50 Restaurants in the United States that cook the most delicious steak

24 Apr 2023

What could be tastier than a thick piece of fried meat? Only eating this delicious dish in a wonderful restaurant that prepares steak according to a special recipe. We've rounded up the 50 best restaurants serving the tastiest steak in America.

(Orlando) STK

Although there are locations of this exclusive steakhouse all over the world, from London to Ibiza, the STK in beautiful Central Florida continues to be the center of attention. Maybe it's because of the breathtaking rooftop views, the limitless mimosas at happy hour, and of course, the premium meats they serve!

Since this extravagant steakhouse is available in so many nations, there is simply no reason for foodies to pass it up, whether they are in the US, UK, Canada, or Toronto.

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Tony's of Lexington 

The amazing Bourbon selection in Kentucky and, of course, the iconic American chophouse Tony's of Lexington are two reasons why foodies should visit the state. The two-story steakhouse features the best cuts of meat and sophisticated industrial design.

The Sir Barton, a 14-ounce prime-cut New York strip, has the highest rating among the menu items. It is regarded as the embodiment of the steakhouse experience. Since there are now two in the region, the restaurant chain must be succeeding in some way!

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Portland, Oregon, Urban Farmer

Ranch to table is something that Urban Farmer takes great pride in. Few steakhouses can compete with them in terms of cultivating their own herbs, keeping their own bees, and butchering whole animals. The Colorado Wagyu and the Brison Ribeye are two of their best-selling items.

The NYC-inspired steak sampling offers six ounces of dry-aged and grass-fed American steaks, respectively. Yes, the Urban Farmer is virtually always going to deliver mouthwatering experiences, which is why they've opened locations in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Denver.

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The Precinct (Cincinnati)

The Precinct is regarded as the top steakhouse in America by USA Today and Gayot.com. When it comes to customer service, Jeff Ruby, the restaurateur famed for barring well-known people like O.J. Simpson from his locations, is unmatched.

Customers can anticipate an up-close display of some of the restaurant's most well-known dishes at the now-nicknamed "The Jeff Ruby Experience." For instance, the tossed and sautéed alfredo and the flambéed Baked Alaska.

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American Cut Steakhouse (Tribeca)

American Cut Steakhouse is located in Tribeca because it is committed to sustaining the New York dining tradition. The steakhouse staples are served at Marc Forgione's restaurant with contemporary variations.

The American Cut was named one of the "Best Steakhouses in the US" by Travel & Leisure in 2013. Restaurant critics have been particularly thrilled. Then, in 2015, Fox News selected the upscale eatery as the top option in America. It's safe to assume that if ever in New York, one should go.

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Killen's Steakhouse

Since 2006, this steakhouse has been open for business. One can be confident of excellent service given the company's more than ten years of experience. Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Ronnie Killen founded Killen's Steakhouse. They offer a large selection of steaks and give customers several choices.

Wet-aged steaks and dry-aged steaks each have their own area. Exotic meats include Australian and Japanese A5 Wagyu. To round out their outstanding selection, they also offer pan-seared Gulf snapper, chicken fried steak, and mesquite-smoked pork belly. of the top steakhouses in the nation.

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(Boston) Mooo

Despite the absurd moniker, this steakhouse is really serious about its meat. Mooo... urges everyone to start the day with awake and steak by opening at seven in the morning. The beef Wellington, a tenderloin wrapped in a puff pastry of foie gras with spinach and mushroom, is the restaurant's best-selling dish.

The Maine lobster mac & cheese received the most votes among the seafood alternatives. Mooo... offers it all, whether you're in the mood for surf, turf, or a combination of the two!

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Stripsteak is unquestionably one of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas, Nevada, among many others. This restaurant offers both a modern and classic menu. A variety of foods are offered, including oyster platters, Caesar salad, Kaluga caviar "Twinkee," Mishima Reserve beef tataki, tuna "poppers" with crispy rice cakes, and Colorado lamb loin "katsu." All Japanese Wagyu and Angus steaks are cooked over a wood-fired grill. 

To get that scrumptious char flavor, do this. The first steakhouse Michael Mina opened in Las Vegas is this one. He provides the best by fusing years of knowledge and exceptional services.

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Texas' Cattleman's Steakhouse

The menu at Cattleman's Steakhouse is stacked high with meat. Dieter Gerzymisch, the owner, has been focused about delivering the best quality of meats ever since the restaurant opened in 1973. This magnificent steakhouse is located in the Texas city of Fabens. What are they having?

