, he had to fight addiction more than he did now. Martin Sheen never missed an opportunity to discipline the young Sheen for his erratic behavior, particularly when it came to substance misuse. This has made the gap between the two actors even more evident.

Martin Sheen (1).jpg?format=webp@Martin Sheen Tears Up Talking About Son Charlie's HIV Diagnosis/Entertainment Tonight/YouTube.com

Jackie Chan

Celebrities gain notoriety and praise for prior accomplishments. However, the untidy things that take place in the background frequently grab everyone's attention. For instance, who would have imagined that Jackie Chan, the kung-fu icon, would be included on this list?

His daughter Etta Ng was born out of wedlock as a result of Mr. Chan's liaison with former model Elaine Ng. He was then married to Joan Lin, his present wife. Etta's father, Jackie Chan, has never publicly acknowledged her as his kid.

Jackie Chan.jpg?format=webp@Jackie Chan's estranged daughter marries a girl/CurioSips/YouTube.com

Laurence Fishburne

The inclusion of Laurence Fishburne and his daughter on this list is yet another surprise. In the renowned Matrix Trilogy, Morpheus is referred to as, he is expected to be the ideal father, wise and full of life's experience. Montana Fishburne, his daughter, appears to be trying to harm her father's reputation, nevertheless.

She has been in adult movies, charged with assault and prostitution, and even started working as a stripper. Her acts have strained her connection with her well-known father, who has grown distant from her mischievous ways.

Laurence Fishburne (1).jpg?format=webp@This is Sadly What Happened to Montana Fishburne!! Real Bad News/TOP C TV/YouTube.com

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins, who appeared in the BBC rendition of King Lear, acknowledged in 2018 that he had neglected his daughter while the movie was being promoted. The actor abandoned Hopkins' daughter Abigail and her mother Petronella Barker when she was still an infant.

Hopkins appears to have accepted that his relationship with Abigail would never be ideal. He doesn't harbor any animosity, though, and even wishes his daughter the best.

Anthony Hopkins (1).jpg?format=webp@Why Anthony Hopkins has barely spoken to his daughter in 20 years - 247 News/Choe China Vlog/YouTube.com

Kelly Rutherford  

Son Hermes and daughter Helena of Kelly Rutherford have been residing in France with her ex-businessman husband Daniel Giersch since 2012. Rutherford has been working to get them sent back to New York ever since.

This came about after a judge in California decided that even though Giersch and Rutherford shared custody, the children should remain in Giersch's care. Giersch's visa was regrettably canceled, making it impossible for him to return to the United States and making it much more difficult for Rutherford to get the kids back.

Kelly Rutherford  .jpg?format=webp@dailymail/15 December 2015

Eric Roberts

Although Eric Roberts is Julia Roberts' older brother, you may know him from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine television series and the 1985 movie Runway Train. The fact that Emma Roberts is Eric's daughter may surprise some people.

Emma's mother, Kelly Cunningham, and Eric Roberts never got married, and Eric left when Emma was still a young child. The two hardly spoke before the Scream Queens actress challenged Hollywood. Eric said, "We're friends now."

Eric Roberts.jpg?format=webp@dailymail/ 17 July 2013

Tamra Judge 

Tamra and Simon Barney, her ex-husband, have a daughter named Sidney. Spencer, their son, and Sophia, their daughter, are their other two children. But Tamra and her daughter Sidney have frequently disagreed. The Real Housewives of Orange Country recently included Tamra Judge's candid account of her actual conflict with her daughter.

It's possible that this was the root of all their issues. According to reports, Sidney is not at all fond of public attention, which her mother is fine with. When Tamra shared a picture of the two of them together on Instagram, their brief reconciliation was wrecked.

Judge Tamra (1).jpg?format=webp@The Untold Truth Of Tamra Judge's Oldest Daughter/Nicki Swift/YouTube.com 

Drew Barrymore 

Acting and Hollywood are connected with the Barrymore name. In the industry, Drew has also established a reputation for herself and has won a few honors along the road, including the Golden Globe, a BAFTA nomination, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

However, due to her substance misuse and regular clubbing at the time, her childhood was far from perfect. At the age of 16, she was inspired to write the appropriately named Little Girl Lost. Drew Barrymore successfully applied for freedom from her parents at age 15 after receiving treatment at age 13 for addiction.

