30+ Ingenious Holiday Tips That Will Make This Festive Season Memorable

25 Apr 2023

Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Easter – all of these are about a special atmosphere, family relationships, and love. These days, people want to do pleasant things that will give them good, unforgettable emotions, decorate their homes, give heartfelt gifts, and do everything to have good memories in the future. There are many useful life hacks that will help you create things and decorate your home with your own hands so that your holidays are interesting and unforgettable. Read about the 30 most interesting ones in our article.

1. Original table setting

Do you want to impress your guests on Thanksgiving? Try setting the table in an unusual way. They will never guess that all the decor is natural and handmade unless you reveal the secret to them. Take small pine cones, dried leaves such as maple leaves, and small decorative pumpkins. Spray them with a golden spray and place them on the table. This decor will immediately visually enhance your table setting and add a special touch to your holiday.

Original table setting.jpg?format=webp@7 Thanksgiving Hacks For A Worry-Free Dinner/Beauty Hacks/YouTube.com

2. Easter bunnies 

Take a look at these cute and fluffy bunnies. Of course, you can find similar ones in the store, but it's cooler if you make them yourself. Especially if you have kids, they will enjoy making these Easter decorations with you. Cut out a cardboard or cardboard box circle the size of your palm. Make a small notch in the middle and start wrapping soft yarn around it. Wrap it up to the notch, then cut the threads in a circle with scissors. This will give you a fluffy ball that you need to tie with yarn in the middle. Then remove the cardboard and glue another slightly smaller ball to the bunny. Finally, attach the ears, eyes, and nose. Your bunny is ready to bring you joy.

Easter bunnies .jpg?format=webp@21 COOL HACKS FOR A HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY/5-Minute Crafts/YouTube.com

3. Balloon with a surprise 

Be original and surprise your friend with a gift in an original way. Take an air balloon, and fill it with glitter and jewelry, for example, a chain. Then try to blow up the balloon. However, do not rush to give it to your friend. Arrange a small quest. Inflate several more balloons to the gift balloon, connect them, and only then give it to the celebrant. Now your friend has to pop all the balloons to find their gift. It will be fun, we guarantee it!

Balloon with a surprise .jpg?format=webp@12 Life Hacks For The Best Party Of The Year/ Birthday Hacks And Gift Ideas/Troom Troom/ YouTube.com

4. Easter decors for a few minutes

The easiest way to make Easter bunnies with your own hands: no scissors, large amounts of material, or special knowledge needed. All you need are small colorful towels, a little bit of cotton, a small ribbon, and decorations in the form of eyes and a nose. Take the towel, put cotton or soft fabric inside, gather it, and tie it with a ribbon. The bunny with ears is already ready, all that's left is to glue on its nose and eyes.

Easter decors for a few minutes.jpg?format=webp@21 COOL HACKS FOR A HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY/5-Minute Crafts/YouTube.com 

5. Bold cookies

Birthday parties, bachelor parties, or girl's nights are occasions to make the evening unforgettable, so every detail is important. Cookies decorated with swimsuit-shaped icing will be a wonderful highlight of the celebration. These treats will definitely attract attention and bring pleasant smiles, as well as a delicious taste. In addition, your cookies are guaranteed to spread across social media. Your guests will surely want to take photos with them and share your creativity with their followers.

Bold cookies.jpg?format=webp@25 GENIUS DIYs FOR THE BEST PARTY EVER/ Birthday Hacks And Gift Ideas/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

6. The main assistant in cooling

The party is approaching, and there's a shortage of ice. There's a great and budget-friendly way to chill your drinks. Balloons are not only a decoration for your home but also a great tool for cooling drinks. Fill the balloons with cold water and tie them up. It's important to have enough of them to fill the container in which your drinks will be stored. When the balloons are ready, place them in a bowl or box and put your bottles on top of them. Easy, fun, and most importantly, effective—this is the main rule of a party.

