50 Parents Talk About Their Children's Paranormal Encounters

20 Apr 2023

Kids with exceptional skills are especially special to those who believe in the otherworldly. These youngsters, sometimes known as indigo children, are thought to possess some paranormal abilities, such as psychic perception, precognition, sickness detection, and clairvoyance. These remarkable youngsters, who are frequently thought to be haunted or possessed, have been the subject of TV shows. Others think the whole thing is simply a little bit of fun, while some individuals think these kids are super-evolved humans. Read on to make your own decision. 

1. It’s really wild!

It is unclear how a young child who had never heard of the Titanic could describe the ship in great detail.  It's possible that the youngster was exposed to Titanic-related knowledge through books, movies, or other forms of media. They might have picked up on this knowledge accidentally and then remembered it when asked about the ship. Additionally, without any prior knowledge of the Titanic, the child can have invented a tale about the ship using their imagination and inventiveness. We can find only such an explanation for this story.

It’s really wild.jpg?format=webp@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone (Part 2)/ Daily Humor/YouTube.com

2. Shocking drawing!

This story is as amazing as the rest! However, perhaps the child simply dreamed of having twins in their family. It's such a thrill! Double the games, fun, and communication! Of course, it may not be easy for parents to cope with so many children. But over time, you can learn everything. Of course, lovers of mystical themes will find a sign from above in this drawing! But everyone decides what to believe. By the way, mystic believers hail from a diverse spectrum of intellectual, theological, and cultural traditions.

Shocking drawing.jpg?format=webp
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3. Not glamorous Paris…

Young children frequently say things that appear strange or unexpected. Children have vivid imaginations, and their stories have the power to astound adults. It's crucial to keep an open mind when a child makes comments as the woman's niece made. It's possible that the kid is mixing together imagination and reality. But in any case, we suspect that the tour of Paris has become less enjoyable after the child said that he once had his head cut off near the Eiffel Tower. It's hard to relax after something like that, isn't it?

Not glamorous Paris....jpg?format=webp
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4. Deceased brother Jon

At the moments when the child says that your deceased relative conveys that he loves you, you can fall into a stupor! However, for people who believe in the other world, these words can support them. After all, when you believe that a loved one did not just die, but went to a better world and found peace there, then your soul becomes easier. Some people think there is an afterlife that continues after death, while others think reincarnation or the existence of a spiritual world is possible.

Deceased brother Jon.jpg?format=webp
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5. Have your kids ever seen ghosts?

There are a lot of stories when children talk about seeing ghosts! Of course, this can scare parents. It's important not to forget that children have rich imaginations and sometimes they create imaginary friends, ghosts, or other supernatural creatures. In some cases, a child may be experiencing psychological distress or trauma that causes them to see or imagine ghosts. This could be a symptom of a larger issue, such as anxiety or a dissociative disorder.  Providing reassurance and support is important to help the child feel safe and secure.

Have your kids ever seen ghosts.jpg?format=webp
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6. So creepy!

Yes, if we were the parents of this child, we would feel uncomfortable too! In such situations, I want to turn on logic in order to at least somehow come to my senses. A child may see or hear something in the forest that they don't understand, and they may interpret it as a sign that the forest requires a sacrifice. For example, they may hear the sounds of animals or insects and think that they are being called to make an offering. If your child says scary things, you can talk to him about it and ask why the child is saying that.

So creepy.jpg?format=webp
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7. Shock!

Of course, at such moments, parents can be speechless! Some adults who believe in mysticism begin to consider that their children can actually communicate with deceased relatives. If the child has recently lost their grandmother, they may be coping with the grief and processing their emotions in their own way. They may feel comforted by the thought of their grandmother being with them in some way, even if it's in spirit form. But if a child has never seen his grandmother and at the same time somehow felt that something belongs to her, then this, to put it mildly, is inexplicable!

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8. It is good that the mother of this child did not lose consciousness!