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 Steven Tyler 

Social butterfly Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is well-known for his part in the group. Starting a family with his way of life looked like a pipe dream, yet in 1977, Liv Tyler was born on the first day of July. Bebe Buell, a model, and Playmate had just one child. Sadly, until she was eight years old, she never met her father.

When the well-known rocker returned to drug usage, the actor who starred in Lord of the Rings and Armageddon had a strained connection with him. The two still have sporadic touch today.

Tyler Steven (1).jpg?format=webp@How Liv Tyler Discovered Her Real Father | The Jonathan Ross Show/The Jonathan Ross Show /YouTube.com 

Candy Spelling

American author, theatrical producer, TV celebrity, and philanthropist Candy Spelling is also. She was married to Aaron Spelling, a renowned media personality. They were married up until the producer passed away in 2006, leaving Candy Spelling the bulk of his inheritance. His wife and two children were originally supposed to split this $600 million wealth.

Candy's actions regarding the wealth sharing were likely motivated by the fact that she and Tori hadn't exactly been on the same page. She distributed less than a million dollars from Aaron's enormous wealth to each of her children. It's not difficult to see why these two are in dispute.

Candy Spelling (1).jpg?format=webp@Tori Spelling: No Sympathy From Mom Candy | TMZ Live/TMZ Audio Network/YouTube.com

50 Cent

The conflict between Mr. Jackson and his child is arguably the funniest on this list. It all came down to the son's lack of regard for his father.

The son of 50 Cent, Curtis James Jackson "50 Cent" Marquise, reportedly declined to hold open the door for his father. This tiny matter led 50 Cent to disown the youngster and request that he never speak to him again. Mention “rough love.”

50 Cent (1).jpg?format=webp@50 CENT REPLIES To Son’s Request For Sit Down: “He Just Wants Attention”/HipHopDX/YouTube.com

Woody Allen

Mia Farrow and her ex-partner, filmmaker Woody Allen, engaged in a protracted legal dispute. Despite never having a legal union, the two adopted Dylan and Ronan Farrow as children. Due to claims of sexual assault, these two are no longer close to their father, Woody Allen.

Her other adoptive children, Moses and daughter Soon-Yi Previn, are not doing as well, despite the fact that she gets assistance from the two younger ones. The two support their father in his defense against Dylan's sexual accusations.

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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin and Daisy Lowe's relationship had a difficult beginning because it appears he didn't discover Daisy's existence until 2003, right before he wed Gwen Stefani. Gavin's daughter Daisy was the product of his prior relationship with British personality Pearl Lowe, although he wasn't aware of this until she reached fourteen.

After a relationship ends, it must be challenging to understand just how much was kept from you. Given that the Lowes had chosen to exclude him from their affairs, Gavin vowed to stay away.

Gavin Rossdale.jpg?format=webp@Gavin Rossdale Has SUPPORT From His Famous Daughter../ Celeb Essentials/YouTube.com

Warren Buffet

Aside from power, Warren Buffet's enormous money also grants him a certain level of celebrity status. Like the other people on this list, Mr. Buffet's life is frequently the subject of media attention. When he revealed in 2006 that he would not be leaving his riches to any of his children but rather to charity, Warren Buffet startled the globe.

Nicole Buffet, his granddaughter, is not too happy with the choice, though. She took part in a Born Rich follow-up, a documentary about children born into wealthy families, in an effort to criticize her granddad for leaving her out of the will.

Warren Buffet (1).jpg?format=webp@Three Generations of Buffett: We're the Lucky Ones/Bloomberg Originals/YouTube.com

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman's divorce from his parents ended any potential family strife in his favor. Despite having a successful acting career since she was a young child, the Different Strokes star was left penniless. After paying his parents, advisors, and other partners, this took place.

Coleman then sued his parents for $1.3 million on the grounds that they had stolen his money. Coleman's victory in the battle against his family was significant.

