45+ Basic But Ingenious Design Ideas

14 Apr 2023

Design solutions that are simple are incredibly useful and efficient, as they can optimize the available space within a house and make both the dwelling and yard appear tidier and more organized. In addition to resolving minor issues, these solutions also enhance the aesthetic appearance of many things around them. Ingenious and uncomplicated ideas can provide inspiration and excitement for improving the use of space and discovering innovative approaches for crafting your own unique design.

1.Unique design

Looking to give your kids' clothes an interesting and unique design? Start with a white T-shirt. Grab an embroidery hoop and stretch a piece of nylon fabric over it, cut it from pantyhose if available, and secure it in place. Draw, for example, a unicorn. Then color it, and let it dry. Next, insert a piece of cardboard into the t-shirt and place the hoop over it. Apply fabric paint and spread it evenly over the design. Voilà! Your design is now transferred onto the t-shirt, ready to impress.

Unique design.jpg?format=webp@42 GENIUS HACKS THAT WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

2. Gadget holder

An excellent and cost-effective idea involves repurposing egg cartons. Many of us tend to keep the boxes in which our eggs come because we feel guilty throwing them away – they may come in handy later on. However, hoarding these cartons can cause clutter in your space. You can utilize them as a stand for your phone or tablet, or even as a display for framed photos or artwork. This solution is practical, inexpensive, and adds a unique touch to your room's design.

Gadget holder.jpg?format=webp@42 GENIUS HACKS THAT WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

3. Useful space 

It's a brilliant idea to install a shelf above the doors. Not only will it create additional storage, but it can also serve as a decorative element in your room. This idea is particularly useful in smaller spaces where every inch of storage counts. To make a shelf above your door, you can use wood planks, brackets, and screws. It is a great way to optimize your space. 

Useful space .jpg?format=webp@29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living/Jansen's DIY/ YouTube.com 

4. Way to renew broken Christmas decorations 

Frequently, the fastenings of Christmas decorations break, leaving the decoration intact but with no way to hang it on the tree. Should you throw away the ornament? No. Take a regular paper clip, straighten it out, and insert it into the spot where the fastening used to be. The result will be a hook that will securely hold your decoration on the holiday tree, bringing you aesthetic satisfaction.

Way to renew broken Christmas decorations.jpg?format=webp@42 GENIUS HACKS THAT WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

5. Blanket’s place 

A blanket is one of the favorite things in a bedroom. However, it usually takes up a lot of space. When a blanket is lying on the bed or chair, it loses its aesthetic appeal, and the impression of untidiness arises. Purchase a basket organizer that can even have wheels for convenience to be movable. Place the organizer under the bed, previously putting the blanket there. Now, it will be within reach and will not clutter the space.

Blanket’s place .jpg?format=webp@29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living/Jansen's DIY/ YouTube.com 

6. Sofa with a secret

Furniture with pull-out drawers is a design solution that can effectively declutter your living space. For instance, a sleek modern sofa not only doubles as a bed but also features pull-out drawers for added convenience. With multiple compartments, you can store clothing and footwear that's out of season, freeing up space in your closet and reducing the load on your shoe rack. By implementing such simple solutions, you can keep your living space organized and uncluttered.

Sofa with a secret.jpg?format=webp@Top Storage Ideas For Tiny Homes/Living Big In A Tiny House/ YouTube.com

7. Perfect transformation 

Ordinary woven baskets can suddenly transform into shelves if attached to the wall, whether it's in the bathroom or kitchen. Everything depends on your needs and imagination. This item is convenient and easy to use. You can stack towels or place hygiene products on such shelves, for example. In addition, they look very stylish and can decorate your home. The natural texture of the woven material can add warmth and a cozy feel to a room. They can also be used in creative ways, such as holding small potted plants or displaying decorative items.

Perfect transformation .jpg?format=webp@29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living/Jansen's DIY/ YouTube.com 

8. Hiding place on the floor

Private homes offer many interesting designer tricks. How do you feel about a secret hiding place on the floor? It will not only not spoil the external appearance of your home but will also become a kind of lifesaver. You can place baskets with products, conservation, or tools inside the hiding place. If you install a lock on the door, the secret shelf can even turn into a safe for valuables. To avoid catching the hiding place, you can cover it with a rug.