The main assistant in cooling.jpg?format=webp@25 GENIUS DIYs FOR THE BEST PARTY EVER/ Birthday Hacks And Gift Ideas/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

7. Watermelon party 

Summer is a wonderful time for parties and fun. Why not have a watermelon party during the peak season of these delicious and juicy fruits?! And if the party has a theme, then the treats should be appropriate. A watermelon cake is a great idea for a party. It's easy to make, not too high in calories, and will quickly quench your thirst. Peel the watermelon and give it a round shape. Top it with whipped cream and berries. The recipe is simple, but it will provide a lot of emotions.

Watermelon party .jpg?format=webp@25 GENIUS DIYs FOR THE BEST PARTY EVER/ Birthday Hacks And Gift Ideas/5-Minute Crafts/ YouTube.com

8. Decorate flowers for your fun 

Balloons bring a lot of pleasant emotions and are always associated with celebration. Therefore, when it comes to decoration, balloons take the first place in decorating the room and creating a photo zone. There is an easy and interesting way to decorate everything by yourself. With a few balloons and a plastic lid, you can make a beautiful flower. Take the lid, pierce it in the middle, and make five cuts around it. Then insert a small yellow balloon inside, and on the sides – the rest of the balloons are of a different color, but already of a larger size. This way you will get a delicate daisy that you can use to decorate your home.

Decorate flowers for your fun .jpg?format=webp@9 Stunning Hacks and Diy Decoration for Your Kids Party/ MASS Art and Craft/ YouTube.com

9. Fruity Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't have to involve expensive gifts. You can show your creativity by creating delicious and fun gifts that will surely be remembered by your significant other. Choose your loved one's favorite fruits and decorate them in a whimsical style. For example, write words of love on a banana, cut a heart out of a green apple and insert it into a red one, as if you are saying in this way that you are a couple, and make a cute bouquet out of strawberries. If your beloved is not too strict, she will surely appreciate this sweet gesture.

Fruity Valentine’s Day.jpg?format=webp@Fruity Valentines Day Ideas For Her/Him/DaveHax/YouTube.com

10. Be your own designer

Did you know that creating a decorated number for a birthday is very easy? All you need is cardboard, glue, colored paper or napkins, and scissors. Cut out the desired number from the cardboard, and then decorate it with colored paper, previously crumpling it into the shape of a flower. Be sure to fix the handmade flower with glue, creating an effect of lushness and fullness. You can also add some extra decorations, like glitter, sequins, or stickers, to make the number stand out even more. And if you're feeling particularly creative, you could even make a whole series of decorated numbers and spell out the birthday person's age or name!

Be your own designer.jpg?format=webp@9 Stunning Hacks and Diy Decoration for Your Kids Party/ MASS Art and Craft/ YouTube.com

11. From the heart 

On Valentine's Day, you can decorate your home in a very unusual way with handmade decor. In particular, it's traditional to hang a beautiful holiday wreath on the door for Christmas, and for Valentine's Day, you can decorate the entrance door with an exquisite heart. Take some insulation pipe and make a V-shape out of it. Secure the heart with duct tape to make sure it stays in place. Then wrap it nicely with yarn and attach decorated small hearts or flowers that you like to it. You will definitely be satisfied with the result of the work.

From the heart .jpg?format=webp@MOM HACKS ℠ | Valentine's Day! (Ep. 19)/WhatsUpMoms/ YouTube.com

12. Natural green for your Easter eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a special art form. If you love creating and want to stand out, we have a secret for you. Take some spinach, and put it in water, which you should pour into an electric kettle. Put boiled eggs there and turn on the device. In a few minutes, you will have naturally dyed green Easter eggs. It's absolutely safe, inexpensive, and effective.

Natural green for your Easter eggs.jpg?format=webp@28 AMAZING DIY IDEAS FOR EASTER/5-Minute Crafts/YouTube.com

13. Lovely touch

Having flowers at home not only adds a lovely touch to the dwelling but also enhances its coziness. However, for special occasions like Valentine's Day, it's worth adding an extra something to your decor, and flowers can do just the trick. Although they are already a decoration in themselves, you can elevate the atmosphere in your home by embellishing the vase in which they're placed. A glass vase, round preferably but any other shape will do, can be filled with a small amount of water for your favorite bouquet of flowers. To make it even more appealing, add some tasty candies or heart-shaped vitamins to the vase. This creative and aesthetic decoration will bring new colors to your home. 

