This Is What Happens To The Groom When All The Money Is Spent On The Bride's Dress

08 Apr 2024

A wedding is a big day when two people celebrate their festival of love. Often, lovers spend a long time preparing for this day: choosing clothes, decorations, and menu. But it seems that the heroes of our story failed to agree at least regarding attire. The brides chose beautiful wedding dresses, while their future husbands didn't bother, and at best they wore a shirt at their wedding. As a result - see below.

Chilling Groom

Did you spot the groom in the picture? It's hard to believe, but the guy in shorts and a T-shirt with guitars is him. He decided not to worry about his appearance at his wedding, as love is the most important thing. Perhaps this is exactly what this man thought when choosing his attire for one of the most important events in life. 

1. Chilling Groom.jpg?format=webp@NO WAY Groom’s very casual wedding outfit leaves people stunned as they say it’s so bad the bride should have done a runner/

And of course, it's hard not to agree that love is crucial, but a nice suit wouldn't hurt. It's interesting how the bride reacted and how much of a surprise it was for her. Of course, they could have agreed in advance to stand out from the crowd, but there are many other ways to be different from everyone else while looking elegant and relaxed. 

It Was Just Mentioned to Him that the Wedding Would Be on the Beach

The bride told her beloved that their wedding would take place on the beach, so he decided that shorts and a short-sleeved shirt would be perfect for this location and festive atmosphere. But it seems he missed the words "wedding" and "groom." Maybe he thought it would just be a beach party, and he was just a guest.

2. It was just mentioned to him that the wedding would be on the beach.jpg?format=webp@cametobemean/

The groom was ready for a casual beach bonfire but not a wedding ceremony. Little did he know, as he approached the scene, he was about to become the unexpected star of the show – the groom in beach chic, ready to tie the knot with his bride, who was waiting in her elegant beach wedding gown, wondering if she'd need to give him a subtle wardrobe intervention before saying "I do."

The Princess and the Guy from the Neighborhood

The bride-to-be probably spent a lot of time preparing for her big day: she had flawless hair and makeup, an elegant dress, and tastefully chosen accessories. Next to her was the groom-to-be, who perhaps loved her, but still wasn't willing to change his everyday attire for the occasion. Gray jeans and a black T-shirt with the word "Angels" - that was his choice for his own wedding.

3. The Princess and the Guy from the Neighborhood.jpg?format=webp@Slob groom ripped for wearing T-shirt and faded jeans to his wedding/

During the ceremony, he looked like a prince from the neighborhood who had wandered and found himself at a royal wedding. Perhaps, more than once, as the girl glanced at her chosen one, she couldn't help but smile, imagining how passersby would perceive him on the streets when they walked out of the church after the wedding.

The Groom Who Envisioned Himself as a Man in Black

As the bride envisions herself in elegant lace and flowing veils, her groom stands beside her in his trusty black ensemble, looking more like he's headed to a rock concert than a romantic ceremony. Perhaps he's secretly auditioning for a role in The Matrix or simply trying to channel his inner Johnny Cash.

4. The groom who envisioned himself as a man in black.jpg?format=webp@ikilledthepromkween/

While the bride's heart flutters with excitement, the groom's fashion statement leaves everyone wondering if he's planning to exchange vows or join a secret agent mission. But hey, at least they'll have some unforgettable wedding photos to look back on – a timeless blend of elegance and eccentricity, with the man in black stealing the show in more ways than one!

Something is Wrong with the Attire

When you look at the top of the groom's outfit, everything seems fine - the shirt looks festive. But when you lower your eyes, you see short pants that someone seemingly cut and accidentally turned into shorts before the wedding. This creates the impression that he is ready for the wedding, but dressed as if he decided to go on a beach vacation after the ceremony.

5. Something is wrong with the attire.jpg?format=webp@Downtown_Run_8055/

Well, such attire certainly raises eyebrows. Perhaps it's not what most people expected to see at the wedding. Maybe the groom decided to make an original step in the world of wedding fashion, or perhaps he simply didn't realize that short pants might look somewhat inappropriate for such a solemn occasion.