Gary Coleman.jpg?format=webp@dailymail/5 June 2010

Nick Carter

Nick, who is most known for his part in the boy band Backstreet Boys, has always had a tense relationship with his parents. He claims that he began consuming alcohol at a young age and eventually developed an addiction to it. Doctors informed him that he had cardiomyopathy and that he needed to drastically alter his lifestyle or risk dying.

Because of Nick's prior drug usage, the family blamed him after his sister died from a heroin overdose, and everything quickly broke down.

Nick Carter (1).jpg?format=webp@‘Being a Mother of Popstars is Like Living in a Tornado’ Shares Jane Carter/The Doctors/YouTube.com

Selena Gomez

Unexpectedly, Selena Gomez's inclusion on this list stems in part from her prior union with Justin Bieber. Keep in mind that parents have a say in almost every part of our life; famous parents are scarcely excluded from the conversation when it comes to parenting issues. According to family members, Selena's mother, Mandy Teefey, was not happy to learn that her daughter and Justin were undergoing relationship counseling.

But that's not all; the two have also been at it on social media, as seen by their unfollowing of one another on Instagram. The decision Selena made to oust Mandy as her manager appears to be the cause of all of this tension.

Selena Gomez.jpg?format=webp@HappyGoUnlucky/Reddit.com

Justin Bieber

The celebrity in this case is Justin Bieber alone, technically. Even so, Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie Mallette have had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. Justin acknowledged that theirs was essentially nonexistent.

He continued by acknowledging his concern about the alleged humiliation he carried, which was primarily caused by his scandals in the media. Nevertheless, Pattie Mallette raved over her kid while on vacation in the Maldives, suggesting that the two had patched up their issues.

Justin Bieber (2) (1).jpg?format=webp@Justin Bieber's Family Ties and Paternity Scandal | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network/OWN/ YouTube.com

Macaulay Culkin

Christmas movie classic Actor Macaulay Culkin has received praise from critics, especially when he was younger. With Macaulay's antics, the Home Alone film series kept viewers hooked to their TVs throughout the holiday season.

Back at the Culkin home, things weren't always happy, either. In 1995, his parents got divorced and fought over who would get to raise their seven kids, especially because Macaulay was already breaking into the entertainment industry. Patricia Brentrup, Macaulay's mother, however, said that the father was a violent adulterer and an alcoholic. In the Daily Mail, Kit Macaulay eventually renounced Macaulay as his son.

Macaulay Culkin (1).jpg?format=webp@Tragic Details About The Culkin Family/Grunge/YouTube.com

Caitlyn Jenner

The Kardashian family has been at the heart of drama and scandal. Some people think it's what gave them the notoriety they have now. Former father of the Kardashian children Caitlyn is no longer in contact with the entire family. The first fight was with Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family.

Her girls and Caitlyn's estranged son Brody were affected by this fight. Caitlyn was questioned by Brody for being absent from his boyhood, but the older Jenner chose not to respond.

Caitlyn Jenner.jpg?format=webp@ashley968/Reddit.com

Sherri Shepherd

One of the strangest at the time was the alienation saga involving Sherri Shepard. Sherri wanted to give her ex-husband Lamar Sally custody of their unborn child after their divorce.

Sherri was technically not the child's biological mother because the two had intended for a surrogate to carry the child. She suggested that the child should thus live with Mr. Sally, the child's father. Her complaints, however, went unheard because the court refused to comply with her requests.

Shepherd Sheri (1).jpg?format=webp@Sherri Shepherd's Surrogate on Ruling: I'm Relieved this is Not My Child/Inside Edition/YouTube.com

Rowland Kelly

Kelly Rowland has always dazzled us with her stunning voice and successful songs from both her solo and Destiny's Child careers. Behind the triumph, though, there were problems at home. Her mother abandoned Christopher Lovett throughout her youth owing to his drunkenness and violent behavior brought on by PTSD from his time in Vietnam.

When she was eight years old, she went to Houston, where she started her music career. 