Well, let's hope this sweet girl was joking and doesn't see any monsters! However, to tell the truth, there is a lot of evidence that children see creatures from the other world... Creepy!

8. It is good that the mother of this child did not lose consciousness!.jpg?format=webp@YeahLikeTheGroundhog/Reddit.com

9. And how to come to your senses after this?

Many expect only positive emotions from the celebration of Christmas. This is really a great time - the whole family is together at the same table, and you can chat for hours and eat delicious holiday dishes! However, even at such moments, children can strike with shocking words, as happened in this story. Shadows, reflections, and even pets can occasionally be mistaken for ghosts. It's critical to look around the kid to see if there are any other possible explanations for what they are experiencing.

And how to come to your senses after this.jpg?format=webp
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10. The child sees the ghost of an animal!

It is difficult to call it an ordinary coincidence that the child saw a completely identical dog, which was earlier in this family. Amazing! Skeptics will say that the boy must have accidentally seen a photo or video of this dog somewhere. However, those who believe in the paranormal will say that the child could see the ghost of a dog! While some people think that only humans have souls, others think that all living things, including dogs, have souls or spirits that live on after death. Ultimately, one's personal beliefs and interpretations will determine if dogs have souls.

The child sees the ghost of an animal.jpg?format=webp
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11. Not every screenwriter will come up with such a story!

Many of us in childhood believed that someone lives under the bed or in the closet. Some children are even afraid of all sorts of evil entities that can be in the house when it's dark. However, you don't have to worry about this. Let the child know that they are safe and that there is no monster under the bed or in the closet. Provide comfort and support to help alleviate any anxiety or fear. If the child's belief persists or is causing distress, it may be helpful to address any underlying issues. For example, you may speak with a mental health professional who can provide support.

Not every screenwriter will come up with such a story.jpg?format=webp
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12. And how to fall asleep after such words?

We don't know which lady this kid was referring to, but it's getting creepy anyway! I wonder if the mother of this girl can sleep peacefully after these words.  Anyway, it is important to approach the topic with sensitivity and to take the child's experiences seriously, regardless of whether or not ghosts or the paranormal are believed to be real. If your child not only talks about ghosts, but is also afraid of them, then it’s better to leave a nightlight on, let your child sleep with a favorite stuffed animal, or develop a relaxing bedtime routine.

And how to fall asleep after such words.jpg?format=webp
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13. The child remembered how he died in a past life!

Hearing stories from your own child about how he died in a past life is a real nightmare! It would be much more pleasant to listen to what cartoons the child wants to watch in the evening, wouldn’t it?

13. The child remembered how he died in a past life!.jpg?format=webp@Ol_Dirt/Reddit.com

14. Scary compliment!

Of course, every mother is pleased to hear from her child the words that she is the best mother in the world! However, when a child remembers his "previous mother"... It can be very scary! The duration of memories of a past life is a topic that is subject to much debate and speculation. While there is no clear scientific evidence to support the concept of reincarnation or the ability to remember past lives, some people (mostly children) claim to have vivid memories of events and experiences from a previous life.

Scary compliment.jpg?format=webp@Times Kids Told Incredibly Creepy Things/ Happy Land/YouTube.com

15. A mother needs to start investigating!

If the parents aren't skeptical, then after their child says their past life name, they can start investigating! For example, try to find a deceased person, what a child appears to be, in the archives. Moreover, there are stories when parents really find information that a person with a specific name, which the child calls, once really lived. Sometimes children even name the cause of death of this person, as they supposedly were in a past life! Sounds creepy!

A mother needs to start investigating.jpg?format=webp
@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone (Part 2)/ Daily Humor/YouTube.com

16. Conversations with the dead

What would you do if you were sure that your child could communicate with deceased relatives? Some people really believe that this is possible. Children are said to be more open to paranormal encounters and other events. This might be a result of their still-developing brains being more receptive to new knowledge and experiences, as well as their lack of cynicism. However, many parents believe that children just have a good imagination and nothing more. And what do you think about this?

