See how handsome men have changed since the 2000s

02 May 2023

In the early 2000s, many young people spent time in front of the TV, watching their favorite movies or videos with the heartthrobs of those times. If this applies to you too, then this article is for you. See what your crush looks like and where they are now.

Ricky Martin Then 

Ricky Martin began his career as a member of the renowned Latin boy band Menudo. But he left them in the 1990s.

With his 1999 single Livin' La Vida Loca, he achieved great success with the release of his debut solo album. This helped him win the hearts of more people.

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Ricky Martin Now 

The Latin singer has received eight Grammy nominations for her pop songs and gorgeous ballads over the course of more than a decade. He would go on to earn two victories and keep releasing album after album.

In actuality, the now 51-year-old has ten studio albums. Along with preparing for the release of his 11th album, the pop icon also prepared for a significant tour. His fans were ecstatic to hear this.  

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Mekhi Phifer Then

Mekhi Phifer had success in both television and film in the early 2000s. Phifer's character on the hit TV series ER, where he spent the first six seasons of his career, quickly became popular.

Then, in 2000, he starred in other films. But Phifer became famous only after filming in the movie 8 Mile. After that, he starred in a number of additional films, including Dawn of the Dead.

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Mekhi Phifer Now

Mehi continued to work behind the camera, although he took a break from films for several years. But he only recently returned to television - he played the main role in the popular series Apple TV +.

The drama series Truth Be Told received such favorable reviews that Apple's streaming service decided to renew it for a second season.

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Then

Freddie Prinze Jr., who was born in a famous family in Hollywood, followed in his father's footsteps. 

Freddy rose to fame playing characters in films such as Scooby-Doo and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Wing Commander was another video game film he took on, but it wasn't as successful as the others.

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Now

He has now concentrated on his other interests, such as writing, producing, and directing. He worked for the WWE for a number of years, contributing in a creative capacity.

Freddie Prinze Jr. has lately returned to working in front of the camera after doing some voice work as well. He is a cast member of the Punky Brewster revival.

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Hugh Grant Then

Watching romantic comedies in the early 2000s, it seemed like Hugh Grant was always in the cast. His sexy appearance and perfect English accent have been admired by people all over the world.

He starred in popular films including Love Actually and Bridget Jones's Diary. These movies are some of the most famous romantic comedies of all time and still make people cry.

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Hugh Grant Now

Hugh Grant, who is now 63 years old, continues to work in many films. He is still passionate about the genre of romantic movies and is a really attractive man. However, recently he has tried to play more dramatic roles.

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Channing Tatum Then 

Channing Tatum started his professional life as a model, but like many others, he wanted to get into acting. He got his first acting opportunity in the basketball drama Coach Carter in 2005. He wasn't a household name despite it being the film that launched his career.

Later, in the 2000s, he simultaneously played roles in two films, She's a Man and Step Forward.

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Channing Tatum Now 

The film Step forward showed the audience Channing's unusual dancing abilities. This talent appeared in many additional films, including Magic Mike and its sequels.

Over time, Tatum took a short break from acting. He last appeared on television in 2017. After a full recovery, he has a full list of films in which he is acting.

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Josh Duhamel Then

One of the actors who started acting in soap operas is Josh Duhamel. Josh moved from All My Children to NBC's hit Las Vegas after his successful role as Leo Dupre.

Josh was able to win the hearts of many people around the world in 2004 when he was cast in the love story Win a Date with Todd Hamilton.

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Josh Duhamel Now

Josh starred in many action movies, including one of the Transformers movies.

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Orlando Bloom Then

A young Orlando Bloom starred in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, two of the biggest franchises of the early 2000s. It's easy to see why so many women fell in love with him because of his looks.

However, of the two parts, it was probably his portrayal of young Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean that left an indelible impression on millions of people.

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Orlando Bloom Now

Since his first role nearly ten years ago, Orlando has landed many incredible roles. He even played a role in the popular Amazon series.

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Ryan Phillippe Then 

Many people love bad boys. And Ryan Phillippe from the early 2000s fully fits this description. Phillip rose to fame playing bad guys in classic films like Cruel Intentions and Crash.

In addition, he made headlines for his controversial marriage to co-star Reese Witherspoon.

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Ryan Phillippe Now

49-year-old actor Ryan Phillip chose television to further develop his profession. With programs such as ABC's Secrets and Lies and USA Shooter, he found success. Ryan was a cast member of ABC's Big Sky, a recent blockbuster police drama.

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Zac Efron Then

Zac Efron, like many other stars of the early 2000s, became a star through his work with Disney. Troy Bolton portrayed a teenage heartthrob in the School Musical movies.