Lovely touch.jpg?format=webp@MOM HACKS ℠ | Valentine's Day! (Ep. 19)/WhatsUpMoms/ YouTube.com

14. Relax, pumpkin!

Why not add some originality to your Halloween decorations this year with some non-spooky, yet unique and unusual pumpkins? Check out this pumpkin that exudes a relaxing vibe and is sure to catch people's attention and make them want to take selfies with it. It may even inspire a visit to a spa salon to enhance their beauty. To create this lovely decoration, you'll need a pumpkin, a small towel to simulate hair washing, fake eyelashes that create the effect of lamination, and a cosmetic mask. And voilà! Your pumpkin is now ready to join in the Halloween festivities.

Relax, pumpkin.jpg?format=webp@MOM HACKS ℠ | HALLOWEEN! (Ep. 13)/WhatsUpMoms/ YouTube.com

15. Romantic candles 

What is Valentine's Day without romance? So, we'll need candles, but not just any candles – ones decorated with your own hands. This will add tenderness and a special magnetism to your intimate evening. Take ordinary white candles, or you can use colored ones of different sizes. Carefully cut out hearts on them, and then spray them with golden spray. This touch will add a personal charm. The handmade candles will not only add to the ambiance but also show your love and effort put into creating something special for your significant other. So, this Valentine's Day, add a personal touch to your celebration with these DIY candles and make it a night to remember.

Romantic candles .jpg?format=webp@MOM HACKS ℠ | Valentine's Day! (Ep. 19)/WhatsUpMoms/ YouTube.com

16. Ice baby

Are you looking for an original Halloween costume? There is a great idea. Take a transparent trash bag and create something like a T-shirt out of it. Stuff it with a lot of cotton to create a snow effect. On top of the costume, write “ice” and draw lots of snowflakes. Now you look like a snowman who can freeze all the villains. This costume is not only creative but also easy to make and inexpensive. You can customize it further by adding accessories such as a top hat or a scarf. So why not try this unique and fun Halloween costume idea and impress your friends with your creativity?

Ice baby.jpg?format=webp@MOM HACKS ℠ | HALLOWEEN! (Ep. 13)/WhatsUpMoms/ YouTube.com

17. Decorated eggs 

If you like decorating Easter eggs but don't enjoy spending a lot of time on them, there is an interesting idea that will help you create a unique design quickly and easily. Before boiling the eggs in dye, simply apply strips of tape to them. After they have been dyed, carefully remove the tape. As a result, you will get an unusual decoration without spending too much of your precious time.

Decorated eggs .jpg?format=webp@25 BEAUTIFUL CRAFTS FOR A HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY/5-Minute Crafts DIY/YouTube.com

18. Easy-peasy

You don't need a special occasion for a party, the main thing is a great mood and a desire to organize something fun and exciting. If you're a fan of light snacks, we have a useful hack for you. Take a deep bowl and wrap it with plastic wrap. This way, you'll get a stand where you can put chips and add ketchup and sauce for dipping. You can also use this hack for other party snacks, like veggies and dip or fruit and chocolate sauce. It's a simple and practical solution that will make your snack table look more organized and appetizing. Plus, it's easy to clean up afterward – just remove the plastic wrap and dispose of it, and you're done!

Easy-peasy.jpg?format=webp@35 BRILLIANT PARTY IDEAS/5-Minute Crafts FAMILY/ YouTube.com

19. Plastic wrap for your Easter eggs

Another life hacks with plastic wrap. This time, it will come in handy when decorating Easter eggs. Pour hot water into a deep bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Then pour some nail polish of different colors on it: from blue to red. Take a boiled egg and roll it on the plastic wrap. As soon as it dries, you can put it in a basket or on a festive table. This is a creative and easy way to add some unique and colorful designs to your Easter eggs. Plus, it's a great activity to do with kids and can be a fun way to experiment with different color combinations. Just make sure to use non-toxic nail polish and dispose of the plastic wrap properly.

