50 situations where people got rejected and it changed them

21 Apr 2023

Rejection is always difficult, even if people hear an answer they weren't expecting, it still hurts. And if they are also belittled or insulted, the aftermath of the conversation can even turn into a trauma that will haunt them for life. Of course, we cannot be prepared for everything, but over time we can learn to change our attitude toward other people's behavior, and this will definitely have a positive effect.

1. Unexpected reaction

This guy was unlucky. He not only heard a rejection from the object of his affection, which he could have accepted calmly. Literally, all six of her friends ridiculed him. Time has passed, but he still remembers that pain. In fact, there was no reason to treat him like that, and a simple "no" would have sufficed, but then either the girl herself or her friends decided to act differently. Hopefully, over time, she realized her actions and regretted them.

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2. Wrong impression

Sometimes, people mistake kindness and friendly behavior for deep affection and sympathy. The author of the post was sure that the girl was fond of him, as she showed him a lot of attention, wrote pleasant letters, and was interested in his life. His friends also thought the same way. However, what a disappointment he faced when she suddenly rejected him and told him that he had misunderstood everything. It is unlikely that the guy will dare to express his feelings again soon because he may think that other girls see him only as a friend and nothing more.

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3. Hurting words

For unknown reasons, some people who have been in relationships for a long time can quickly start to change. Sometimes, we may not even recognize them: indifference, aggression, and rudeness become their companions. For a while, we may not turn a blind eye to it, but sometimes they cross a red line. The girl mentioned in the correspondence allowed herself to say hurtful words, breaking her boyfriend's heart and closing the door to him forever.

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4. Is it a misunderstanding or a cunning plan?

This is a situation where a good deed ends up leading to a negative outcome. Initially, the guy feels sorry for the girl, who has nowhere to stay temporarily after a quarrel with her mother. However, she eventually interprets his offer to stay as an invitation to start a relationship and doesn't leave his place. It's unclear whether this is a misunderstanding or a deliberate and manipulative plan. The guy realizes that continuing to live together would have serious consequences, and he asks the lady to leave his home. Unfortunately, the girl reacts aggressively because she had other plans, and instead of showing gratitude, she publicly defames her friend on social media.

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5. Reputation is essential 

Some girls are very fickle and unpredictable. At first, the lady agrees to a relationship, but then suddenly changes her mind, justifying her refusal very strangely. Perhaps she wanted to end the relationship in a tolerant way, but while she was choosing her words carefully, she abruptly changed her mind and said something about a bad reputation. Of course, we don't know what kind of personality the author of the post has, but it made him reflect on his behavior.

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6. Surprise from ex 

There are individuals who struggle greatly with rejection, even long after it has been communicated. The author of this post evidently did not anticipate that his former partner would be among those who are unprepared for rejection. While this may have been manageable, the man made a crucial mistake by leaving his house keys with his ex-girlfriend. In this scenario, he should have been prepared for an unexpected turn of events and may have even subconsciously anticipated it, given that he himself had not fully moved on from his former lover. I believe that this encounter has helped to bring closure to the situation.

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7. Mercantile Knight

Nothing foreshadowed trouble until he ordered almost half the menu and expected the girl to pay for everything. What's more, he decided that she should compensate him for the time he spent on the date. His behavior was not only presumptuous but also disrespectful. It's no wonder that the girl was taken aback by his attitude and quickly lost interest in him. Needless to say, the guy didn't get a second date, and his behavior only served to reinforce the importance of mutual respect and generosity in any relationship.

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8. Not a good note 

Sometimes, if someone wants to end a relationship, they don't need a special reason for it. Especially if it's just a random night out. The girl decided not to hold back, but went too far and insulted the guy who simply wanted to give her a compliment. Not everyone knows how to leave on a good note and leave a pleasant impression behind. There's nothing you can do, everyone makes their own choices and sometimes shows what they're worth with just one phrase.