Top sirloin, New York strip, filet, and rib-eye are available here. In this restaurant, the steaks are served with baked potatoes, beans, coleslaw, toast, butter, and sour cream. Without a question, it ranks among the top steakhouses in the nation. What makes Cattleman unique are options like Wagon Master's one-pound T-bone and The Cowgirl's complete two-pound T-bone.

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Going to San Francisco, California, for a trip? If a trip to Harris' Steakhouse is not on the itinerary, the trip is not yet complete. Here, steaks are dry-aged and house-butchered using ingredients from the top farms in the Midwest. The Harris steak, a thick-cut bone-in strip recognized as such, as well as Prime rib and American wagyu rib-eye, are available for ordering here.

For the whole steakhouse experience, this steakhouse mixes potted palms, chandeliers, dark woods, and Chesterfield type booths. It is a fantastic experience of meat love, not just good meat. Is in operation since 1984.

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Meat Market

The coolest of the cool hang out at the meat market in Palm Beach. This business is renowned for its subtle glamor and diverse menu, in contrast to many of the overly opulent restaurants in the neighborhood.

Meat Market is still a top choice even though Miami and Boca Raton are bursting with excellent steakhouses in South Florida. Customers adore the restaurant's '70s aesthetic, which includes the camel leather benches and hand-blown glass lighting.

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Wet-aged for 20 days and then dry-aged for another 20 days: Red A Prime, Certified Angus rib-eye. Who wouldn't want to have that famous steak on their tongue? Well, it is one choice available to customers of Red Steakhouse. Other choices include time-tested favorites like shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, and oysters.

There are dishes with Italian influences including linguini with clam sauce, free-range veal chop parmigiana, and housemade Italian sausage. The fact that Red Steakhouse offers two separate locations is the nicest part. One is in Cleveland, Ohio, and the other is in Miami, Florida. There is a lot to appreciate. This restaurant stands out due to its unique toppings, including blue cheese or bone marrow.

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Charlie Palmer Steak

Anyone who has even a passing interest in steaks or steakhouse chefs is familiar with the renowned Charlie Palmer. He has established top-notch steakhouses in many cities. These include Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and New York City. There are other exquisite Charlie Palmer Steakhouses in Reno, Nevada, and Napa, California.

These steakhouses provide both contemporary and classic steaks on their menus. The Imperial Ranch wagyu strip steak, the 22-bounce bone-in rib-eye, and the porterhouse for two are available options. 

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Gibson's Steakhouse & Bar

What do we have, then? a top-notch steakhouse with a vintage bar to enhance the fun. Gibson's Steakhouse should be on your list of locations to visit if you want prime steaks that are acquired from Midwestern producers and have been matured for at least 40 days, especially if your travels will take you to the stunning city of Chicago in Illinois.

The steakhouse favorites on the vintage menu include a fiery lobster cocktail served in a steamed artichoke. Classic beef cuts including a bone-in filet mignon, a 48-ounce porterhouse, and wedge salad are also available. Martinis, wood paneling, superb services, and much more are included in this.

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GT Prime 

One would enjoy going to this steakhouse with a group. Why? The Carnivore, an 8-ounce dish of sliced American Wagyu, bison tenderloin, deer loin, and beef tenderloin, is what one would order if they wanted to share with friends. To elevate it to an extra level of class is to ask for the wagyu carnivore.

Australian wagyu filet, New York strip, Gabriel Farms American wagyu, and A5 Miyazaki strip are all available at Wagyu Carnivore. Having that experience by themselves would not be appealing. Additionally, 30-day, dry-aged strips and rib-eyes are available for those who prefer to dine alone. One of the city's top steakhouses is GT Prime.

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Spark has endured New York City's challenges for more than 50 years. This is the result of first-rate services and premium steak meats, not just a coincidence. Despite the numerous changes in the culinary world, Spark has kept its traditional appearance and method of serving steak.

A location with a macho attitude and traditional Manhattan design. The filet mignon and a sirloin topped with a mountain of Roquefort are the outstanding choices here. Its cultural method of preparation transports one to a more refined perception of flavor. Explore New York City and savor the delectable steaks that are offered.

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Alexander Steakhouse

Alexander Steakhouse is a steakhouse with perfectly sourced beef that has a lot to offer clients. It is another name on the list of the top steakhouses in the country, and it is located in California, one of the most populated States on the list.