It could have been a cowboy-themed wedding

It could have been a cowboy wedding, or at least that's the impression the groom seemed to have. He wanted to be fashionable and stand out from the crowd, but he thought a formal suit wouldn't do him justice. So, he opted for a hat, cowboy boots, and cutoff denim shorts. Meanwhile, the bride wore an exquisite white dress.

6. It could have been a cowboy-themed wedding.jpg?format=webp@WEDDED MISS Groom blasted for ‘awful’ casual wedding attire as he poses next to his mega glam new wife/

As the groom strutted down the aisle, he looked like he was ready to wrangle some cattle rather than exchange vows. But hey, who needs tradition when you can have a Wild West-themed wedding, complete with a cowboy bride and her ruggedly handsome groom in denim? Yee-haw, indeed!

The bride chose herself a thrifty husband

In any unfamiliar situation, stay true to yourself. It seems this was just the case for this groom. He opted for plain worn-out jeans and a dark-colored t-shirt for his wedding. Why bother with unnecessary fuss and, especially, spend money on a suit you'll never wear again?!

7. The bride chose herself a thrifty husband.jpg?format=webp@OverzealousNapper/

This groom looked like the hero of ordinary days, who probably didn't even realize he was now part of a great wedding story. While his choice may seem economical, it was probably the cause of many smiles from friends and relatives that day. Another reason not to forget this wedding.

The groom's friends supported his idea

This time, the casual dress code wasn't just for the groom, but also for his groomsmen. They all sported beige shorts, and the only thing that distinguished them from the groom was the color of his t-shirt. He wore white because somehow, he still had to stand out among the guests, or rather, among the ordinary passersby.

8. The groom's friends supported his idea.jpg?format=webp@TechLover89/

It seems like they had a group chat titled "Casual Wedding Crew" where they all agreed to keep it low-key. But little did they know, they'd end up making a fashion statement that would be talked about for years to come. Who needs traditional formalwear when you can have a coordinated ensemble of khaki shorts and varying shades of t-shirts? It's a wedding party that's both laid-back and unforgettable!

Why bother searching for a suit when you have comfortable clothes?

Once again, the groom's choice was a short-sleeved shirt and cargo-style shorts. And indeed, why suffer from the heat in a tight suit when the sun is scorching? When it's much more comfortable in everyday clothes that are so familiar and cozy. In addition, the man wore flip-flops instead of uncomfortable shoes.

9. Why bother searching for a suit when you have comfortable clothes.jpg?format=webp@wh3r3ar3th3avacados/

It seems like the couple had a mutual agreement on comfort over conventionality. After all, why sacrifice ease for elegance when you can have both? Who needs fancy attire when you can celebrate your special day feeling relaxed and at ease? It's a wedding philosophy that's as practical as it is refreshing!

Was the groom dressed at gunpoint?

A cap, a striped shirt with jeans, and a pair of worn-out shoes. And how else would the groom dress when there's a man with a gun behind him?! Maybe the groom hurriedly dressed for his own wedding, because the bride's father stood outside his house with a rifle, leaving no time to run to the store for a suit? 

10. Was the groom dressed at gunpoint.jpg?format=webp@lupalee/

Even if that weren't the case, both the photo atmosphere and the wedding attire here raise plenty of questions. But let's give him the benefit of the doubt; maybe he's just a firm believer in casual elegance. Who needs fancy suits and polished shoes when you can make a fashion statement with a simple cap and well-worn denim?

"The best outfit is contrasting," thought the groom

The bride wore a delicate white dress to look like a princess from her dreams. She probably dreamed of having a fairytale prince by her side, but this time the prince chose not to dress formally. He preferred a T-shirt and trousers in the opposite color - black. 

11. @quinnaves/

But perhaps, despite the contrast in their appearance, there is still an effortless harmony in the couple. Next to the bride is her atypical prince, who loves his bride, and that's enough. Love in contrast creates its own special atmosphere.