Conversations with the dead.jpg?format=webp
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17. The story is not for the faint of heart!

Well, if you believe that the child really remembered that in a past life, he died in Pompeii, then it was really a terrible death. By the way, there are no specific records of the population of the city in 79 AD, hence it is uncertain how many people perished in Pompeii following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, estimates indicate that at the time of the eruption, between 10,000 and 25,000 people may have been residing in Pompeii and near it. The majority of Pompeii's inhabitants, as well as those in the nearby towns and villages, are thought to have perished in the eruption's pyroclastic flows and ash fall. Sounds terrible!

The story is not for the faint of heart.jpg?format=webp
@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone (Part 2)/ Daily Humor/YouTube.com

18. A child with strong intuition

It's no secret that many children have a stronger intuition than adults. And sometimes children can predict terrible things, for example, the death of relatives. They absolutely do not care what anyone thinks about them, so they are used to voicing even the most terrible thoughts, which sometimes come true! We want to note that children are more likely to respond to the environment in a more genuine and unfiltered way since they have not yet fully integrated into cultural norms and expectations. They have not yet got the ability to brush off or explain away thoughts that do not align with their worldview.

A child with strong intuition.jpg?format=webp
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19. Laughter for no reason

The fact that a child laughs for no reason and constantly looks at the same corner of the room can seriously alert some parents. However, in this story, the mother believes that her daughter communicates with deceased relatives in this way. Moreover, some people are so eager to talk with the dead that they even take risks. Some people use techniques such as mediumship, and other spiritual practices to attempt to communicate with the dead. Of course, many charlatans have arisen on this basis, who swindle people for money and pretend to communicate with the dead.

Laughter for no reason.jpg?format=webp
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20. Another young psychic!

Well, in this mystical story, we will again try to turn on the logic. It's probable that the child has heard stories or discussions about their deceased relatives in the household. Even if the youngster never saw their deceased family, they may have been mentioned in stories or seen pictures that clearly show who they are. Moreover, a kid might occasionally be able to recognize a deceased relative from an image using visual cues. They might see a family resemblance between themselves and the relative, or they might spot a distinguishing characteristic or piece of clothing the relative was wearing.

Another young psychic.jpg?format=webp
@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone (Part 2)/ Daily Humor/YouTube.com

21. Psychic Child

Of course, such stories make the blood freeze in the veins! It is hard to imagine how a child could guess such things! Perhaps this is indeed a small psychic. By the way, listening without judgment or skepticism is important if the child shares their mystic experiences with you. Allow the child to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings. Psychic experiences can be overwhelming and scary for a child, so providing reassurance and support is important. Let the child know you are there to help them.

Psychic Child.jpg?format=webp
@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone/Happy Land/YouTube.com

22. Rich imagination or mysticism?

We don’t know how a baby could say such a thing to a mom, but it sounds amazing! Perhaps the child heard something similar on television or somewhere else. However, in some spiritual beliefs, it is believed that the soul or spirit of an unborn child can choose their parents or even the circumstances of their birth. This belief is often linked to the concept of reincarnation and the idea that souls may have a say in their next life. Therefore, if the parents of a child believe in this, then they will definitely not be scared by the words of their baby that he chose his mother before his birth.

Rich imagination or mysticism.jpg?format=webp
@The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said That We Do Not Recommend Reading Alone/Happy Land/YouTube.com

23. How is this possible?

Another shocking story! It is difficult to find a logical explanation for how a child could say such mystical things. We doubt that his mother told anyone the story about her father, who gave her a stuffed rabbit at their last meeting. Some people believe that a child saying that they used to be someone else, such as their father, may be a sign of a past life memory or a past life experience. This is sometimes referred to as reincarnation or rebirth, which is a belief that some cultures and religions hold that a person's soul can return to a new body after death.

How is this possible.jpg?format=webp
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24. Coincidence or evidence that children see ghosts?