Rowland Kelly (1).jpg?format=webp@Kelly Rowland And Her Dad Open Up About Reconnecting After 30 Years/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna/ YouTube.com

Tracy Morgan 

We've been giggling for a while now thanks to Tracy Morgan, who is hilarious. Among other things, the actor, comedian, and voice actor has appeared on 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live. Prior to his father leaving the family, Tracy's upbringing was typical.

Veteran of the Vietnam War and musician Jimmy Morgan battled addiction. He finally left the family as a result of this. Tracy is not afraid to accept that he has grown apart from many members of his family, especially his mother.

Tracy Morgan  (1).jpg?format=webp@Comedian Tracy Morgan Worth $18 Million. Won't Give His Mom 25K To Save Home/ChasinDatPaperMedia/ YouTube.com

Lindsay Lohan

Michael is not a well-established celebrity, but he became one as a result of Lindsay Lohan's acting career. Michael first gained notoriety thanks to The Parent Trap, after which he dominated tabloids with numerous scandals. His downfall was fueled by his drug addiction.

He has often made Lindsay feel bad, attempting to cash in on her notoriety and even showing up at her door with the police. Given that Michael is far from the perfect father, it is understandable that no one wants to interact with him.

Lindsay Lohan.jpg?format=webp@grizzburger/Reddit.com


The most well-known celebrity with family problems is arguably Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem. The majority of the lyrics in Eminem's popular songs portray his mother as being careless. Even yet, Eminem acknowledged being the only caregiver for his brother Nate.

Debbie Mathers-Briggs, however, retaliated by filing a lawsuit, alleging that her son had defamed her in numerous media venues. Speaking of an opportunistic mom, Debbie claims that the words of Eminem's popular song "My name is" were made up and sought $10 million in payment.

Eminem (1).jpg?format=webp@EMINEM’s Mother Shares Tribute To Son After Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/HipHopDX/YouTube.com


Another unexpected name on this list is Adele. Some of the most beautiful songs to date were written by the wonderful English singer-songwriter. Her Welsh father and English mother gave birth to her. When Adele was just two years old, her father, Marc Evans, eventually abandoned her and her mother, Penny Adkins.

Adele was never able to forgive Marc as a result. Adele stated during her acceptance speech for her Grammy that she no longer loved her father.

Adele (1).jpg?format=webp@Why Adele Doesn't Want To See Her Father/All-in-one/YouTube.com 


Few singers in the music industry can compare to Beyoncé in terms of talent, knowledge, and pure work ethic. But her obstinate father, Mathew Knowles, was also a contributing factor in her achievement. As he oversaw Beyoncé's music career, their relationship suffered over the years as tabloids covered their narrative. Professionally, the two fell out in 2011, but later, allegations surfaced that Mr. Knowles had stolen money from Beyoncé. After a 31-year marriage, he divorced Beyoncé's mother.

Beyoncé (1).jpg?format=webp@How Beyoncé Healed After Letting Her Father Go as Her Manager | Oprah's Next Chapter | OWN/OWN/ YouTube.com

Courtney Love

Courtney Love, the spouse of Kurt Cobain, has been open about her battle with drug addiction and even acknowledged how it impacted her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. She struggled miserably to raise their baby on her own after Kurt passed away in 1994.

She publicly admitted to using while carrying Frances, and her addiction interfered with parenting. She lost custody of her daughter as a result, and relations between the two have not improved since. 

Courtney Love.jpg?format=webp@now_im_toast/Reddit.com

Christina Aguilera

Singer, actress, songwriter, and TV personality Christina Aguilera has achieved international fame. The artist, who was born in New York, regularly changed residences due to her father's military profession.

Aguilera notes that her father's violent and abusive behavior against the family ultimately caused her parents to be divorced when she was just six years old. Then, in an effort to escape the turmoil in her life, she turned to her music profession.

Aguilera Christina.jpg?format=webp@Christina Aguilera - Short Biography (Life Story)/ Short Biographies/YouTube.com

Michael Jackson

An additional famous name on this list is Michael Jackson. He is one of the most well-known individuals on the planet and is another musician whose parents actively managed his musical career. Joe Jackson, his father, did have a big influence on his achievement. On the other hand, he was also a notoriously violent father.