Hiding place on the floor.jpg?format=webp@Top Storage Ideas For Tiny Homes/Living Big In A Tiny House/ YouTube.com

9. Magic organizer 

A bathroom is a magical place not only for the body but also for the soul. Here, you can find a whole pile of bottles, from creams to cotton pads. Very often, they clutter up the entire bathroom – from shelves to bathtub rims. If you're familiar with this problem, it's time to get a fabric organizer with pockets that can be hung on the door. Now you can confidently place your bath products in this organizer. Have you noticed how much space you've freed up? Now spending time in the bathroom will become even more enjoyable.

Magic organizer .jpg?format=webp@10 CLEVER HOME ORGANIZATION IDEAS + STORAGE HACKS/Kristen McGowan/ YouTube.com

10. Can cabinet 

Every home requires a trash bin, but it's not exactly a piece of decor. Fortunately, crafty individuals have discovered an ingenious way to solve this problem by making the bin invisible while keeping it accessible. If you have some DIY skills, you can construct a customized cabinet to house the bin. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a pre-made cabinet. The key is to ensure that the bin is securely attached to the door and can be easily opened. This will minimize your contact with the trash and make it effortless to replace the trash bags.

Can cabinet .jpg?format=webp@Yes Dear... Hide Away Garbage Can Cabinet/Kraftmade/ YouTube.com

11. Cost-effective solution for the space of the shelves

Shelves are a universal and very convenient thing, but they are not always spacious enough. There is an easy way to increase the amount of space and store the necessary items without creating a mess on the shelf. Special dividers will come in handy, which simply insert and effectively divide the space. Now your things will not get mixed up. They are typically made of sturdy materials like plastic or metal and come in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of shelves. Using dividers is a practical and cost-effective solution for maximizing the space on your shelves.

Cost-effective solution for the space of the shelves.jpg?format=webp@10 CLEVER HOME ORGANIZATION IDEAS + STORAGE HACKS/Kristen McGowan/ YouTube.com

12. Polka-dot design

If you're dreaming of an interesting design for the walls of your home and plan to do it yourself, we have a great idea for you. Take some bubble wrap and wrap it around a paint roller. Choose your desired paint color and get to work. As a result, you'll get a fun polka-dot design. It will turn out very original and fresh. This DIY technique is a simple and inexpensive way to add some character to any room in your house. You can also experiment with different sizes of bubble wrap to create a variety of dot sizes and textures.

Polka-dot design.jpg?format=webp@18 WALL PAINTING HACKS AND DESIGN IDEAS YOU WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

13. Bottle-lamp 

Countless nightlights and lamps for home decor are always available on store shelves. These fixtures not only provide illumination but also elevate the visual charm of your residence. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast with knowledge of lamp-making techniques, creating an original homemade nightlight should be easy for you. Using wood and a bottle, you can craft a lamp with a great designer's touch. The lamp's design will be both simple, using practical everyday materials, and unusual, making it stand out from the crowd. With enough practice, you could even start creating and selling these unique nightlights.

Bottle-lamp .jpg?format=webp@🔴 CORTAR BOTELLAS FACIL 👉 COMO HACER una CORTADORA de Botellas de vidrio casera [SIMPLE y EFECTIVA]/el Rincon de Vicente/ YouTube.com

14. Brick wall

If you dream of a brick wall finish but don't know how to make it a reality, you can create a brick imitation in a very simple way. All you need is a regular dishwashing sponge and brown paint. Dip the sponge in the paint and then apply it to the white wall. Brick by brick, the desired design is ready. To make the brick imitation even more realistic, you can use a stencil to create a brick pattern on the wall before applying the paint with the sponge. This will help you achieve a more uniform and precise design.

Brick wall.jpg?format=webp@18 WALL PAINTING HACKS AND DESIGN IDEAS YOU WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

15. Golden clock 

This fantastic golden clock you can make with minimal effort and using readily available materials. To make this clock, you'll need an old vinyl record. Place it on a glass baking dish, making sure the dish is upside down. Put everything in the oven for 2 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius. The heat will cause the vinyl to slightly melt and deform, giving it a unique shape. Cover the record with gold spray paint on both sides and attach the clock hands. You'll be guaranteed that all your guests will be asking where you bought such a wonderful clock.

Golden clock .jpg?format=webp@60 DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS + HACKS you Actually Want To MAKE (FULL TUTORIALS)/Miguelito'sDIY/ YouTube.com

16. Accessory for painting

Painting can be a painstaking task since it requires carrying a paint bucket and repeatedly dipping the brush into it. However, there is a useful life hack that can simplify the process. You can repurpose a cleaning agent bottle by cutting off the front section, leaving the handle intact for easy gripping. Then, you can pour the paint into the bottle and insert your brush into its neck. This trick is not only cost-effective but also makes the job more convenient.