But there was no denying the skill of this remarkable young man. After becoming famous, he got several high-profile acting roles, including 17 Again.

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Zac Efron Now

Over the past ten years, Zack has been constantly improving his abilities and increasing his popularity.

He recently received critical acclaim for his portrayal of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Now - Zac Efron  (1).jpg?format=webp@Zac Efron Responds to Marvel Looking to Cast a "Zac Efron Type" | The Tonight Show/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/ 

Antonio Banderas Then

This Spaniard gained fame in 1998 by wearing the mask of Zorro. Thanks to his pleasant accent and attractive appearance, he quickly rose to the top of the most sought-after performers.

After his feature film debut, he voiced Cat in the Shrek series and produced a number of additional films, including The Mask of Zorro II.

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Antonio Banderas Now

Even at the age of 63, the Spanish handsome man continues to stun women in every role he plays. He recently appeared in the sequel to The Assassin's Creed alongside Selma Hayek, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

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Chad Michael Murray Then

After impressing Gilmore Girls fans, he was offered his first major role in the hit teen drama One Tree Hill in 2003.

He appeared on the big screen with roles in such films as Cinderella Story and Freaky Friday.

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Chad Michael Murray Now

Chad still gets hearts racing. He now appears frequently in romantic comedies on the Hallmark Channel. However, this is not the only place where you can watch the attractive actor. He also returned to the CW series Riverdale.

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Shane West Then

Shane West started acting when he was only 15 years old. But it wasn't until he starred in A Walk to Remember that he cemented his place on the heartthrob list.

In the early 2000s, he made frequent appearances on Once and Again before landing on ER.

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Shane West Now

West has mostly stayed on screen since his days on ER. He also played in such films as Salem and Nikita. And later - in the Fox series about Batman Gotham.

He's working on a number of projects, so it doesn't look like he plans to take a break.

Now Shane West (1).jpg?format=webp@Shane West TEARS UP Reflecting on Mandy Moore's Friendship (Exclusive)/Entertainment Tonight/

Devon Sawa Then

By the 2000s, Devon Sava had a fairly successful career. Which began thanks to such blockbusters as Destination.

But in 2010, he switched to television, starring in the action film Nikita.

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Devon Sawa Now 

Over the past few years, he has appeared in a number of indie films and television shows, including MacGyver and Magnum PI.

But he recently starred in Chucky, the television remake of the cult horror film Child's Play. In addition, he is currently working on a number of projects.

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Enrique Iglesias Then

Enrique Iglesias attracted audiences by releasing songs that became hits. Such as Bailamos and Hero, and also created innovative music videos.

Some people only needed to see him move and flirt with the camera to fall in love with him.

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Enrique Iglesias Now

The 48-year-old Latinо idol is still writing songs.

Iglesias is rumored to be retiring after the release of Final. And in May, Iglesias unexpectedly canceled all his concerts due to a serious illness.

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Jared Padalecki Then

The extremely popular television program Gilmore Girls also made Jared famous. Due to the success of this program, Padalecki was able to get various roles, including one of the main roles in House of Wax.

But then he played in the series Supernatural for seven years.

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Jared Padalecki Now 

Jared called Supernatural home for the next 15 years, with the show's final season airing just 3 years ago.

When the show ended, it didn't take long for him to accept his next role. This time he would participate in the updated Walker.

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Adam Brody Then

As in the lives of the previous characters, it was his performance as Adam in Gilmore Girls that brought him most of the media attention.

In 2003, Adam got his big break when he was hired to play Seth Cohen in The OC, where he stayed for four years.

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Adam Brody Now

Since then, he has appeared in a number of high-profile films, including Jennifer's Body and Shazam. He continues to work in television and has found success in programs such as StartUp and Curfew. He continues to combine his activities in film and television.

He recently worked on the TV show Single Parent as well as a number of film projects, including the 2023 sequel to Shazam.

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Corbin Bleu Then

Corbin was just one of many names familiar to everyone thanks to Disney Channel's High School Musical.

He continued to act in other Disney productions and even voiced. He also played in the soap opera One Life to Live.

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Corbin Bleu Now

Corbin, 34, has continued to put in a lot of effort over the years and has made numerous appearances on popular television series. However, being on Dancing with the Stars might be his biggest achievement to date.

Now he is engaged in various post-production projects. We can also hear his voice in several TV movies.

Corbin Bleu – Now (1).jpg?format=webp@Corbin Bleu Eats His Last Meal/Mythical Kitchen/

Hayden Christensen Then

Hayden Christensen made his debut in one of the most successful film franchises ever created - Star Wars.