Old houses often evoke thoughts that ghosts can live in them. However, children hardly think about it. Therefore, when they begin to tell stories about seeing some entities, the parents decide that the child has a rich imagination. However, some parents who believe in the paranormal listen to their children and investigate further. In this way, evidence can be found that some children can actually see things that adults cannot see. So sometimes listening carefully to your children is very interesting, and sometimes frightening!

Coincidence or evidence that children see ghosts.jpg?format=webp
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25. It's time to call the Ghostbusters!

It's one thing when children talk about ghosts - everything can be attributed to their imagination. However, if you saw something mystical with your own eyes, then it can scare you even more. It can be frightening to see something that you can't explain, but it's important to try to remain calm and avoid panicking. It's better to take a moment to assess the situation and try to determine whether what you saw was actually a ghost or if there could be another explanation. Perhaps you saw a glare from the sun or a shadow from a tree.

It's time to call the Ghostbusters.jpg?format=webp
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26. Poor child

When a child tells such things, then parents urgently need to do something that will calm their child. If a child constantly describes the same image that scares him, perhaps he saw it in a scary movie or somewhere else. To calm your child you can engage him or her in an activity or game that can help take their mind off their fear. It can be a game, watching a funny cartoon, or a walk in the fresh air. These things can help them relax and feel more comfortable.

Poor child.jpg?format=webp
@Times Kids Told Incredibly Creepy Things/ Happy Land/YouTube.com

27. Amazing!

As you already understood, there are a lot of situations when children appear to be dead relatives. According to Michael Newton (clinical psychologist and author who has written extensively on the topic of the afterlife and the journey of the soul. In his books, including "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls), the transmigration of the soul is a natural process that occurs after physical death. He suggests that the soul, or consciousness, continues on after death and goes through a process of review, healing, and planning for the next life. If you believe this, then the soul of the deceased grandfather could be reborn in the body of a grandson.

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28. Don't be mean to kids!

Of course, children should never be offended. But even the strictest parents can become more loyal if their child tells them that his spirit friends will punish their parents if something happens. Well, it can be concluded that the child who told his parents about spirit friends has a good imagination or a sense of humor! And supporters of mysticism will believe in the superpowers of this child. Also, the child could talk about imaginary friends which are a normal and healthy part of many children's development and can provide opportunities for your child to learn, explore, and grow.

Don't be mean to kids.jpg?format=webp
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29. Horribly!

It's one thing when children talk about imaginary friends and "spirits" with glee and quite another when a child says that he has "men who speak loudly and disturb his sleep" in his room. By the way, hearing voices can be distressing and confusing for a child. It's important to take their concerns seriously and seek help from a specialist who can help evaluate your child's symptoms and provide appropriate treatment recommendations. Also, you can teach your child healthy ways to cope with stress and difficult emotions, such as art.

@Times Kids Told Incredibly Creepy Things/ Happy Land/YouTube.com

30. Such stories will scare anyone!

What a nightmare! We are afraid to even imagine what, or rather who, this child could see on that evil chair. I wonder if ghost hunters still exist. I'd like to call a couple!

30. Such stories will scare anyone!.jpg?format=webp@michaelchondria/Reddit.com

31. A sense of the spirits

Oh my God! What kind of horror is this? At such moments, I would like to hope that the children who say such terrible things simply have too much imagination. However, this is not always the case...

31. A sense of the spirits.jpg?format=webp@labeille/Reddit.com

32. Gift of Divination

It is unlikely that this story was a coincidence. Most likely, this child may really have the gift of prediction or very well developed intuition!

Gift of Divination.jpg?format=webp@Skeletor6669/Reddit.com

33. Frost on the skin

The topic of reincarnation and transmigration of souls is very mystical and at the same time extremely interesting! Indeed, some children tell their parents about their past lives. Don't fear it - take a pen and write an interesting story!

Frost on the skin.jpg?format=webp@DecidedlyUnnecessary/Reddit.com

34. Frightening sky

This is such a mystical story about twins! We wonder if they conspired before telling their mother such horrors. By the way, we doubt it! We think they really have the gift of seeing the other world.