In the city of San Francisco this time. Exotic alternatives including wagyu beef from various Japanese sources are offered at Alexander Steakhouse. A5 Hyogo Kobe and other sources are among them. Additionally available are the 19-ounce T-bone with leek fondue and black garlic miso sauce, and the 12-ounce bone-in filet with butter and caramelized onion glace.

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Al Beirnat's

The combination of Al Beirnat's dark woods, lofty ceilings, and gentle lighting makes it a desirable location. Al Biernat has been in charge of the restaurant from its inception in 1998, accumulating knowledge and enhancing the flavor. One receives such amazing services and is treated like royalty there. There aren't many emotions in the world that can compare to the one that comes from biting into this steakhouse's 22-ounce ribeye filet. A 14-ounce ribeye filet, a Prime New York strip, and a 30-ounce porterhouse are additional choices. On Fridays, there is a prime rib special. The location of this exquisite steakhouse is Dallas, Texas.

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Are you looking for a steakhouse with vintage furnishings? Prime is present. With a breathtaking view of the renowned Bellagio fountains, Tiffany blue velvet drapes, commissioned paintings on the walls, plushly upholstered chairs, and more. Are you looking for a steakhouse that offers a variety of classic steak servings?

Prime is present! Caviar, seared foie gras, Dover sole, and dry-aged bone-in rib eye are all available on the menu. Additionally available is the highly prized A5 certified Japanese Kobe beef. Prime is one of the greatest steakhouses in the nation because to a combination of flavor and services. Plan trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, and make time to stop by the Prime.

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One of the top restaurants & butcher shops in Los Angeles is Gwen. Australian brothers Curtis and Luke Stone designed the hybrid restaurant/shop. Nevertheless, after founding the acclaimed restaurant Maude, this is chef Curtis' second business venture.

Australian influences, like regional duck rillette and black pudding terrines, can be found in the butcher chop. Similar primal vibes are present throughout the restaurant, which is nicely offset by opulent chandeliers.

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Kayne Prime

Here, choices include foie gras, yuzu chimichurri, truffle bearnaise, and bone marrow butter. The steaks are meticulously cooked in a boiler heated to 1200 degrees. The risotto tater tots and macaroni and cheese are further options.

Most people who live in Nashville, Tennessee, have probably heard of M street. They oversee a network of prosperous restaurant organizations in the city. Additionally, they manage this superb steakhouse. It is required to stop by for a taste, and one will undoubtedly conclude that the effort was good.

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St. Elmo Steak House

Like the early 1900s' saloon-style furnishings and decor? The only option left then might be to ride a train back in time. When someone goes to the St. Elmo steakhouse for the first time, exactly that occurs. The restaurant, however, is more than just what the eye can see.

Wet-aged steaks, dry-aged steaks and chops, a wedge salad, traditional shrimp cocktail, and a loaded baked potato are among the selections on the menu. The steakhouse offers aged and classic steaks prepared using modern grilling techniques. This location offers a distinctive steakhouse where one can relive the past while savoring wholesome meats. A 119-year-old steakhouse shouldn't be held to a lower standard. It is quite good.

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Mr. B’s

In the traditional Italian steakhouse Mr. B's, steaks are prepared in a wood-burning oven at high temperatures. It undoubtedly imparts a distinct flavor that is particular to this steakhouse. If you're dining alone, you can select the Angus rib-eye or New York strip.

The 44-ounce porterhouse would be a traditional choice whether dining in pairs or a group. Diane sauce, which is created with brandy, mustard, cream, and mushrooms, is the icing on the culinary cake. In Wisconsin's Brookfield, you may find Mr. B's. The steakhouse is unquestionably one of the best in the nation, despite the fact that this state may not be among the most well-known on the list.

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Steakhouse Oak

Without a doubt, Oak Steakhouse is among the greatest steakhouses in the nation. Each dining experience at the restaurant is mouthwatering due to the extensive variety of selections on the menu. Filets, rib-eyes, and strips are included in the menu's appealing section.

This restaurant, which has been around for more than ten years, is located in Charleston, South Carolina. If you're in town, it's worthwhile to stop by. The steakhouse stands out from the competition with special delicacies including house-made charcuterie, pan-seared sea scallops, and roasted root vegetables.

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Kevin Rathbun Steak

Love the standard fare from steakhouses? For those who prefer the tried-and-true classics, there are choices like escargots, seafood towers, dry aged steaks for two and three, cowboy rib-eye, and 16-ounce New York strips.