If you don't know what to wear, choose jeans

Fashion is an unpredictable thing, especially when it comes to wedding attire. But what about the strange trend among some grooms to choose denim for their big day? For many, denim is just simple, everyday clothing, but for this groom, it was a way to express himself.

12. If you don't know what to wear, choose jeans.jpg?format=webp@bemovi/

He decided to refuse traditional wedding attire. And while some may be surprised or even saddened by it, this man felt most comfortable in his favorite jeans. Perhaps he wanted to make the wedding less formal and remind everyone that inner harmony is more important on this day.

Designing his own style

This groom deserves a special place on our list. His attire for his own wedding is incredibly unconventional. He managed to combine ripped jeans with a sleeveless plaid shirt and a black vest on top. The man stands out significantly among other grooms who aimed to impress their guests with their outfits.

13. Designing his own style.jpg?format=webp@The Lone Girl in a Crowd/

His bold choice of attire speaks volumes about his personality and confidence. While many grooms opt for traditional suits or tuxedos, he dared to break the mold and showcase his unique style on the most important day of his life. This combination creates a striking ensemble that reflects his individuality and non-conformity.

Wedding attire - banality, the main thing is to be comfortable

This groom, perhaps, simply happened to be nearby and decided to join the bride for a dance. How else can we explain his outfit for such an important occasion? He arrived at the wedding wearing shorts and a sweater. Suitable for a casual stroll, but not for such a significant event.

14. Wedding attire - banality, the main thing is to be comfortable.jpg?format=webp@People Are Sharing Pics From The Most Tasteless Weddings They’ve Been To Or Seen Online (New Pics)/

His attire suggests a casual approach to the wedding as if he didn't quite grasp the magnitude of the occasion. While everyone else is dressed to the nines, he seems to have opted for comfort over formality. His nonchalant demeanor and carefree style may raise eyebrows among the guests, but to him, it's just another day.

He promised to create a matching outfit

The bride meticulously planned her look to the smallest detail - a sky-blue manicure, a bouquet, and a wreath adorned with blue and white flowers, as well as a wedding dress scattered with sparkles. However, her groom decided not to pay attention to such details. For him, a white t-shirt and jeans were enough to harmoniously accompany his beloved.

15. He promised to create a matching outfit.jpg?format=webp@thatsitimweddingshaming/

But this outfit can still be looked at from another perspective. Despite the groom's unconventional approach, his attire impresses with its simplicity and authenticity. The man preferred comfort and ease. This reflects his individuality and uniqueness because it's not just about looking attractive at the celebration, but also feeling comfortable and confident.

The less clothing, the more memorable the celebration

This couple decided to play their wedding insanely right on the beach with champagne. The outfit of the groom attracts the most attention because it exceeds all expectations and raises many questions. The man wore a short shirt, baring his stomach, and short ripped jeans with a colorful hat. He completely forgot about shoes.

16. The less clothing, the more memorable the celebration.jpg?format=webp@Bride shamed for 'white trash' wedding: 'Words"/

By opting for minimal clothing and embracing the casual beach vibe, he created a wedding experience that is truly unique and memorable. After all, weddings are about celebrating love in whatever way feels most authentic to the couple, and for them, that meant stripping away unnecessary formalities and embracing freedom.

Write that it's a wedding suit, but no one will notice

Want to stand out from the crowd? Create your wedding suit yourself. But when you lack sewing talent, take the simple and accessible route, like this man. He simply took a white t-shirt and wrote on it that it was indeed his wedding suit, which he complemented with short black shorts and socks.

17. Write that it's a wedding suit, but no one will notice.jpg?format=webp@SCOOPGroom Proceeds with Wedding in T-Shirt and Shorts after Airline Loses his Luggage/

While unconventional, this approach to wedding attire certainly makes a statement. It's a bold declaration of individuality and a rejection of traditional norms. Instead of conforming to societal expectations, this groom embraced creativity and humor, turning what could have been a mundane outfit into something memorable and uniquely his own.