Accessory for painting.jpg?format=webp@18 WALL PAINTING HACKS AND DESIGN IDEAS YOU WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

17. New life of old things 

There is always a way to give new life to old things. For instance, you could update your wall mirror. Start by detaching the frame, and then affix plastic balls onto it using glue. Then, spray the structure with a gold spray. Allow it to dry completely and insert the mirror into the updated frame. With a little creativity and some basic materials, you can turn an old, ordinary mirror into a unique and eye-catching focal point in your home.

New life of old things .jpg?format=webp@60 DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS + HACKS you Actually Want To MAKE (FULL TUTORIALS)/Miguelito'sDIY/ YouTube.com

18. Cozy chair

An old plastic chair can also become an attractive and comfortable element of your interior design. A few meters of jute rope and glue can transform it into a beautiful piece of furniture. To do this, wrap the chair with rope, starting from the top and gradually working your way down to the legs, making sure that each wrap of the rope is tightly pressed against the previous one. Use glue to secure the beginning and end of the rope, and for added strength, you can also use staples or screws. The result will be a chair with a pleasant texture and appearance that will enhance your interior and create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Cozy chair.jpg?format=webp@20 Best Reuse Ideas Waste Material for Plant Pot, Jute Rope Craft Ideas/DiY BiGBooM/ YouTube.com

19. Recycling design

To make a puff chair, cut out a round piece of plywood to fit the top of the tire and securely attach it with screws. Next, cover the fabric with glue and wrap it around the tire, smoothing out any wrinkles along the way. Then use a brace to attach the fabric to the plywood on top of the tire. After that, cut out a piece of foam to fit the top of the tire and attach it with glue. Finally, cover the foam with another piece of fabric and staple it to the plywood to create a comfortable seat. 

Recycling design.jpg?format=webp@20 Best Reuse Ideas Waste Material for Plant Pot, Jute Rope Craft Ideas/Christine Nore/ YouTube.com

20. Pots of your own hands

You can create beautiful pots for indoor plants with your own hands. It is enough to take the necessary number of plastic bottles, cut off the bottom, and carefully wrap them with thin jute rope. Be sure to fix the rope with glue. If you plan to hang the pots on the wall, make a holder from the rope. If desired, you can decorate the new pots with additional elements, from sequins to beads. Minimum cost—maximum satisfaction.

Pots of your own hands.jpg?format=webp@20 Best Reuse Ideas Waste Material for Plant Pot, Jute Rope Craft Ideas/DiY BiGBooM/ YouTube.com

21. A new look at old things

Transform an ordinary plastic bucket into a new creation with some creativity. Wrap it with foam, securely fixing it with glue. Then wrap it with your favorite colored fabric and fasten it with clips. In the end, instead of an old plastic bucket, you will get a stylish pouf or table that will decorate your home and add coziness. With just a bit of effort and creativity, you can turn everyday items into unique and functional pieces for your home. 

A new look at old things.jpg?format=webp@TRANSFORM A SIMPLE BUCKET INTO AN OTTOMAN WITH STORAGE- DIY storage ideas/Destined Creativity/ YouTube.com

22. Valuable centimeters

A pull-out table will be the main savior from the clutter in the house. The main thing is that it does not load space, is practical, and is convenient to use. You can install a pull-out table in the kitchen or in a small room where every inch of space counts. It can also be a great addition to a home office, providing extra workspace without taking up too much room.

Valuable centimeters.jpg?format=webp@Amazing Home Ideas and Ingenious Space Saving Designs ▶19/Quantum Tech HD/ YouTube.com

23. Delicate painting 

Painting walls is a delicate job that requires neatness, especially when it comes to avoiding baseboards or switches. Life hackers recommend wrapping switches with foil. Now it will be easy to paint them without worrying that the paint will smear on them. This foil hack also works for baseboards and other elements that require painting near the wall. This way, you can achieve even painting without unnecessary marks on the details that do not need painting.

Delicate painting .jpg?format=webp@6 Secret Painting Tricks That Painters Hide From You/The Maker/ YouTube.com

24. Useful design 

The paint tray can be made even more convenient for work. Cut a piece of cardboard or rubber and glue it to the tray. Then make a small indentation on top of the cut piece. Now confidently place the roller there. This will fix it nicely and allow the paint to flow straight into the tray, without spreading outside of it. In addition, using a tray liner or disposable tray inserts can also make the cleanup process easier and more efficient. Simply remove the liner or insert it after use, and dispose of it properly.