The failing blues artist terrorized his family, and one may be tempted to blame him for all of Michael's subsequent scandals. Joe Jackson was okay with any form of abuse, whether it was physical or psychological, as long as it met his goals.

Jackson Michael.jpg?format=webp@lightblue_sky/Reddit.com

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato and her father Patrick Lovato have been at odds since 2007. Through the years, the two attempted to work out their differences, but it appears that Mr. Lovato wasn't the best father. He was the reason for her estrangement from him, and as Demi suggested, he was the only one who ever trusted him.

And this ultimately led to his demise. Mr. Lovato passed away from cancer in 2013. A few of Demi Lovato's songs make reference to the tense bond between father and daughter. She released Father on her 2015 album Confident and For the Love of a Daughter on her Unbroken album from 2011.

Demi Lovato (1).jpg?format=webp@Demi Lovato On Healing After Her Father’s Death: ‘I Didn’t Get That Closure Until He Passed Away’/Dr. Phil/ YouTube.com

Kendra Wilkison

American TV personality and glamor model Kendra Wilkison has witnessed her fair share of family conflicts. When she was just eight years old, her parents' marriage experienced a serious breakdown. Her father stopped being a part of her life after the divorce.

In 2004, her grandma passed away as well, reducing Kendra's family by one. She and her mother reconciled in 2014, but the relationship was doomed to failure, and the two remain estranged.

Kendra Wilkison (1).jpg?format=webp@Kendra Wilkinson & Mother Patti Wilkinson Bio | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition/WE tv/ YouTube.com

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa, who was born to a Filipino mother and an American serviceman, and her family pretty much moved houses every year. In nine years, she attended eight different schools.

In the end, her parents ended their relationship in 1983 and divorced three years later. Vanessa spent time with each parent and their new spouse after they both got remarried. She, however, moved away from her mother to live with her father in the US, and the two are said to have a strained relationship as a result of her failure to invite her to her marriage to Nick Lachey.

Vanessa Minnillo (1).jpg?format=webp@Vanessa & Gina Hudgens: I Got it from my Mom/VAHNews/ YouTube.com

Meg Ryan

It is impossible to imagine someone getting into a fight with Hollywood's darling and America's sweetheart Meg Ryan. Meg and her mother Susan, however, are hardly a loving mother-daughter team. In the 1970s, Meg began her acting career. She married a Hollywood star and had a successful career.

Depositphotos_613969818_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

Meg didn't invite her mother to the nuptials. She shut herself out of her life as a result of her public criticism of Quaid. Whether there has been a reconciliation is still debatable.

Meg Ryan  (1).jpg?format=webp@Susan Ryan Jordan/WorldHealers/YouTube.com

The Hudsons

Actress Kate Hudson and her father, Bill Hudson, had been estranged for many years, and as a result, her father disowned her. In a 2015 interview with Daily Mail, Bill revealed that he had five additional children, but that he disowned two of them. Oliver, Kate's brother, likewise experienced the same outcome as his sister.

Oliver Hudson's retaliation, however, was well worth it after he shared a picture of Bill, Kate, and themselves on Instagram. On Father's Day, the caption said, “Happy Abandonment Day.”

The Hudsons.jpg?format=webp@ec20/Reddit.com

Jennifer Aniston

The stunning Friends actress doesn't look like the kind of person who would have problems with their family. Her relationship with her mother Nancy Aniston was never easy, though. Nancy, an actress herself, wrote a memoir titled From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir about her friendship with Jennifer.

Before Jennifer's divorce from Brad Pitt, the two had been estranged for nine years because of this book. They were able to work things out in the end, and the younger Aniston even expressed optimism for the future. In May 2016, Nancy passed away.

Aniston (1).jpg?format=webp@The Tragic Tale of Jennifer Aniston's Parents/Facts Verse/YouTube.com

Rosie O'Donnell

In recent years, Rosie O'Donnell and Chelsea, her adopted daughter, have not gotten along. The two's relationship has occasionally been marred by conflict. The two had been at odds over substance misuse, with Chelsea bearing the majority of the blame.