Plastic wrap for your Easter eggs.jpg?format=webp@EASY & CREATIVE Tricks For Dyeing Your Easter Eggs!/Cleverly/YouTube.com

20. Happy Halloween!

Mystical and eerie decorations for Halloween will add symbolic uniqueness to your holiday. On this day, attention to detail is very important, as it carries a deep meaning and is intended to scare away evil spirits. It's easy to make such decor yourself. All you need is a regular glass bottle decorated with a dewdrop garland. Place a small plastic ball on the bottleneck. Prior to that, draw an eye with red veins on it. Your guests will definitely appreciate such original Halloween decor.

Happy Halloween.jpg?format=webp@EASY HALLOWEEN DECOR IDEAS || Get Ready For A Halloween Party/5-Minute Crafts Tech/ YouTube.com

21. Again about love 

Sweethearts for Valentine's Day can serve as both decor and a gift. There is an easy way to make them to your liking. Take two skeins of yarn, for example, pink and white, and a fork. First, wind one color, tie the resulting ball, remove it from the fork, and cut it in a circle with scissors. You will get a fluffy ball. Do the same with the other color, and then repeat the same action, mixing both yarns. You will get three fluffy balls, which you then need to glue together to make a heart shape. Finally, trim the excess and attach a loop so that you can hang this decoration somewhere.

Again about love .jpg?format=webp@Super Easy Pom Pom Heart Making with Fork - Amazing Craft Ideas with Wool - How to Make Yarn Heart/Merry Craft/YouTube.com

22. Halloween’s wow candles 

Don't be quick to dispose of cardboard cylinders from used toilet paper or paper towel rolls, as they can be repurposed into useful tools for crafting impressive Halloween candles. Collect cylinders of varying sizes, and top them off with small plastic candles that mimic real flames. Apply glue to the edges of the cardboard to simulate melted wax, and finish off by spraying the creations with black spray paint. Witness the astonishing “wow” effect of the final product.

Halloween’s wow candles .jpg?format=webp@EASY HALLOWEEN DECOR IDEAS || Get Ready For A Halloween Party/5-Minute Crafts Tech/ YouTube.com

23. Sock’s roses 

A baby shower is a wonderful way to have fun and share pleasant emotions while awaiting the arrival of a new baby. The decorations add a special charm to the holiday. In addition to traditional balloons, the room can be adorned with handmade decor. For example, a great solution is to make flowers out of baby socks. Take a decorative bucket, place an artificial flower bouquet inside, and finally, make roses from the socks and also place them inside. This will look very cute and symbolic.

Sock’s roses .jpg?format=webp@7 Genius Hacks for the Perfect Baby Shower! | Life Hacks and DIYs by Blossom/Blossom/YouTube.com

24. True ghost 

Do you want to make such a wonderful and natural ghost for Halloween? Easy-peasy! Take a bottle, for example, with Coca-Cola. Apply glue to the cork and attach an air balloon to it. Then wrap the tape around the cork and the tail of the balloon, this will help secure the balloon. After that, take a deep bowl and pour glue and water into it, and mix the mixture. Now soak cheesecloth in the mixture and cover the balloon fixed to the bottle with it. After it dries, boldly pop the balloon and glue pre-cut eyes onto the cheesecloth. Your ghost, like a real one, will entertain your guests.

True ghost .jpg?format=webp@13 Quick and Easy Halloween Hacks and DIYs For a Frightening Party! Blossom/Blossom/YouTube.com

25. Charming decoration

Create adorable cupcakes that will serve as a representation of your baby shower by using a baby bodysuit and socks. Select a baby outfit in your preferred color and fold it neatly to create a straight line. Insert the socks inside and twist everything together firmly. This will appear like a scrumptious cupcake that should be placed in a basket of treats. Remember to stress to your guests that it is a charming decoration, not a dessert.

Charming decoration.jpg?format=webp@7 Genius Hacks for the Perfect Baby Shower! | Life Hacks and DIYs by Blossom/Blossom/YouTube.com

26. Hat for Halloween

Don't have time to buy an original Halloween costume or prefer simplicity and creativity in your outfit? Create a funny and thematic hat with your own hands in just a few minutes. Cut two long threads from the yarn and fold them in half. Then glue them to your hat. The most important highlight is the plastic balls with painted eyes attached to the ends of the threads. That's it, your lively thematic look is ready to receive compliments.