It could have been a splendid white ensemble

This wedding ensemble could have been elegant and romantic: the bride in a fitted white dress with a red bouquet of poppies, and the groom in a white jacket and shirt with a red bow tie. But there's one "but" - the man opted for Bermuda shorts instead of trousers, which would have perfectly matched this ensemble.

18. It could have been a splendid white ensemble.jpg?format=webp@Canoe Bay Beach Resort, Tobago/

This decision may seem a bit strange, but perhaps it's this detail that makes this wedding look special. It adds uniqueness and unexpectedness and also shows that this couple isn't afraid to break the traditional norms. Instead of simply following established rules, they create their own, even if it means taking risks.

Both the guests and the newlyweds are on the same wavelength

Only a very attentive person can figure out from this photo where the groom is. After all, all the men without exception are dressed alike - in beige shorts with suspenders and white shirts with bow ties. Only one thing distinguishes the bridegroom - the color of his bow tie, which is a shade lighter than the others.

19. Both the guests and the newlyweds are on the same wavelength.jpg?format=webp@Grooms in Shorts Ideas and Inspiration/

This approach is undoubtedly original. This approach is undoubtedly original. However, while the look appears festive, it's not very wedding-like. It's interesting to see how many followers it will gather and for which couples it will become an example, as only the bold will replicate such outfits.

When He Wasn't Ready to Be a Groom

The couple's daughter posted this photo. The girl revealed that her mother secretly decided to have their wedding on a different day than planned with her father. However, she didn't forget to invite her future husband; she just didn't specify to him where he was going. So, he dressed in his regular clothes and showed up at his own wedding.

20. When He Wasn't Ready to Be a Groom.jpg?format=webp@postmastern/

There was nowhere to run, so he got married just as he was. Why the bride didn't warn him is unknown. Perhaps she was afraid he would run away or change his mind, but such chances always exist. A wedding is not only joy but often stress as well.

Wedding or Rock Concert?

This bride looks like a true star - refined and elegant. But her beloved seems to have come more for a rock concert than for his own wedding. He chose a rather unusual outfit for such an important event: a white tank top with a transparent shirt on top and ripped jeans.

21. Wedding or Rock Concert.jpg?format=webp@Nfasis/

It looks quite fashionable and contemporary, but it's hardly suitable for a wedding ceremony. Of course, everyone chooses their attire for personal celebrations themselves, but it may not always be appropriate, and over time, one may not agree with such a choice.

When the Groom is a Cowboy

Each of us has our unrealized dreams, some of which stretch back to childhood. Perhaps this man dreamed of being a cowboy at one of the New Year's parties, but he never got the chance to play that role. So, he decided to fulfill this desire when he became a groom. Such impressions arise when you look at his outfit.

22. When the Groom is a Cowboy.jpg?format=webp@WHY NOT WEAR DENIM JEANS?|CASUAL WEDDING IDEAS/

His attire exudes a rugged charm, reminiscent of the Wild West. The bride, standing beside him in her elegant gown, adds a touch of refinement to the scene, creating a striking contrast that captures the essence of their love story - a fusion of adventure and grace, tradition and spontaneity.

They sparked a casual boom

Matching outfits for the bride's bridesmaids - classic. Here, an identical look for the groom's friends in brown tones adds an interesting twist. However, the couple didn't stop there. The groom glanced at his friends and decided not to fall behind, dressing in jeans and a shirt, albeit in white.

23. They sparked a casual boom.jpg?format=webp@Groom/GM in jeans? Anyone have pics?/

Perhaps this was the groom's way of hinting to the bride that even after the wedding, his friends will continue to hold a special place in his life. The idea is certainly intriguing, but the groom could have also opted for a classic suit in similar shades to join them more traditionally.

Love Isn't About Fancy Attire

A shirt instead of a T-shirt is already a more festive choice for the groom. This could have been a good look, but suddenly the guy changed his mind, or maybe the seam on his pants came apart, and he settled for jeans instead. But what difference does it make what he gets married in? After all, the girl fell in love with him when he was in ordinary clothes.