Useful design .jpg?format=webp@5 Painting Secrets That Painters Won't Tell You/Simple ideas/ YouTube.com

25. Paint easier with your creative brush 

To further improve your painting experience, you can modify the design of your brush to better suit your needs. One simple modification you can make is to trim the top of the brush at an angle. This allows you to easily paint into corners and crevices, and achieve perfectly even strokes. Additionally, you may want to consider investing in a brush with a comfortable grip or ergonomic design to reduce strain on your hand and wrist during extended painting sessions.

Paint easier with your creative brush .jpg?format=webp@6 Secret Painting Tricks That Painters Hide From You/The Maker/ YouTube.com

26. Touch of Personality

With a couple of wooden shelves installed on the wall, you can create an asymmetric hanging clothing rack. These materials are cheap and do not need many tools to get a wonderful result. By using wooden shelves and hooks or knobs, you can easily create a customized and functional clothing rack that suits your needs and style. Plus, it's a great way to repurpose old wooden shelves and add a touch of personality to your space!

Touch of Personality.jpg?format=webp@Amazing Home Ideas and Ingenious Space Saving Designs ▶17/Quantum Tech HD/ YouTube.com

27. Practical beds 

Folding bunk beds are a fantastic option for those who need to maximize their living space. By having a bed that can be easily stored away during the day, you can use the rest of the room for other purposes such as work, play, or entertaining guests. Folding bunk beds come in various styles and sizes to fit your needs. Some models feature a vertical folding mechanism, while others have a horizontal fold. Some even come with additional storage options built into the design, making them even more practical.

Practical beds .jpg?format=webp@Amazing Home Ideas and Ingenious Space Saving Designs ▶17/Quantum Tech HD/ YouTube.com

28. Premium space

A bed with a wardrobe underneath is an extraordinary solution. The benefit of this bed is that it can be a great option for smaller rooms or apartments where space is at a premium. By combining two pieces of furniture into one, you can free up valuable floor space and make the room feel more open and spacious. There are many styles of beds with wardrobes underneath to choose from, so you can find one that fits your personal style and decor. Some models even come with additional storage options like built-in shelves, drawers, or cabinets to further maximize space and organization.

Premium space.jpg?format=webp@10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom/SlideHouse/ YouTube.com

29. Add a touch 

A nightstand with drawers is a common option in a home, but if you want to add a twist, simply remove the drawers. Instead, place a woven basket in each slot. The appearance of the nightstand will immediately change and become richer. Moreover, you can still store your belongings in the baskets. This DIY hack is a great way to add some personal style to your bedroom decor without spending too much money or effort. The baskets not only add texture and interest to the nightstand, but they also provide an easy storage solution for small items like books, chargers, and beauty products.

Add a touch .jpg?format=webp@SMALL BEDROOM ORGANIZATION IDEAS | BEDROOM ORGANIZATION TIPS 2021/Styled by Rosario/ YouTube.com

30. Accessory for a bottle of water 

Carrying a water bottle is essential, especially during hot weather. However, we may not always have a convenient backpack or bag to store our water bottles. A plastic bag is not a good option. That's why a practical bottle accessory can be a great solution. If you're skilled in knitting, it's the perfect time to make one for yourself. Otherwise, it's time to consider purchasing one. You won't regret investing in this accessory, as it will definitely come in handy and won't be left unused.

Accessory for a bottle of water .jpg?format=webp@CROCHET: Water Bottle Holder Pattern, Water Bottle Bag, Adjustable to fit most Water Bottles!/Winding Road Crochet/ YouTube.com

31. Garden Cup Holder

You don't own a convenient cup holder-equipped folding lawn chair, do you? Never fear, as utilizing a simple lawn stake like this one can easily and quickly resolve the issue. Naturally, even though this ingenious invention is just that, those lawn chairs aren't that pricey.

But if you were doing something similar, like mowing the grass, this might be a smart method to keep your drink off the ground. We'll still award it some points for creativity.

31. Garden Cup Holder.jpg?format=webp@Decko Heavy Duty Outdoor Beverage/Drink Holder Stakes/Decko Products/YouTube.com

32. Lights on safety vests

Of course, motorcycles already have lights on the rear. Nonetheless, this jacket with functional stop and turn signals is a superb piece of supplemental insurance given that bikers are more at risk on the road than conventional drivers.