Not only that. There is a lengthy number of options not included in the menu. There are additional dishes like Dover sole with field peas and preserved lemon, Sonoma Jack cheese pecan fritters with red pepper jam, and smoked foie gras with red grits and sauce du poivre. At the well-known Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia, you may get Kevin Rathbun steak.

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Boston Chops

Thanks to owner Brian Piccini, a native of Boston, Boston Chops is known for its flawless and surprising nose-to-tail dining. Unlike steakhouses, which are known for serving particular charcuteries, this upscale eatery highlights uncommon cuts such grilled heart, braised tripe, and brined tongue.

Here, the daring meat eater would prosper. If none of those options sound appetizing, Boston Chops' "top chops"—at least 14-ounce slabs of filet mignon and other well-known meats—are the way to go.

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Ringside Steakhouse

Ringside has been a steakhouse renowned for quality and consistent portions for more than seven decades. This steakhouse stands out because of the outstanding services. However, ringside provides more than just first-rate services; the menu features a vast variety of various meats.

There are 28-day dry-aged, hand-cut steaks available. The bone-in New York strip, bone-in rib-eye, and 34-ounce rib-eye are available to sample. The onion rings should absolutely be tried while one is there. This steakhouse has a fantastic wine list as well. Located in the charming Oregonian city of Portland.

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Metropolitan grill 

The Metropolitan grill would be a favorite of anyone who enjoys searing steak over hot mesquite charcoal. The steaks have been perfectly dry-aged. Exotic selections such a Dungeness crab cocktail, New York strip loin, porterhouse, and chateaubriand can be found on the menu.

The award-winning martinis in the steakhouse's classic bar round out the unique experiences that patrons might have. With crown moldings, large booths, beef on show, high ceilings, and so much more, the setting is spectacular. This steakhouse is situated in Seattle, Washington, a gorgeous and hip city.

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The availability of five distinct roasted mushroom assortments is truly remarkable. Craftsteak Steakhouse, however, has a ton more to offer. The majority of people that live in Las Vegas, Nevada would concur that this is one of the top steakhouses in the area.

There is a large selection of domestic meals as well as Japanese Wagyu, New York strip, and Angus that has been dry aged on site. There are about eight different steaks on the menu here. One of Tom Colicchio's vast empire of crafts is this. If one is in the area, it is absolutely worth a visit.

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Here is a classic steakhouse with warm white atmosphere, red leather booths, and picturesque paintings. There is more to this restaurant than just appealing aesthetics; the design is amazing as well. Along with the authentic Japanese wagyu rib-eye from Miyazaki Prefecture, there is the Prime Creekstone Farms rib-eye.
They are roasted over charcoal made from white oak and mesquite. Anyone traveling to Beverly Hills in California can expect to experience this high level of entertainment and scenery. Additionally, there are several seafood options, including grilled swordfish, Alaskan king crab, Louisiana shrimp Louis, and much more. 

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Oklahoma's Cattleman's Steakhouse

There are many "Cattleman's Steakhouse" restaurants around the nation. A reality that would be revealed by this list very shortly. But this specific Cattleman's is situated in Oklahoma's capital city of Oklahoma City. But that is not what makes it unique. The 109-year history of this steakhouse sets it apart from the competition.

In Oklahoma, the steaks at Cattleman are grilled over a roaring charcoal fire and served with natural jus. To get one's grove going, one may eat sliced and deep-fried lamb testicles. The T-bone is lined up and ready to be savored if that is finished. A piece of homemade pie can be served to complete this.

Depositphotos_185059704_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webpSteakhouse Hy's

What alternatives are available at Hy's Steak House? I guess a lot. Rib-eye, filet mignon, T-bone, boneless or bone in New York strip, and many other dishes are available with or without bones.

Since it opened more than 40 years ago, this restaurant has been serving USDA Prime in the lovely city of Honolulu. Another intriguing aspect is the use of local kiawe wood for grilling the meat. This imparts a rich, smokey flavor to the meat that provides the palate a long-lasting sense of pleasure. Another excellent steakhouse in America is this one.

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Texas-raised, all-natural meat dishes are served at Chef John Tesar's upmarket steakhouse. From speciality cuts including beef tongue, Akaushi meat, and chuck flap to dry-aged portions of beef, hog, and lamb.

Additionally, caviar, bacon-rimmed bone marrow, and Knife's famous C-Vap burgers are available. It is advised not to order too much food for the main course because "Chocolate & Coffee" for dessert is a top pick. Do you like the sound of chocolate coffee ganache with whipped milk and coffee ice cream?