24. Love Isn't About Fancy Attire.jpg?format=webp@10 Great Alternative Groom Attire Ideas/

Indeed, love transcends attire. Whether in jeans or a suit, what truly matters is the connection shared between the couple. The bride's eyes light up not because of the groom's outfit, but because of the love and commitment reflected in his gaze. Similarly, the groom's heart beats faster not because of the fabric on his body, but because of the promise of a lifetime of happiness with his beloved.

It's reminiscent of a wedding

The previous groom opted for a halfway festive look by wearing a white shirt. When even that seemed too much effort, he settled for something from his existing wardrobe - a checkered shirt in an oversized style and baggy jeans that he had been wearing for days. But for a ceremony taking place somewhere in the woods, one could argue that there was no need to dress up too much anyway.

25. It's reminiscent of a wedding.jpg?format=webp@'His jeans have grass stains!' Grubby groom is slammed online for showing up to his wedding in a baggy flannel and dirty denim - while his bride was decked out in a fancy gown/

I wish that men approached wedding preparation as slowly as their brides do. After all, often girls pour their hearts into this day and dream for it to pass beautifully, leaving only pleasant memories. But when the groom neglects this, it can sadden his beloved.

A couple where each values their own individuality

A wonderful couple in the photo, but each decided to preserve their own style and perspective on celebrating their day. Most likely, none of them interfered in each other's wedding attire selection. Therefore, we see the fairytale bride in a snow-white gown and the groom in casual attire.

26. A couple where each values their own individuality.jpg?format=webp@'Nigerian groom rocks Dashiki and jean to his wedding, says his outfit does not define how their marriage would be/

The man chose a tunic with a picture of a wedding couple dancing together and blue jeans. He also picked out accessories - bracelets and sunglasses. In the modern world, everything changes quickly, and people increasingly express their individuality, just like this man. Hopefully, his bride doesn't mind such experimentation.

Who is this mysterious prince - the driver or the groom?

From a biker wedding, one can expect a lot. So, it's not surprising to see a biker at his own wedding in a suit rather than a leather jacket. Therefore, we are convinced that in the photo, the bride is with her groom, not a hired driver for the photo shoot. Although, maybe it's just a passing biker?

27. Who is this mysterious prince - the driver or the groom.jpg?format=webp@70 Denim And Leather Jackets For Grooms/

These are the kinds of theories that arise when grooms dress unconventionally for their wedding. But who can forbid them from getting married in what they want? The main thing is the enchanting smile of the bride and her radiant eyes next to her beloved.

In any unclear situation, just be yourself

Sneakers, a shirt, shorts... At first glance, he looks like an ex-boyfriend caught by the cameras saying goodbye to his former flame before her wedding. In that case, it wouldn't be surprising for him to be dressed like this. However, no - he's the groom who decided that wearing a suit is just too conventional. It's enough for him that the bride looks beautiful.

28. In any unclear situation, just be yourself.jpg?format=webp@rjab98/

His choice of attire may raise a few eyebrows, but it speaks volumes about his confidence and individuality. Instead of conforming to traditional expectations, he boldly expresses himself through his clothing, showing that he's unafraid to march to the beat of his drum. And perhaps, in the end, it's this self-assuredness that truly makes him stand out on his wedding day.

They break the rules

Denim jackets are an enduring trend. They're stylish, fashionable, and comfortable. But is it worth choosing them for a wedding? We wear everyday clothes day in and day out because there's rarely an occasion to dress up. So, wouldn't it be worth wearing something fancy at least for your wedding? It doesn't necessarily have to be a classic suit, but just something unusual.

29. They break the rules.jpg?format=webp@70 Denim And Leather Jackets For Grooms/

However, some men still ignore this rule and opt for quite ordinary attire for their wedding. Of course, their views also have the right to exist, but sometimes it's good to deviate from your own rules. And simply calmly go with the flow, enjoying the process.

The T-shirt created a special wedding atmosphere

This bride seems to simply enjoy the choice of her beloved, who opted to wear a T-shirt with a funny inscription and jeans for the wedding. He is glad that she appreciated his sense of humor and interesting approach to wedding preparation. So, when the beloved approves of the outfit and does not condemn it, the opinions of others no longer matter.