Hat for Halloween.jpg?format=webp@13 Quick and Easy Halloween Hacks and DIYs For a Frightening Party! Blossom/Blossom/YouTube.com

27. Incredible handmade baby carriages

This unique decoration can be confidently placed at both a baby shower and a child's birthday party, you won't go wrong. You can certainly buy something similar, but it is much more valuable if you create this beauty yourself. Draw blue and pink baby carriages on cardboard, decorate them with ribbons, flowers, and glitter, and then cut them out and glue them to a straw or stick. Before that, prepare decorated pots. Place dish sponges inside, covering them with cut-out decorated paper, and insert your baby carriages into them.

Incredible handmade baby carriages.jpg?format=webp@CENTRO DE MESA DE BABY SHOWER || DIY/Creaciones MaLE/YouTube.com

28. Traditional Easter bunnies for a new  

There are many options for where to put candies for the holiday: glass vases, bowls, and baskets, but there is a more interesting option. Decorate a paper cup in the shape of an Easter bunny and put your treats inside. It's easy to do. Cut out ears and paws from another cup, glue them on, and draw the bunny's face. You can also decorate it with eyes, rhinestones, or a ribbon that can be tied to the ears.

Traditional Easter bunnies for a new  .jpg?format=webp@25 CREATIVE EASTER DECORATIONS TO MAKE YOUR HOLIDAYS HAPPY/5-MINUTE MAGIC/YouTube.com

29. Special for mom

It is very valuable to give a handmade gift to your mom on Mother's Day or her birthday. This gesture will not only please her, but it will also be very memorable and valuable. As an example, you can paint tea coasters with your own hands. Choose bright colors and apply a nice pattern with acrylic paints. In the end, write the word “mom” and add some hearts. Of course, you can select the design and writing individually. In any case, the item is necessary for the house, and the fact that it is decorated with your own hands adds even more value to it.

Special for mom.jpg?format=webp@13 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas/5-MINUTE Troom Troom SELECT/YouTube.com

30. Creative Easter eggs

Another very interesting decoration for Easter eggs. They will look like cute girls who fell asleep in your basket. So, eggs will definitely arouse interest and enthusiasm among your guests. This idea is perfect for those who love to draw. The main rule is to choose safe food dyes and start creating them. Draw a headscarf on the top of the egg, to which you can then attach a flower, either decorative or real. However, the real one will wilt quickly, so keep that in mind. Then draw a face on the Easter eggs: if you want the eggs to appear asleep, draw closed eyes, if you see them as active, draw open eyes. Just create and everything will turn out great!


31. Bug-Repelling Pine Cones

Did you know that you might use pine cones to keep bugs out of your house? With all the wonderful aromas of food filling the air over the holidays, it's simple to draw a lot of unwanted visitors.

The best aspect is that they can be easily hung as decorative items to keep bugs away. The pine cones should be washed and dried. Cooking them for 30 minutes at 200 degrees in the oven will accomplish this. Additionally, this stops extra moisture from getting inside the house.

31. Bug-Repelling Pine Cones.jpg?format=webp@Easy hack to remove sap from pine cones!/My Maine Gardens/YouTube.com

32. Snow-covered miracle

Art materials are so last year! You can make lovely snowflakes decorations for your home out of regular coffee filters. Make yourself a cup of coffee and save the filter paper for this warm-hearted holiday season. Fold some of them and flatten the rest.
Grab a pair of scissors, then cut the paper into any shape of snowflake you choose. Your inventive paper creations will always be symmetrical and spherical, but no two will be the same.

32. Snow-covered miracle.jpg?format=webp@Coffee Filter Snowflakes - 3rd DIY of Christmas!/Sharrah Stevens/YouTube.com

33. Slide-Up stairs for Penguins

Most individuals concentrate their Christmas decoration efforts on their front entryways, living rooms, or other areas where they will be entertaining visitors. The stairwell, however, is one part of the house that is frequently overlooked.

The stairs should be included in any holiday decorating strategy because it is one of the most used areas of a house. A family of penguins and their buddies used this person's stair handrail as a slide. This individual made a whimsical winter wonderland out of dolls, fake snow, and fairy lights.