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9. Painful break-up 

There are unhealthy relationships, and there are unhealthy people. Such people often require psychological therapy, and sometimes even medical support. It is very unpleasant when a partner cannot accept a situation or rejection in a relationship and starts to manipulate. But the scariest thing is when the situation turns into threats, or worse – into actions when there is a need to contact the police to prevent overt danger. Hopefully, the couple was able to come to an agreement and let go of the problem.

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10. First love experience

The boy picked a bad moment to confess his feelings to his crush. Time has passed, but he still remembers her reaction to the unpleasant smell from his mouth and her offensive comments. First love – first experience and first mistake. It happens to everyone. We think that after that incident, the boy no longer meets anyone immediately after eating onions. Or maybe he has completely given up on this product?

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11. Too much attention 

Sometimes girls can be very unpredictable and changeable in their decisions. At first, they refuse and then show guys a lot of attention. Perhaps the lady just wanted to make sure how interested the guy is in her and whether he is ready to fight for her, and when she realized that he is willing to surrender, she took control of the situation. However, she may have gone a little overboard with the attention and instead of further piquing the guy's interest, she put him in an uncomfortable position.

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12. Embarrassing date

After just three dates, the girl was fortunate to have realized she had been matched with the wrong person. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they lived together for several years. How much money would the girl have to compensate for their years of living together? In the meantime, her suitor took a practical approach to investing his time. He understood that time is irreplaceable, but compensating for drinks is a sensible option, as investments should be made with intelligence. If not for this gesture, the girl would not have undoubtedly reached the correct conclusion about the date and could regret her decision to terminate the communication at the beginning of their acquaintance.

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13. The first love’s pain 

Sometimes teenagers can be too cruel. They can gain someone's trust, initiate deep conversations, and then ridicule the person who opened up to them. A girl who went through this and wrote about it in a post was emotionally traumatized after confessing her love to her peer. He not only mocked her feelings but also made public the love letter she had addressed to him. Moreover, he provoked her by kissing someone else right in front of her. Time has passed, and the girl has changed schools, but the pain in her heart remains.

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14. Transparency is not for everyone

Openness and honesty are the foundation of relationships. However, not everyone likes this and not everyone supports it. At least not for themselves. Everyone wants their partner to be loyal, honest with them, and unquestionably in love with them. But if they are asked to be candid and transparent, it may not suit everyone. Rules work only if both sides accept them. Otherwise, these relationships are doomed: they either face a block or a lot of wasted time and nerves.

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15. Where the desires don't match

After drinking, some individuals tend to become more confident and openly express their desires. While sometimes they may succeed in fulfilling them, other times they may not. This was the case for the girl mentioned in the author's post. The root of the issue was that their values did not align, and he was married, which he did not conceal. Despite this, the lady persisted and used the absence of his wife as an opportunity to pursue something beyond the boundaries. She believed that this move would sway the person's heart towards her, but it ended in rejection, leaving the man with a memorable experience.

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16. The end of love

The girl wanted to admire her beloved during the day and night, such strong feelings had overtaken her. At first, it probably appealed to the guy, and he enjoyed such emotions. However, the girl went a little too far, and he felt like he was being suffocated. Therefore, when the girl spoke out against his meeting with his brother, asking him to give her preference, the guy realized that such a relationship was not for him. Perhaps the girl regretted her actions later, but the guy, after that conversation, most likely ended the relationship for good.

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17. Addiction or true love?

Breaking up is painful, but sometimes necessary. If people find it very difficult to get along, cannot find common ground, and their values no longer coincide, then it is time to acknowledge that it is impossible to move forward together. Conscious individuals, despite the pain of separation and regret for the time spent, accept the fact of the breakup and move on, building new relationships. However, some people find it difficult to accept this fact and continue to return to their exes. Moreover, if they cannot return the person directly, they try to do it through relatives and friends. If this story goes on for a long time, then one can already speak of addiction.