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Georgia James Steakhouse

Georgia James is a well-known name in American culinary discussions. He is well-known for operating various culinary businesses. However, since he entered the steakhouse industry, his notoriety and repute have not been impacted in any way.

This steakhouse has been serving customers for more than five years and has kept the bar high for those in the neighborhood. It is situated in Houston, Texas, one of the nation's meatiest cities. The Black Angus producer in Cameron, Texas provides the dry-aged and wet-aged steaks for the dishes. There is also a 100-day fire-grilled Hanger steak available.

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Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House

Looking for a rare, uncommon, and unconventional steakhouse? The best place to be is at Chamberlain's. The steakhouse kicks off the meat experience with a fantastic selection of appetizers, including creative steakhouse fare like ahi tuna poke with sesame ponzu and fresh pea soup with smoked pig belly and Vermont cheddar.

Additionally offered are Texas wagyu to amp up the thrill. On the menu, there are around 16 different steak alternatives. The 14-ounce Texas wagyu rib-eye and the 40-day dry-aged filet mignon are both available. Since 1993, this steakhouse has been operating in Dallas, Texas.

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Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

One would require a map or guide to Dickie Brennan's restaurant if they were planning to savor Prime steaks while visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. Six private dining rooms, a chic bar, and a traditional setting are all ready to greet a large number of devoted patrons.

The menu includes dishes like a 16-ounce strip that is seared in a cast iron skillet, a 6-ounce house filet that is topped with fried oysters and bearnaise sauce, and many others. The USDA has authorized every steak served here.

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Guard and Grace

Downtown Denver's steakhouse run by chef Troy Guard truly stands out from the competition. The chic 9,000 square foot property has one of the largest patios in the city, along with a massive wine cellar, raw bar, and open kitchen.

Diners may watch their wood-fired delicacies being cooked while sipping wine in opulent lounge chairs. What more is there to ask for? Maybe a separate dining room? There's no need to worry because this large restaurant also has that.

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From Chicago, Illinois, comes yet another renowned steakhouse. This city enjoys its steaks to the fullest. There is little doubt that this has increased rivalry among the city's several steakhouses. The choice is yours: excel or go out of business.

One of the best is unquestionably MAPLE & ASH. They provide a unique selection of steaks, such Pittsburg Wagyu filet mignon and 80-day dry-aged New York strip. The Eisenhower, a 40-ounce porterhouse grilled directly over coals, is one of the rarest. It is a unique location for enjoyable occasions due to the incentive of providing something no one else would.

MAPLE & ASH.jpg?format=webp@TriedForMitchcraft/reddit.com

Jess & Jim’s Steak House

If one is looking for a traditional steakhouse with years of experience while in Kansas City, Missouri, Jess & Jim's Steak House meets all the requirements. Since 1938, the restaurant has been run and owned by a family.

Every day, the beef is hand-cut, and the trimmings are pulverized into some of the tastiest burgers in the country. What makes Jess & Jim's unique? The steaks can be enjoyed without spice. For various order kinds, the original flavor is preserved. The "Playboy Strip" is one of the menu's highlights. This 25-ounce sirloin weighs two inches thick. Absolutely, the experience is worthwhile.

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Steak fans are aware that New Orleans holds its steakhouses to extraordinarily high standards. Chophouse continues to make waves with a variety of USDA Prime steaks, including its well-known 40-ounce porterhouse, despite the competition.

The chefs at Chophouse are renowned for their cutting-edge methods and superior cuisine. In fact, this classic eatery received the greatest reviews of any steakhouse in New Orleans.

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Cattleman’s Club in South Dakota

It is not surprising to see such a traditional steakhouse in the South Dakotan capital of Pierre. Cattleman's Club combines price and quality. It is among the best affordable steakhouses in the nation. In its 30 years of operation, the menu has evolved a little, but the restaurant's commitment to heavenly flavor has not.

Porterhouses, prime ribs, and top sirloins come in various ounce sizes on the menu. There are also seasoning-rubbed T-bone and bone-in rib-eyes available. The Chislic is also an option if one is feeling very alive. This dish consists of a mixture of house-seasoned, deep-fried sirloin pieces. What's this? The local delicacy in South Dakota is chislic.

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Stock Hill Steakhouse

One enjoys the excellent service and delectable cuisine here. Depending on the type of steak, the steaks are meticulously sourced from premium farms, hand-selected, matured for 30 days, and from various ranches.