Frightening sky.jpg?format=webp@HyperionWinsAgain/Reddit.com

35. Creepy nightmare

We are afraid to even imagine who a 16-month-old child could see in his room! However, judging by this story, it is not for nothing that they say that children can see ghosts.

Creepy nightmare.jpg?format=webp@linham18/Reddit.com

36. Terrible coincidence

When one child says mystical things it's scary! But when, after 8 years, another child repeats the same mystical things, it can lead to madness! Just chills!

Terrible coincidence.jpg?format=webp@MistahZig/Reddit.com

37. Returning to Visit

What a nightmare! It would be better if this girl talked about her father, and not about the boy without arms. We are afraid to even imagine how children feel when they see such horrible things!

37. Returning to Visit.jpg?format=webp@saskia3679/Reddit.com

38. Children Can Tell

Judging by this story, sometimes miracles really do happen to children. How else can you explain this story? And for some reason, we believe that this child is telling the truth and not fantasizing.

38. Children Can Tell.jpg?format=webp@Karrottz/Reddit.com

39. Memories from the past

Would you like to have memories from past lives? Or perhaps you don't believe in it at all? We think that on the one hand, it would be very interesting, but on the other - very scary.

Memories from the past.jpg?format=webp@LottieVonWhat/Reddit.com

40. We don't envy this family

Of course, hearing such horrors from a child is a real test! We wouldn’t wish this on anyone! However, if you are faced with such horror, you should console your child and under no circumstances pretend that nothing happened.

We don't envy this family.jpg?format=webp@dreadowntown/Reddit.com

41. Hello alien!

Indeed, why not mistake an alien for almost your best friend? Yes, sometimes children really frighten their parents with their reactions. We hope that this child simply watched cartoons and did not see the alien in reality.

Hello alien!.jpg?format=webp@shoneone/Reddit.com

42. The Little Predictor

According to certain beliefs, after death, we will all really meet in heaven. If you think about it this way, then death may not seem so scary. What do you think?

42. The Little Predictor.jpg?format=webp@Nai75/Reddit.com

43. Complete shock!

With such children, there is no need to watch thrillers - life is already full of unpredictable things! It’s amazing, how did the child know such details about the structure of the tank? We are beginning to believe in reincarnation more and more!

Complete shock!.jpg?format=webp@tikoloshee/Reddit.com

44. This is very alarming!

Of course, there is little pleasure in watching your baby mysteriously look at one point. What is the child watching? We can only guess, however, most likely there really is something mystical there!

This is very alarming!.jpg?format=webp@LaskaBear/Reddit.com

45. Horror movie in reality

We have heard many stories about children seeing ghosts. But the story about the people within the walls is something new, and at the same time very frightening!

Horror movie in reality.jpg?format=webp@Torquora/Reddit.com

46. Talking to the dead

If someone wants to talk with the dead, it is not necessary to go to a witch or psychic. As you can see, sometimes it is enough to turn to a gifted child who can see more than other people.

46. Talking to the dead.jpg?format=webp@omgzombies08/Reddit.com

47. And how is this possible?

We don't know about you, but we wouldn't be very happy to hear from our own child such shocking details from his past life. We don’t know if this is true or fiction, but it sounds creepy!

And how is this possible.jpg?format=webp@tryinghealthrny/Reddit.com

48. Not a moment of peace

In moments when a child says such frightening things, you can forget about everything in the world! In such situations, you are no longer interested in either relaxing or watching a TV series. You just want to quickly find out what or who exactly the child saw.

Not a moment of peace.jpg?format=webp

49. Scary friend

As you can see, children's drawings do not always look harmless. Sometimes children frighten with their mystical knowledge and paranormal actions.

Scary friend.jpg?format=webp@dcm22895/Reddit.com

50. Boo!

Of course, after such words from a child, anyone will not be able to sleep! We wouldn’t sleep after that for at least several days! What terrifying things children sometimes say...We don’t want anyone to experience this!