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18. Stalking is a bad idea 

The author of the post certainly had a stroke of bad luck. His ex-girlfriend not only can't accept the fact of their breakup but also resorts to all sorts of manipulations, including fake accusations against him. It is unpleasant for anyone to be the object of stalking, let alone slander and threats. Fortunately, the guy was lucky to have friends who don't believe the lies spread by his ex. However, the moral pressure he feels creates additional tension and leaves a bad aftertaste.

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19. She said “No”

This guy probably isn't trying to win his lover's heart for the first time. Judging from the story, the girl accepts his court, but still doesn't plan to marry him. There was hope in him for the romantic carriage trip that his beloved would change her mind and agree to his proposal of marriage. But you can't force the heart. The girl of his dreams once again refused her romantic suitor. However, she didn't give him false hope and honestly informed him of her unwillingness to go hand in hand with him until the end of their lives.

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20. To be or not to be together?

In small things lie the devil, and so it is in relationships. At first, there may be dissatisfaction with the salad they prepare, then snoring, and then even the person who previously evoked only love and admiration can become annoying. No matter how perfect the dates, household chores, and shared life may seem, they all bring their own challenges. If people have managed to find compromises and adapt to each other, then they have a chance of a happy married life. However, if there are many grievances and they are mostly irreconcilable, then there is a high probability that this couple is not meant to be together.

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21. Female Revenge

Not everyone can accept rejection. Often, women think that any man will not refuse to spend time with them, especially if she offers intimacy. However, men may not always have the desire or strength for sexual adventures, and therefore reserve the right to refuse this attractive proposition. In particular, the father of the author of the post encountered such a case. But the lady he refused to, was very offended and even took revenge on him in an extremely unpleasant way: he broke her heart, and she – the windows of his car.

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22. Stress for two

In this story, neither the girl nor the boy was prepared for the situation that arose. He dreamed of surprising her, and it seems he did. He wanted her to be happy with his proposal and agree to marry him. However, it wasn't in her plans. As a result, they both ended up with broken hearts and unpleasant emotions. Perhaps the best option would have been to discuss the proposal one-on-one and then, if mutually agreed upon, repeat it in front of friends.

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23. Cynical rejection 

The girl in the post didn't find the strength to refuse her partner. Instead, she just made excuses and formed a negative opinion about herself. She even went so far as to lie about her father's health, saying that he had a heart attack. Afterward, she cynically posted a photo of her friends on social media. Wouldn't it have been easier to simply say that she couldn't or didn't want to meet with her boyfriend that day? It seems that for some people, it's easier to invent a strange story and then embarrass themselves rather than just refuse a meeting directly.

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24. Unexpected turn

The guy was sure that everything was okay between him and his girlfriend. Suddenly, they and their friends started playing spin the bottle, and it landed on them to kiss. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except that his girlfriend suddenly refused to kiss him and asked to find another partner. I guess, after those words, his girlfriend turned into an ex-girlfriend, all because of her choice. Maybe he had hurt her before this, otherwise, it's hard to explain her unpleasant behavior.

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25. LOL 

The young man decided to relax at the wrong place and at the wrong time. The first date was all about romance and bright emotions. This time, he allowed himself to have some bright emotions as well, but the girl took it too close to heart and didn't appreciate the sincere enthusiasm of the admirer, which, most likely, symbolized simplicity and sincerity of behavior. Although, the man hardly planned to capture the girl's heart this way. In the end, they parted ways, but over the course of three years, the girl reevaluated her values, and the couple managed to reunite. This story probably only evokes a good smile from them now.

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26. Rhetorical question

Our interests and preferences change throughout our lives, and it is normal. We grow, and develop, and our environment changes and all of this becomes the reason for our changes. It is quite natural that a girl's views and preferences have changed, and she now likes other guys than she did in school. However, what was her goal when she suddenly approached her former object of affection and told him that she used to have a crush on him but now he's not to her taste?! It's a rhetorical question to which there is no answer, most likely, even for the girl herself.