33. Slide Up Stairs for Penguins.jpg?format=webp@Sliding Penguins- DIY Fast & Easy Christmas Decoration Idea/Haven's Family Channel/YouTube.com

34. Keep the gingerbread house safe!

Up until the gingerbread home starts to collapse and the kids start sobbing uncontrollably, everything is fun and games. Or perhaps you're sobbing because, even as an adult, you can't put together a decent gingerbread house. I guess it kind of wrecks the whole day.

Build the best structure around a large goldfish box to avoid a catastrophic collapse (and mess). The shape is excellent, and the firm cardboard will ensure that constructing the delectable house is a snap.

Depositphotos_90838242_L (1).jpg?format=webp

35. Decorative Christmas tree

There is a great way to create a festive atmosphere and make a Christmas tree that takes up minimal space. Lay out several sticks on the wall in the shape of a holiday tree, securing them in place beforehand. Frame the tree with a garland and decorate your creation with Christmas ornaments. That's it - your home will now look festive.

35.Decorative Christmas tree.jpg?format=webp@HOBBY LOBBY 2023 CHRISTMAS DECOR | HOLIDAY DECORATING IDEAS | Best Christmas Activities Ideas./Gardenidea/YouTube.com

36. Glass Globe

Affordable holiday decorations can still be elegant. Simple stemware, ornaments, and other materials can be used to make these homemade decorations. Simply add your chosen embellishments to the wine glass or other sort of stemware, then carefully flip it upside down on a base.

The decoration has a refined appearance that is ideal for dinner parties thanks to the ability to sustain a candle on the stem of the stemware. Use any mismatched or extra stemware you may have around the house with this Christmas hack.

36. Glass Globe.jpg?format=webp@H10+ Easy To Make Wine Glass Christmas Decorations To Bring the Festive Magic Home/DiY BiGBooMa/ YouTube.com

37. Unusual Christmas Tree

You can create the Christmas tree you see in the photo in an original way by using a sufficient number of paper cones. Just attach them together, stacking one on top of the other. After careful work, you will get a real New Year beauty to decorate your hallway.

37.Unusual Christmas Tree.jpg?format=webp@PoeticTrash/reddit.com

38. Window Paintings

Nothing compares to watching the first snowflakes of the season fall outside your window. While not everyone is fortunate enough to experience this firsthand, creating your own snowflakes to decorate your window can be a close second.

Every time you gaze out of your window thanks to this hack, the festive season will be brought to mind. Add phrases or images to your window using acrylic paint or another easily releasable paint that is safe for use on glass. Not sure of your artistic prowess? Stencils with holiday themes are easily accessible and widely usable.

Depositphotos_568711560_L (1).jpg?format=webp

39. A Clever Idea

Recycling is crucial at all times, but it's especially crucial during the Christmas season when so many items may be turned into decorations. This clever hack demonstrates that burned-out light bulbs don't need to be thrown away.

This person used paint and other creative supplies to turn a variety of different-shaped light bulbs into charming ornaments. Simple or complex designs can be used to create these lightbulb ornaments. This adaptability guarantees that individuals of all ages and levels of artistic ability will enjoy creating them.

39. A Clever Idea.jpg?format=webp@TheGnarledBranch/reddit.com

40. Hand smocks

Making a paper cutout wreath of hands is another way to spend the holidays with your family. On a piece of green construction paper, trace the hands with a pencil, and then carefully cut them out.

The wreath's foundation is a ring-shaped piece of paper that has been cut off. In order to completely cover the wreath base and maintain its circular shape, layer and glue the cut-out hands all the way around. At this point, you can add further embellishments like bows, sequins, or other paper cutouts.

40. Hand smocks.jpg?format=webp@Christmas Kids Hand Print Wreath Craft/My Name Is Snickerdoodle/YouTube.com

41. Keeping Track of Where Everything Went

The cleanup after a holiday is unquestionably the hardest part. It is necessary to remove and store in boxes all of the decor that can be used again.

When you remove something from a box, use it, and then go to put it all back, it frequently appears as though the box has shrunk! Not to worry. Simply take a picture of the complete box before removing the decorations so you have a reminder of where everything goes when it's time to put it all back.