30. The T-shirt that created a special wedding atmosphere.jpg?format=webp@Vyrob si vlastní tričko s fotkou/

Their happiness lies in embracing each other's uniqueness and celebrating their love in a way that feels authentic to them. Despite the unconventional attire, their bond shines through, proving that love knows no boundaries, even in the realm of fashion.

The main thing is to maintain your own style

In the realm of wedding fashion, tradition often takes center stage, dictating attire choices for brides and grooms alike. However, amidst the sea of tuxedos and ball gowns, there exists a subset of individuals who challenge the status quo with their unconventional style.

31. The main thing is to maintain your own style.jpg?format=webp@70 Denim And Leather Jackets For Grooms/

Meet this groom who approached his wedding day attire with a flair for the unexpected. Ditching the customary suit and tie, this guy opted for a more casual ensemble - black trousers, a crisp white shirt, and a denim jacket. His choice sparked curiosity, but for the groom, it was a reflection of his personal style and laid-back attitude.

Untidy Groom who shocked the bride

This guy outdid all the grooms. His beloved, judging from the photo on the left, looks simply shocked by the appearance of her chosen one. And no wonder - he showed up in an old, stained, and torn T-shirt. Hopefully, it was just a prank, and somewhere he has a suit hidden away. 

32. Untidy Groom who shocked the bride.jpg?format=webp@lavender_dreams95/

Because it's completely overboard and foolish to come to your own wedding looking so untidy. It shows disrespect not only to the bride, but also to the guests, and oneself. Love is important, but respect also plays a significant role in relationships. And one shouldn't spoil the celebration with their untidy appearance.

The groom chose his bandana because it is a personal touch

If you're choosing an outfit for a wedding, it should resonate with you and leave a lasting impression. This groom followed exactly that principle. The familiar image in this article is a white t-shirt and jeans but with a twist. The guy decided to wear his white bandana, because what's a look without it.

33. The groom chose his bandana because it is a personal touch.jpg?format=webp@Wildwest21/

Having adorned this accessory, he added his own personal touch. By choosing to wear the white bandana, he elevated the ensemble to something unique. After all, what's a complete look without this signature accessory? And it seems his chosen one is absolutely fine with it, as long as her beloved is by her side.

It's all about the hat

In a world where wedding fashion adheres to certain conventions, it always intrigues when someone deviates from the norm. In particular, this groom wore a jumpsuit bare-chested to his wedding, and on his head - a straw hat. Standing next to the bride, he looks somewhat strange, and his image is definitely not festive.

34. It's all about the hat.jpg?format=webp@mdnnnsph/ 

His jumpsuit exudes a casual yet confident vibe, defying the traditional notion of what a groom should wear on his wedding day. And that straw hat? Well, it's the touch, injecting a touch of whimsy into an otherwise formal affair. Well, this groom had a very unusual look for his wedding, and judging by everything, both he and his beloved were thrilled with this image.

This wedding is definitely going to have a rap vibe

Modern weddings often have their own unique take on dressing and celebration. In this regard, grooms mostly opt for classic suits, while men modernize their look. As an example, the groom in the photo is dressed in a sporty outfit - a black and white t-shirt and a cap.

35. This wedding is definitely going to have a rap vibe.jpg?format=webp@Fox Racing Wedding/

His friends in the background supported this idea and dressed similarly. Of course, such wedding attire is not to everyone's taste, but it seems this guy is thrilled with his choice and can afford it. Finally, he completed his outfit with black sunglasses to look even cooler and feel free from traditional views.

A couple of challenging traditions

A beach wedding is a highly romantic idea. For this occasion, the bride opted for a non-traditional gray dress that suited her perfectly. Meanwhile, the groom dressed somewhat unconventionally: a black suit with white circles on the shoulders, depicting symbols known only to him. For footwear, he chose sneakers.