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27. It hurts 

It is very unpleasant to hear offensive words addressed to oneself, and if they are spoken by a loved one, it is even more painful. When we care deeply for someone, their words hold a significant amount of weight and can deeply affect us. It can be especially difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone we care for deeply is capable of hurting us in such a way. After such an act, it is unlikely that feelings will continue to exist.

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28. Boomerang

Trying to sit on two chairs at once is very difficult, so it is worth making a choice in a timely manner or being prepared to be exposed. In life, everything comes back like a boomerang, especially when choosing a dishonest path. You cannot meet with one person and vacation on islands with another at the same time. If one of them is dear to you, then it is worth sticking with that one, so as not to regret it later.

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29. Great choice 

There are things in life that we cannot control. However, not everything that happens to us, even if it seems bad at first, brings negativity into our lives. Sometimes, everything turns out for the better. The key in such situations is to have a positive attitude and a rational approach. For example, a man proposed to his beloved by giving her a beautiful ring, but she refused. Instead, he sold the ring and bought himself a computer that he had been dreaming of for a long time. Now, the man admits that the purchase brought him more happiness than his former relationship.

Great choice .jpg?format=webp@Good Rejection Stories/On Tap Studios/YouTube.com

30. Attention, stalker!

Sometimes there are people who don't know how to be happy on their own, and they need someone they can be passionate about and who loves them in return. If they can't find such a person, they create one in their mind and try to convince themselves that they are in a relationship with them. As a result, this situation becomes problematic for both parties, as one doesn't want such a relationship, and the other is convinced that they should be together. It's unknown how this will all end. In this situation, it's helpful if the stalker switches their attention to someone else or if the person who has become the object of their pursuit moves away.

Attention, stalker.jpg?format=webp@Men, What's your craziest experience from rejecting a woman?(Human Voice) Reddit/We-Reddit/YouTube.com

31. Complete failures

Of course, the first thing you want to do is feel sorry for this guy. However, this will definitely not raise his self-esteem after many refusals from women. We are sure that he will still meet true love!

Complete failures.jpg?format=webp@TheProffesorisHere/Reddit.com

32. Rejection is difficult to deal with at any age

Rejection is difficult to deal with at any age - both at 25 and 45! The main thing is to treat everything philosophically. After all, why be with someone who doesn’t care about you? This is definitely a thankless task.

Rejection is difficult to deal with at any age.jpg?format=webp

33. Best defense is attack

Men who abuse women who reject them are a whole different nightmare! This looks very rude and pathetic! Moreover, at such moments the girl understands for sure that it was not in vain that she refused such a man.

Best defense is attack.jpg?format=webp@Additional_Speech164/Reddit.com

34. Be my Valentine

To confess your love for the first time in your life is a very strong step. At the same time, it's also a gamble because you never know whether your object of affection reciprocates your feelings or not. The boy sought his mother's support and went to the girl's house to ask her out on a date. However, the girl didn't appreciate this gesture and turned him down. He was naturally saddened, but it hurt him even more when he encountered her friends' mockery the next day. Love is a beautiful and delicate thing that needs to be cherished. However, some people need time to realize its value.

Be my Valentine.jpg?format=webp@Most Brutal Rejections From Women/Internet Is Fun Studios/YouTube.com

35. It's not worth doing so

Not everyone is capable of tactfully refusing or ending a conversation. Many people do it very rudely, and sometimes even try to hurt the other person when refusing. Of course, there are cases when it is necessary to sharply and firmly cut off someone who doesn't understand a delicate “no”, but in most cases, it is important to know how to properly convey to someone else that you are not interested in further communication. The author of the post was convinced that the girl liked their correspondence and that there was mutual interest. However, he was mistaken, and the girl put him in an uncomfortable situation.