There's no doubt that Hayden's good looks made him a heartthrob, despite mixed reviews for his other films.

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Hayden Christensen Now

Hayden Christensen went on to star in several high-grossing films, but none of them ever matched the success of Star Wars. Presumably for this reason, he played Obi-Wan in Disney+'s Obi-Wan in 2022.

Hayden Christensen (1).jpg?format=webp@Hayden Christensen | Star Wars Celebration LIVE! 2023/Star Wars/

Usher Then

In the early 2000s, Usher was famous for his very popular hit single. But later the singer became interested in acting.

He starred in the popular television program Moesha for two years. Later also received several roles in television shows, including "7th Heaven".

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Usher Now 

Usher is still releasing chart-topping singles, but he's also juggling his career with acting.

He is now focusing more on his music and has assured his fans that a number of new songs will be released soon.

Usher Now  (1).jpg?format=webp@Usher Talks Next Album, Chris Brown, Vegas Residency, and Performing w/ Michael Jackson | Interview/BigBoyTV/

John Legend Then

After graduating from college, John Legend began producing his own songs. He released his debut album in 2004.

He later received a lot of praise for this album and the new superstar went on to work with many other famous acts.

Then John Legend (1).jpg?format=webp@How John Legend Became a Legendary Musician | Evolution Of | NowThis/NowThis Entertainment/

John Legend Now

John Legend has been quite active for the past few years. He wrote music and acted as one of the mentors on The Voice, a popular singing competition program. He continues to write music for movies and work with other artists.

In 2020, Legend released his seventh album, Bigger Love. John recently switched record labels from Sony Music to Republic Records.

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Luke Wilson Then

Luke Wilson first became famous for his role as Dr. Peter Flynn in the dark comedy Rushmore. Of course, it was after the release of this film that many people began to fall in love with the handsome man.

In the early 2000s, he appeared in Charlie's Angels, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

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Luke Wilson Now

Luke Wilson continued to get significant roles, mostly in comedies. His humor is priceless.

He can also be seen in the TV series New-Gen.

Now Luke Wilson (1).jpg?format=webp@Luke Wilson's Funniest Will Ferrell Moment | Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend/Team Coco/

Patrick Dempsey Then

When Patrick appeared in a number of blockbuster films in the early 2000s, he was already on the cusp of stardom. All thanks to movies like Sweet Home, Alabama and Scream 3.

In 2005, the ABC television channel began to broadcast a show that ran for more than ten years about the lives of doctors at a Seattle hospital. Dempsey actually left his mark on the hearts of many with his portrayal of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy.

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Patrick Dempsey Now 

Dempsey left Grey's Anatomy in 2015 and began looking for new roles. He began to appear in various television programs.

He was cast in the upcoming film The Devils, as well as The Truth About Harry Queber.

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Milo Ventimiglia Then

Several actors of the television program American Dreams have been in the spotlight since its release on the big screen. Milo Ventimiglia was one of them.

After the season ended, he landed roles on the CW's Gilmore Girls and Heroes, and that's probably when he got the heartthrob character.

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Milo Ventimiglia Now

After appearing in films such as Rocky Balboa and Creed II, Milo found himself at home on television. But the greatest popularity came from his role in the NBC family drama This Is Us.

He also had a role in the Strawberry Spring podcast series and starred in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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Robert Schwartzman Then

In The Princess Diaries Robert Schwartzman gained the most popularity. He worked in short films and other small roles for most of the early 2000s, but this role undoubtedly elevated him to heartthrob status.

He continued acting for a while in the 2000s. But they were not that famous.

Then Robert Schwartzman (1).jpg?format=webp@Michael Moscovitz scene pack (high-quality) Princess Diaries/Name/

Robert Schwartzman Now

Robert, like many young actors, decided to work behind the camera. He focused more on screenwriting and directing.

He also created several unique soundtracks while working in the music department.

Now Robert Schwartzman (1).jpg?format=webp@The Zombies with Robert Schwartzman in the 2023 SXSW Studio/SXSW/

Benjamin Bratt Then 

In the 2000s, Benjamin starred in several major Hollywood films, and also played a prominent role in one of the most popular American television series, Law and Order.

And after the release of the movie Miss Congeniality, it seems that most of the audience started to fall in love with it.

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Benjamin Bratt Now

Benjamin Brett is constantly working on both television and film. He played the main role in a number of series, including 24 and Private Practice.

He has also worked on voice acting for animated films such as Despicable Me 2 and Ride 2.

Now Benjamin Bratt (1).jpg?format=webp@Benjamin Bratt talks playing the bad guy in ‘Poker Face’TODAY with Hoda & Jenna/