One might savor the imperial Beef Wagyu Kansas City strip from Omaha, Nebraska, or the wet-aged bone-in rib-eye from Quenemo in Kansas. Stock Hill is one of the greatest steakhouses in the area thanks to their smoking hill cocktails and hickory-smoked ice. This location, which is in Kansas City, Missouri, provides more than meets the eye. It combines first-rate service with beautiful landscapes.

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Edge Steak and Bar

This fantastic restaurant offers a wide range of choices. Foie gras and truffle bonbons are an option. The Creekstone prime porterhouse from grain-fed cattle is an additional choice. What about Southern Australian filet that has been grass-fed? These are also offered. There is also Imperial Real Wagyu from Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture on the menu.

Fans of prime rib-eye can also indulge in the 100-day dry-aged version. Surely enough will remain for everyone to finish what they want. One of those locations that people describe as "life-changing" is this one. A large selection of cocktails are available at Edge Steak and Bar to soothe one's thirst. Miami, Florida is where Edge Steak and Bar is situated.

Edge Steak and Bar.jpg?format=webp@bovinejabronie/reddit.com

Steakhouse Pappas Brothers

One of the top steakhouses in America, Pappas Bros. should not be missed by anyone visiting Dallas or Houston in Texas. Why is it the case? A steakhouse is undoubtedly in the running for "best steakhouse" when its menu boasts more than 3,000 alternatives for steak.

One can savor Prime beef that has been bone-in or bone-out and dry-aged in-house for at least 28 days. A Texas Akaushi filet mignon, an 18-ounce bone-in New York strip, and an 8-ounce filet mignon are further choices. Salt, pepper, and some butter are used to season the steaks. a full-fledged experience of a steakhouse.

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Tampa's Bern's Steakhouse demands a unique culinary adventure. One can pair one of the largest wine options in the world with well-aged (from five to eight weeks) steaks. You don't think so? Even cellar excursions are given to visitors.

To prevent clients from ordering too little or too much, the meat is also priced based on the cut and density. The excellent dining experience at Bern's is referred to as a "gastronomic adventure." Sounds like the stuff of food lovers' dreams, no?


St Anselm

This steakhouse has received several honors, and rightfully so. They are dedicated to providing the greatest services at the most reasonable price. The show-stopping Piedmontese Rib-eye and steaks with garlic butter are available.

These beef slices were finished on grass. Because of this creative approach, the owner is known as "Danny Meyer of Williamsburg." Previously, a restaurant writer had described St. Anselm as "Keens for the Millennial set." It is worthwhile to visit this restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, and take full advantage of the experience.

St Anselm.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/reddit.com

Laurelhurst Market

A must-see for everyone visiting the Oregon city of Portland. This is especially true if the person in question like beef that is raised nearby. Snake River Farm Wagyu Coulette with a magnificent charred green onion sauce is one of the selections at this steakhouse.

This is prepared with Cottage Grove grass-fed beef. For those who like to stay safe with the classic and customary choices, different ounces of rib-eye are also offered. With more than ten years of expertise, Laurelhurst can provide the greatest client service.

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Baltaire is a Celtic word that meaning "warrior" and "strength"; however, don't be misled by the name; this modern steakhouse in Brentwood is chic and welcoming. While enjoying the double-sided fireplace, customers can expect the highest grade steaks.

The restaurant's floor to ceiling glass architecture also makes it possible to observe Executive Chef Travis Strickland and his staff in action. Enjoy a glass of wine while watching your premium cut get cooked to perfection.

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Del Frisco's

Despite having its roots in Dallas, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse's midtown Manhattan location makes the list as one of the top places to get steak in the Big Apple. The eatery is praised for maintaining the classic steakhouse atmosphere.

Expect to see businessmen in suits and tourists from all around the world dining at this well-known restaurant. Del Frisco's is also conveniently located close to Rockefeller Center. perhaps a well-known couple?

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RPM Steak

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, owners of the RPM Steak Power brand, joined forces with the family-run restaurant firm Lettuce Entertain You to open another another steakhouse for Chicago residents. However, RPM Steak has been a huge hit thanks to its trendy, contemporary twist.

It's not surprising to learn that RPM Steak is one of the greatest restaurants in the city given that the menu features over two dozen cuts of beef that are shipped from the best butchers in the globe. Additionally, RPM Italian and RPM Seafood's sibling restaurants are located nearby.

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