36. A couple of challenging traditions.jpg?format=webp@damn_the_knight_king/

His look - practical, albeit not wedding-like. But that's not all. For the warm season, the groom is dressed very warmly. Most likely, later he regretted his choice of closed and dark clothing more than once. How can you distinguish yourself from the masses? It's important to make your wedding - the celebration of your dreams.

A vibrant bride who outshone her groom

In this photo, attention is immediately drawn to two couples. The incredibly bright and unconventional multicolored dress worn by the girl clearly steals all the attention. Meanwhile, the groom's casual choice - regular jeans with suspenders and a white t-shirt. At first glance, stylish but mundane.

37. A vibrant bride who outshone her groom.jpg?format=webp@waichingstudio/

Next to such an unusual attire of the bride, one would hope to see an equally interesting groom's outfit, perhaps not in bright colors, but still captivating. However, it didn't turn out that way. The expectations of outsiders or guests don't always align with the couple's vision for their own wedding.

The groom has his own vibe

When you look at this photo, it seems like the bride posed with one of the guests, at best. The fact that he's wearing jeans and a shirt is one thing. But the color of the shirt clashes with the bride's outfit. After all, she doesn't have any accessories that would match or harmonize with her partner's color scheme. And of course, the completely unnecessary details - the black cap and sunglasses.

38. The groom has his own vibe.jpg?format=webp@Susan_Rodeo/

These extraneous elements only serve to further disrupt the already discordant visual composition. Instead of complementing each other, the couple's attire appears disjointed, lacking the cohesion and harmony one would expect on such an important occasion. Their individual fashion choices failed to align.

When the day is just like any other

Is this the groom or a policeman who couldn't get time off for his own wedding, so he just dashed off for an hour to get married? At least, that's what his choice of attire suggests. Everything here is a mishmash - jeans, a shirt, and a leather holster accessory. Everything looks worn and tired.

39.  When the day is just like any other.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

Next to the beautiful bride, one would expect to see a man who prepared and anticipated their special day just as much. Otherwise, it gives the impression that he came to his wedding just to check it off a list, and for him, this day is no different from any other.

Transparent shirt, seriously?

This wedding look could have been modest and beautiful. But for some reason, the groom decided to wear not a white shirt, but a transparent one. Honestly, it's a very strange choice. It looks vulgar and inappropriate. Perhaps his outfit could have been justified if he wore a white undershirt underneath, but he didn't do that.

40. Transparent shirt, seriously.jpg?format=webp@mthepanichand/

 Instead of complementing the bride's attire, the groom's transparent shirt draws attention for all the wrong reasons. It's a puzzling decision that undermines the solemnity of the moment and leaves guests wondering about the groom's sense of propriety. In the end, a wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, and every aspect of it should reflect the reverence and joy of the occasion.

The groom's way of announcing his marriage to the world

All right, we're not expecting a festive outfit, but the inscription on the groom's T-shirt could have been somewhat more modest and refined. However, the groom clearly didn't think so when he chose such a bold statement. Perhaps, in this way, the groom decided to announce to the world that he was getting married.

41. The groom's way of announcing his marriage to the world.jpg?format=webp@EllywickTippletoe/

The man chose a T-shirt with an image of a tie and a smoking jacket imitation. The approach is original, though not entirely fitting for a groom. While some may view it as a departure from traditional wedding attire, others might appreciate the groom's playful and lighthearted approach to dressing for his big day.

He wore a suit but forgot to change his shoes

What a lovely couple, truly a sight to behold. Everything seems just right - the delicate white dress, the veil, and the groom's handsome classic suit, but wait... Something seems amiss. The man simply forgot or perhaps decided not to change his shoes and opted to stay in his Crocs. They might match the color of the suit anyway, so maybe no one will notice?

43. He wore a suit but forgot to change his shoes.jpg?format=webp@cup_1337/

But people are observant, especially photographers. Let's not judge the groom too harshly. Perhaps he works on his feet all the time and they ache, so he chose to prioritize comfort over formal footwear for his wedding day. Because health is indeed important, no matter what.

What in the outfit looks festive to you?