Depositphotos_221353640_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

42. Celebration of Scents

Why should the most delectable holiday delicacies just have an irresistible aroma in a great chef's home? It's quite easy to accomplish, and you can do it too. Don't forget to add fragrant herbs and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to the pot along with the luscious cranberries and juicy oranges.

Do you have any other favorite ingredients? Put that in right away. Allow the mixture to simmer on the burner so that the aroma of spiced potpourri fills the room. If everyone in the streets starts knocking to take a sniff, don't blame us!

Depositphotos_453403616_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

43. Wrap it Up

Red bows are everything we love wrapped up in one big knot just for the holidays, and red cloth perfectly embodies the spirit of the season. Decorate the doors with this creative DIY bows idea. Although you can choose any festive fabric you choose, we recommend a combination of dark and light red organza.

Cut up bed sheets and tie it up! Staple the fabric in place after wrapping it around the desired door. Your visitors will be delighted by the breathtakingly cheerful design.

Depositphotos_330880442_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

44. One Who Has Every Candy

If you get the Friends reference, one with all the candy perks! What is superior to Christmas tree ornaments? Obviously edible Christmas tree decorations. You get to recreate a childhood moment that many of us still treasure.

But since today's instructions are a bit craftier, here is a modernized version of the candies that requires melting hard candy and the use of cookie cutters to create festive forms. Check out the comprehensive directions right here.

44. One Who Has Every Candy.jpg?format=webp@Edible Ornaments/American Lifestyle Magazine/YouTube.com

45. Curtain Sparkle Adding

It should be illegal to undervalue curtains as a component of interior design as a whole. Drapes may significantly improve the appearance of a home when they are styled and selected with care.

There's nothing wrong with incorporating enjoyable components into it, whether you have special draperies to hang up for the holiday season or you're sticking with your old ones. Curtain tie-backs can be made from old ornamental ribbons or sparkling necklaces. It could be understated and sophisticated or dazzling enough to cause blindness.

Depositphotos_413582584_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

46. Decorated Bottle

Don't rush to throw away glass bottles. Paint the container in your favorite color, glue cut-out snowflakes and a snowman on it, and you'll get an original New Year decoration. You can also place flowers or a Christmas tree branch inside the bottle, of course, if you wish.

46.Decorated Bottle.jpg?format=webp@10+ Easy And Creative Christmas Decoration With Glass Bottles 2023/DiY BiGBooM/YouTube.com

47. Displaying cards

Holiday cards are adorably cute, and they make for a very special and adorable décor. Don't just leave your holiday cards in storage when you have a sizable collection. 

Attach your cards to ribbons that are tied throughout the house to display them. Place them where you'll actually notice them by hanging them. You can count on it to make everyone grin, including you.

47. Displaying Cards.jpg?format=webp@AlfredTheButt-ler/reddit.com

48. Atmospheric decor

Create your own original New Year's craft. You will need a piece of wood to which you need to glue pine branches, pinecones, and Christmas ornaments. Place a candle in the center, and then sprinkle everything with artificial snow. After this, simply enjoy the result of your work!

48.Atmospheric Decor.jpg?format=webp@11 Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Ideas With Candles | Diy Christmas 2023/DiY BiGBooM/YouTube.com

49. Festive Houses

Create original and simple New Year's decor, especially enjoyable to craft with children. For this, you will need a cardboard box, a needle, and beads. Draw and cut out houses of different shapes, then color them. Afterward, string it together using a thick thread with a needle, alternating between houses and beads. In the end, you'll have a lovely decoration that can adorn your fireplace or windowsill.

49. Festive Houses.jpg?format=webp@30 Christmas DIYs You'll Want to Steal for Your Own Home! | Dollar Tree Holiday DIYs & Decor Ideas/Whiskey & Whit/YouTube.com

50. Salt-dough feet and hands

One of the simplest and most affordable crafts to make is salt dough. You don't have to worry about your children handling this dough because it contains non-toxic components.

After making the dough, gently push the child's hand or foot into it to make an imprint. When finished, bake the salt dough according to the recipe's directions. Add paint once it has dried. Long after your child has grown, these ornaments will still help you remember those priceless moments.

50. Salt-dough feet and hands.jpg?format=webp@Salt Dough Ornaments | VLOGMAS DAY 23/The Witt Family/YouTube.com