Having said that, it seems like a bit of a pain that it would need to be connected to the bike in some way. Still, it's a fantastic concept with lots of promise!

32. Lights on safety vests.jpg?format=webp@LED Light Safety Vest High Visibility Traffic Outdoor Night Warning Reflector Reflective Stripes/mtandiz/ YouTube.com

33. Simple dessert design

Perhaps this isn't a perfect solution, but it does assist individuals who are unable to create artistic drawings on their cookies. The concept is very straightforward: take a rubber stamp, press it into your cookie dough, and you'll end up with a cool design.

Even if it is unorthodox, it is still a lot of fun to consider, especially since these cookies may be decorated with a variety of stamps.

33. Simple dessert design.jpg?format=webp@Stamping Cookies/Nordic Ware/YouTube.com

34. One practical teacup

If you've ever prepared tea straight from the bag in a cup, you're aware that occasionally the bags themselves can become trapped in the bottom and need to be fished out with your fingers. Nobody wants that, to be honest! You can keep the strings out of the cup with this clever teacup.

All that is necessary for this design is a minor modification, but isn't that what this entire list is about? Despite being straightforward, these designs are surprisingly ingenious.

34. One practical teacup.jpg?format=webp@gagga_hai/reddit.com

35. Accessible vehicles

Getting in and out of cars may be a big nuisance for persons using wheelchairs and frequently calls for specialized equipment or assistance from a second person. They don't require either with this vehicle. They may easily roll into the driver's seat of this little car.

Although the cost of such a vehicle is unknown, it is clear that this is a concept that has to be extended more widely around the world.

35. Accessible vehicles.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/reddit.com

36. Keeping your heels safe

Be aware that this ingenious solution is only appropriate for the outdoors before you raise an eyebrow at this image. These heel protectors would prevent you from sinking into the ground if you ever needed to wear heels outside (maybe for an outdoor wedding).

They certainly aren't attractive in any way. But ultimately, wearing heels that don't fracture your ankle or themselves is preferable, right?

36. Keeping your heels safe.jpg?format=webp@High Heel Guards Stop Your Shoes From Getting Stuck/Design Insider/YouTube.com

37. Individual cash machine

Why did it take so long for someone to discover that when exchanging money, it would be wonderful to be able to select the size of notes you want? That's incredibly straightforward but also extremely unusual for these machines. This is very helpful if you have a specific purpose in mind for the money you're receiving!

I'm hoping that this is something that we'll start to see in the future, ideally at some time that isn't truly that far away.

37. Individual cash machine.jpg?format=webp@the_next_cheesus/reddit.com

38. Buttons for foot elevators

We've all been in the situation: in an elevator with our hands full, frustrated that we can't quickly press the button to start the elevator moving. Well, these buttons, which are close to the ground, are a fantastic solution to that issue.

Needless to add, it's a really good way to stay clean as well. Maybe we should place all the buttons in our civilization close to our feet? Perhaps that would be a bit excessive…

38. Buttons for foot elevators.jpg?format=webp@WharFalcon/reddit.com

39. Contactless entry

A touch-free door opener is brilliant, and those of us who are afraid of germs can certainly enjoy it. Instead of touching a handle with who knows how many germs on it, this sensor enables users to wave to open the restroom door.

It seems strange to us that this isn't frequently used in stores around the world considering that motion sensors are by no means a novel technology.

39. Contactless entry.jpg?format=webp@CES 2021 - Wave to Open Sensors (Hands-Free Solutions)/SECO-LARM U.S.A., Inc./YouTube.com

40. Doormat alarm for you

Have you ever hurriedly left the house only to remember you forgot your wallet or keys? We know since we've all been there, but now that you have this doormat, you won't have to second-guess yourself about remembering your belongings.

It serves as an alert for your memory to make sure you finish the important tasks so you may leave the house peacefully. Hello to your time-saving friend who also cleans your shoes, and goodbye to your worry about whether you switched those appliances off!

40. Doormat alarm for you.jpg?format=webp@guylikestoast/reddit.com

41. Adaptable utensil

Chopsticks are a traditional way to eat in Asian-fusion restaurants. This does not imply that it will be simple, though. We frequently struggle to obtain a nice mouthful of food when we are eating with them, which leaves us feeling utterly irritated.