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36. Ignoring hurts

Ignoring someone is also a painful form of rejection. It's a type of passive aggression that hurts people. The author of the post felt this pain firsthand when her loved one simply didn't show up for their date, while she had tried and prepared a delicious dinner for him. Everything would have been different if he had let her know that he didn't plan on the meeting because he had things to do, changed his mind, or was feeling unwell. But he chose to simply ignore the woman who trusted him.

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37. Oops…

It's often said that alcohol brings out the truth in people and makes them vocalize their innermost thoughts. However, in the case described in the post, the girl retracted her words after the date. While under the alcohol's influence, she had believed that she and that man would be a great couple, but in sobriety, she understands that it was merely wishful thinking. This can be uncomfortable, particularly if the man took her words seriously and became hopeful. This scenario demonstrates that not everything someone says after a few drinks should be taken as the truth.

Oops.jpg?format=webp@Most Brutal Rejections From Women/Internet Is Fun Studios/YouTube.com

38. No longer an option

Relationships are a very unpredictable thing. Sometimes we feel like something is not going well and our partner is unlikely to be interested, while other times we are certain that everything is going well and we have every chance of continuing the relationship. The girl went on a date, had a good time, and expected to meet with her partner again, but suddenly he sent this unexpected message. There are several reasons why he behaved this way and decided to stop communicating: personal problems, previous negative experiences, and the ability to play in public when he said that everything was fine during the dates, but actually meant something else. In any case, he is no longer an option.

No longer an option.jpg?format=webp@honesttruth2703/reddit.com

39. Great experience 

Experience is a valuable thing that makes us deeper and wiser, so it's worth cherishing even if it was negative. The author of the post took a risk and asked for the number of a girl he liked, but she rejected him. However, the man didn't take it too hard. He was disappointed, but he only drew a conclusion and was glad that he had dared to approach the girl because otherwise, he would have regretted not doing so. We cannot influence other people's decisions, but we can change our attitude toward the decisions made by others.

Great experience .jpg?format=webp@lolpan/reddit.com

40. Flashback 

This is the case when you want to evoke pleasant emotions in a girl you like, but instead, you trigger painful memories of her deceased brother. It's difficult to react to this because, on the one hand, you were expecting romantic interest, but on the other hand, you unexpectedly provoked memories of personal loss. This story can end well if the conversation about their shared experiences brings the two people closer together. Alternatively, the girl may not be ready to repeatedly delve into the past and distress herself with the trauma of loss, and the acquaintance may end before it even begins.

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41. New experience vs old experience 

Difficult toxic relationships, even if they have ended, still don't let us recover and come to our senses for a while afterward. Often, despite everything, people try to rebuild their personal lives and find a new partner, but the past does not let go. A man met another girl and tried to dive into new relationships, but the fear of reliving his previous experience doesn't let him go and he finds himself on the verge of saying “goodbye” to his new partner. But will he regret it later? This is a rhetorical question.

New experience vs old experience .jpg?format=webp@AcademicSavings634/reddit.com

42. Rejection that wasn't even asked for

Receiving a message about ending a relationship that never really began can be intriguing. In such situations, it's advisable to refrain from unnecessary communication, particularly if the other person hasn't expressed interest in reconnecting. Nevertheless, honesty is crucial as it helps to avoid false hopes and sets things straight.

Rejection that wasn't even asked for.jpg?format=webp@ejswan/reddit.com

43. Unpleasant aftertaste 

Sometimes people mistake their desires for reality, especially in matters of love. But it's okay to be wrong. However, it's unacceptable to ridicule someone for confessing their feelings, especially in front of others. That's exactly what the boy in the post did. The situation cannot be undone, and the girl is left with the aftertaste of his unpleasant rejection. It's important to remember that rejection is a natural part of life, and it's not easy for anyone to be on either side of it. However, it's crucial to handle it with kindness and respect. Ridiculing someone for their vulnerability not only hurts them but also shows a lack of empathy and maturity. It's important to be mindful of other people's feelings, especially in situations like this.