The 17-year-old went missing in 2015, and when Rosie filed a report, Chelsea was discovered at a house belonging to an alleged drug dealer. Following their reconciliation, their animosity returned in 2017, as Chelsea married Nicki Alliegro, a 31-year-old.

Rosie O'Donnell.jpg?format=webp@Rosie O'Donnell Addresses Strained Relationship With Chelsea: 'I Have a Daughter Who's In a Crisi…/ Entertainment Tonight/YouTube.com

Ryan O'Neal

One of the worst examples of family conflict in this piece is the relationship between the O'Neals. Their relationship was further tarnished by the pair's history of physical and drug addiction. Tatum maintains that up until the time she became pregnant, she had violent encounters with her father. Tatum O'Neal, the daughter, was the youngest person in Hollywood history to win an Oscar, so it stands to reason that she should be leading among the happiest and safest lives possible. The family structure is a little different, though, and up until now, the two have tried in vain to mend their connection.

Ryan O'Neal.jpg?format=webp@m00njaguar/Reddit.com

Katie Cassidy

Kate Cassidy, the daughter of actor David Cassidy, is well-known for her portrayal as the Black Canary in the TV series Arrow. There wasn't much of a father-daughter relationship between David and Katie's mother, actress Sherry Williams, either.

Mother and Richard Benedon, the young actress's stepfather, then raised her. It was discovered after his passing that Katie Cassidy was left out of her biological father's will. This demonstrates how much Mr. Cassidy esteemed Katie.

Katie Cassidy  (1).jpg?format=webp@David Cassidy Daughter Katie Reveals A HEARTBREAKING Confession About Her Father!!/Nene Star News/ YouTube.com

Ariana Grande

The bond between Ariana and her father is not well recognized. Ariana, however, sings warmly about her mother in her song Thank U Next but not about her father. It suggests that there is a chasm between them. Although the famous singer has only sometimes discussed their relationship, she did say that it all began in 2013. Dad and Ariana are currently estranged.

Ariana Grande  (1).jpg?format=webp@Ariana Grande's COMPLICATED Relationship With Her Dad Explained/Clevver News/YouTube.com

Ariel Winter

The acting prowess of the Winter family has mostly been credited for the critical accolades that Ariel Winter's Modern Family has garnered. Do not, however, allow their prosperity to lead you to believe that these men have it all. One person who dealt with many adult concerns from an early age was Ariel.

She was ejected at age 13 from her mother Chrisoula Workman's house due to allegations of physical abuse. She then decided to ask Chrisoula for emancipation as a result, and in May 2015, her request was fulfilled. She afterward used social media to mark this new turning point in her life.

Ariel Winter (1).jpg?format=webp@Ariel Winter's Mom Wishes Her Daughter Had Class: 'Feel Sorry For Her'/Inside Edition/YouTube.com

Mackenzie Philips

The connection between Mackenzie Philips and her father is arguably the most heartbreaking on this list. It has been marred by incidents of her father's sexual, psychological, and physical abuse. She confronted him after the sexual assault, and he explained it away as "lovemaking" that was done with consent.

For whatever reason, Mackenzie chose to go on tour with her dad's band, which encouraged her to overindulge in drugs and engage in father-daughter incest. She had forgiven her father on his deathbed, but now she was turning to drugs. Despite coming from a famous family, Philips' life has not been particularly spectacular.

Mackenzie Philips.jpg?format=webp@Mackenzie Phillips’ Incestuous Relationship Is Just Heartbreaking/Facts Verse/YouTube.com

Leighton Meester

Whatever perspective you take, Leighton's life got off to a bad start. Constance Meester, her mother, was imprisoned at the time of her birth on drug-related charges. Following her release, they both had to eke out a living. Leighton's work as an actor and model helped provide some food.

Depositphotos_242146392_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

Her mother, who was meant to be supportive and responsible, was hardly ever either. She used funds intended for Leighton's brother for personal expenses, and Leighton won a lawsuit against her in 2012 by arguing that she only wanted Constance out of her life.

Leighton Meester  (1).jpg?format=webp@Constance Meester Sept17, 2015/Lion's Share News/YouTube.com