We subconsciously want to choose a fork at this point but are frequently too ashamed to ask. Today, all your issues can be resolved with just one filling bite of those delectable noodles using this fork-chopstick gadget.

41. Adaptable utensil.jpg?format=webp@ElectronicHeart29/reddit.com

42. Torch tongs

You've probably had the dreadful experience of trying to remove toast from the toaster and burning your hands. It may really destroy our days, and we frequently have the physical evidence in the form of scars. Nevertheless, using a toaster to burn your hands will become a distant memory following this invention.

These tongs make it simple to take a hold of your toast whilst it is still hot and fresh from the toaster. Bid your old best friend farewell and welcome your new one!

42. Torch tongs.jpg?format=webp@Toaster Tongs - Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge/Fabian's Tiny Workshop/YouTube.com

43. The child's scooter

We'll be honest with you: while clever, this idea is probably not the greatest ever. It is straightforward but comes with a substantial risk by nature. After all, when babies are involved, you really shouldn't go too quickly.

Yet, it's still a very cool method to enjoy yourself and workout while caring for your child. Regrettably, the risk involved simply isn't worth it.

43. The child's scooter.jpg?format=webp@Quinny Longboardstroller a baby stroller bolted to a skateboard/ExoCycle/YouTube.com

44. Innovative distance between the button and the elevator

Sometimes we need time and patience to wait for the elevator. The person who invented the button to call it from a distance is simply a genius: you pressed it and by the time you got there, the elevator is already waiting. The invention is simple - it saves time and nerves.

44.Innovative distance between the button and the elevator.jpg?format=webp

45. Beverage ice cream

What kind of creative answer is this? What sort of issue is it addressing? At the very least, it kills two birds with one stone by helping people with their frequent cravings! However, it's a bit strange to include it on this list, but we're feeling kind.

After all, it's still brilliant and addresses a variety of problems, so why not? In terms of this list, those two factors are actually the only ones that matter.

45. Beverage ice cream.jpg?format=webp@The GIFT that beats ALL the others! WINE ICE CREAM!/R. Mignerey/YouTube.com

46. The direction of audio

Some people don't like dealing with cords, thus they choose Bluetooth and wireless headphones. Nonetheless, it's simple to lose sight of those. Of course, cords tangle and such, but thanks to this clever design advancement—zipper headphones!

Ten years ago, we would have wanted to have something similar. We had the technology back then, no doubt, but it seems no one had the bright idea back then.

46. The direction of audio.jpg?format=webp@Zipper earphones. Forget about tangling earphones/CANYON ACC/YouTube.com

47. Mounted gas pumps

Have you ever accidentally parked on the incorrect side of the gas station, forcing you to reverse and create an annoying situation? Of course, we've all done it at some point. This fantastic invention, however, has solved that issue.

It is irrelevant whatever side you pull up with by just hanging the gas pumps above the vehicle rather than to either side of it. That's nice, isn't it?

47. Mounted gas pumps.jpg?format=webp@meltingintoice/reddit.com

48. In-Stock pricing

Although though we all have calculators on our smartphones, having one close at hand in our shopping carts would be a useful addition to any outing. We hypothesize that the lack of frequent occurrences is due to retailers' unwillingness to incur additional costs for calculators to be placed on trolleys.

Even still, this is a fairly straightforward but very intelligent idea, and as retail develops in the future, we would like to see more instances of this kind of thing.

48. In-Stock pricing.jpg?format=webp@Nataliewithasecret/reddit.com

49. The сhild faucet extension

Do your children fall short of being able to reach the water coming from the faucet? Well, that issue is moot thanks to this elegantly simple solution. You may make it easier for your shorter family members to wash their hands by simply extending the length of the faucet.

Naturally, there are also stepping stools, but those don't exactly pique your interest in the same way as a creative solution that makes you feel like an engineer, do they?

49. The сhild faucet extension.jpg?format=webp@Fatherhood - Aqueduck Faucet Extender/AwkwardHamster/YouTube.com

50. Making carving simple

Halloween is over for the year, and carving a pumpkin is not an easy task. Nevertheless, if you truly struggle with making those precise cuts and clear images for next year, try using a cookie cutter to get the outline just so. That may restrict your options, but it sure does help!

Even if it isn't particularly innovative, this answer to a common, straightforward issue comes at a good time of year.

50. Making carving simple.jpg?format=webp@CARVING PUMPKINS W/ COOKIE CUTTERS & HAMMER! (EASIEST WAY)/GoodGood DIY/YouTube.com