Unpleasant aftertaste .jpg?format=webp@What Are Your Heartbreaking Rejection Stories? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)/Updoot Studios/YouTube.com

44. “No” is okay 

It’s highly likely that the boy had no chance of winning over the woman he was talking to. Perhaps she agreed to meet him in order to put a definitive end to their communication, as she eventually did. Although he writes that he didn't expect a second date, it seems from the post that he still had some hope. Not everything in life will be a “yes” when we want to hear it, and that's okay. The important thing is to learn to handle rejection calmly and move on. There are still plenty of people in the world who will be happy to talk to us.

No is okay .jpg?format=webp@NewEnglandShips/reddit.com

45. Like a movie

Sometimes in life, you need to be persistent. If it's not about dependence or unhealthy obsession, then pursuing the object of your affection is normal and sometimes important. The father of the author of this post knew that his beloved was not indifferent to him, but she was not in a hurry to get married. He gathered enough strength to wait for her “yes” to his proposal of marriage, even endured several refusals, but still managed to convince her that she would be happy with him. And as the commentator wrote, “This story is like a movie.”

Like a movie.jpg?format=webp@Men Who Proposed and She Said No, What Happened Afterwards? | People Stories #82/Updoot Studios/ YouTube.com

46. Hope for a second

When everything is decided for you without you even realizing it, and though you may still hold onto hope deep down. The young man was in disbelief when the girl he had feelings for approached him. For a brief moment, he believed that she might reciprocate his feelings, but soon after, the girl asked him to turn her down. The young man was left in shock, as he had thought there was a chance between them not too long ago. This is how fickle teenage love can be.

Hope for a second.jpg?format=webp@Teenagers, What Was the Worst Ever Rejection You Have Experienced? | People Stories #934/Updoot Studios/YouTube.com

47. Missing chance 

Barriers that impede moving on may arise from fear. At the same time, more courageous individuals may emerge on the horizon and seize opportunities that we may have missed. If you love someone, there's no need to doubt or fear committing yourself to them. Only the faithful Hachiko waits forever, whereas people, on the contrary, continue to live on after a breakup and let other people into their lives.

Missing chance .jpg?format=webp
@Men Who Proposed and She Said No, What Happened Afterwards? | People Stories #82/Updoot Studios/ YouTube.com

48. Love risk 

There was a boy in this girl's life who had a crush on her and came with a bouquet of flowers to meet her outside a class. However, she never dared to approach him and walked away. Maybe he would have made her happy in the future, but she will never know because she was scared and didn't take the risk. On the other hand, the boy took a risk and didn't hesitate to show interest in the one who captured his heart. There is a belief that this was not his only act of bravery.

Love risk .jpg?format=webp@Teenagers, What Was the Worst Ever Rejection You Have Experienced? | People Stories #934/Updoot Studios/YouTube.com

49. Dangerous trigger 

Stalkers are very dangerous individuals, as they tend to engage in stalking and erratic behavior toward those whom they are obsessed with. This guy was lucky to get rid of such a girl. However, according to him, she stalked him and his loved ones for three years and tried every means possible to get back into his life. Sometimes even a polite refusal of a relationship can trigger a volatile reaction from unstable individuals, which unfortunately can be difficult to predict.

Dangerous trigger .jpg?format=webp@Guys, What's The Worst Way A Girl Handled Your Rejection? (r/AskReddit)/Best Posts & Comments/ YouTube.com

50. Live with regret 

Sometimes people get scared of committing to a relationship and its continuation, and later deeply regret rejecting their loved ones. Years pass, and the realization of losing someone important only becomes more solidified. This regret can haunt them for a long time, and they may find themselves wondering what could have been if they had taken the chance and chosen the relationship. It's significant to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith when it comes to matters of the heart. While there are no guarantees in life or relationships, it's better to take a chance and potentially find happiness than to live with the regret of not taking action.

Live with regret .jpg?format=webp@Men Who Proposed and She Said No, What Happened Afterwards? | People Stories #82/Updoot Studios/ YouTube.com