A wrinkled shirt, worn-out jeans, and the main touch of the ensemble - the back pocket stuffed with keys and a wallet. So, everything that could be considered festive here is the boutonniere pinned to the shirt. Perhaps the real groom fled, and this gentleman decided to save the girl from worry.

43. What in the outfit looks festive to you.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/

Of course, this sounds like something out of a movie, but life can be just as unpredictable. The main thing is sincerity of feelings, though a good appearance wouldn't hurt either. It's just that no one told this man about it, and he did everything according to his judgment, guided by his own heart.

It was hot at this wedding

It was sweltering at this wedding, and not just because of the blazing sun overhead. Nope, the heat was cranked up by none other than the groom himself, who was bursting with energy and enthusiasm to steer the festivities. Forget about hiring a professional host – this groom was a one-man show, ready to rock the mic and keep the party rolling.

44. It was hot at this wedding.jpg?format=webp@weddingshaming/

And oh boy, did he make a statement with his attire! Picture this: an unbuttoned shirt and a tie hanging loosely around his neck, with bare skin soaking in the sun's rays. It was a bold fashion choice. Who needs a suit and tie when you're the life of the party? 

The suit doesn't matter, only love does

A black ensemble paired with a cap may soon become the traditional attire for many grooms, especially when they see so many men making this choice. After all, nothing can ruin your celebration quite like uncomfortable clothing. When you feel at ease and good at your own party, you know it's going to be a good time.

45. The suit doesn't matter, only love does.jpg?format=webp@relavie/

Most often, women take charge of this process and oversee the selection of their partner's attire. In this case, each maintains their individuality, and the popular rapper's gesture they portrayed for the photo underscored the similarity of their views on life.

When he bought himself a new Adidas suit

Branded items are the goal for many. So, when you acquire something coveted, the immediate desire to show it off arises. Perhaps this groom initially planned to buy himself a tuxedo for the wedding, but the price of the Adidas suit was too enticing to pass up, so he didn't deny himself this pleasure.

47. When he bought himself a new Adidas suit.jpg?format=webp@simplex117/

And when you have a new branded item, you don't hide it away in the closet. Isn't a wedding the perfect occasion to flaunt your new acquisition? That's probably what the groom in the photo thought when deciding on his key attire for his special day. This peculiar choice can only be explained this way.

The groom's concept of dressing appropriately for the event

Why didn't the bride-to-be oversee what her future husband would wear the day before the wedding? He arrived at his own wedding as if he were just visiting a friend. Even if he preferred practical and informal attire, there is a considerable selection of such clothing in today's world.

48. The groom's concept of dressing appropriately for the event.jpg?format=webp@margnaheglish/

However, if he and his beloved had any discussions about it, he likely didn't heed her, judging from the photo. This raises another question: how did this woman manage to persuade him to get married and have a wedding at all when he's so stubborn and resistant to change?

The Groom in Casual Attire

Guys often love casual wear. Most of the time, they opt for something in a sporty style, and we understand them. However, there are places where it's worth dressing festively, and reconsidering our views. A black T-shirt and shorts are just mundane. Even if someone thinks they'll stand out and be unconventional at a wedding, it's not the case.

49. The Groom in Casual Attire.jpg?format=webp@memetazaa/

Everyday clothing is just that—ordinary and unsurprising. But choosing something interesting yet comfortable is actually quite easy. Just take a stroll through the stores and let your imagination run wild. You can pick out something original without breaking the bank.

The groom who didn't bother with his attire for his wedding

This couple took a very creative approach to celebrating their special day. They rented an off-road vehicle, on which they wrote their vows to always love and support each other. Perhaps, this was meaningful and symbolic for them. However, they somehow neglected the groom's wedding attire.

50. The groom who didn't bother with his attire for his wedding.jpg?format=webp@GigaBasedDad/

The man showed up in a worn-out plaid shirt and trousers for his own wedding, while the bride was in a beautiful white dress. However, perhaps he eventually changed his clothes, just concerned about getting his attire dirty when climbing out of that huge vehicle. Let's believe that's how it happened.